Dark Deeds, Pole Shift, Indigo Revolution and the Law of One — Magenta Pixie


The truthers are being silenced at the moment across social media. What will be the outcome of this? Are we all at risk of losing our platforms and no longer being able to spread the message and deliver truth to humanity? What can we do?

— Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.

Video compiled by Catzmagick.

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Deeply Awake — Meditations on Shifting To A New Natal Chart By Kathy Vik 2-24-18

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A friendly, helpful and easy to understand video simply reviewing moving from one natal chart to another, but also what that means with daily life, and with such things as identity and a sense of the future







As referenced, here is my natal chart from birth in 1961

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And my natal chart from the event I experienced April, 2012

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