Dutchsinse Is Silenced

Since 2011, Dutchsinse has provided the scientific and lay communities with overwhelming data demonstrating a new way of imagining the Earth.

His methods allow us to reliably predict, or forecast, earthquakes AND volcanos in real time, just like how we already do with our weather.

Honest. To. God.

Dutchsinse was all about keeping people safe by forecasting seismic events, while perpetually honing his techniques. He is, just for the record, very very good at forecasting earthquakes.

He has been silenced by the USGS and other bureaus. He’s been forced into mute-ness by the very agencies you and I trust have our safety at heart.

This trust is misplaced.

Please read Michael’s commentary. I ask him, while regrouping, to never turn his back on his ingenuity, wisdom, vision or willingness to poke a crazy, dazed giant in the eye.

I, and those he’s taught, cannot turn our backs on him, nor would we want to.

As representatives of new ideas/new consciousness, as practitioners of things both highly unconventional and almost supernaturally effective, and as embodiments of the raw joy of discovery, we have already won the war, but today is a reminder that we cannot, we will not, win every battle.

There are thousands now diminished, no longer able to witness, learn from, and grow with, the unique and prescient reality of Mr. Janitch.

Some days are better than others.

Deeply Awake — The Root Cause Of The Collective’s Psychosis By Kathy Vik 9-17-18

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Denial Is A Dissociative Device

Through my studies and personal experience, I have been led into the areas of mental health, mental illness, the meaning, cause and consequence of cruelty and neglect, as well as theories on energetic management, and thoughts, always, about what might be driving this thing.

Through the years and experience, I knew that there had to be an answer to the problems I was required to face, and a higher purpose to the pain, but until recently, I did not know what it could possibly be.

I have realized that there is a requirement inherent in the collective reality (dissociation) which, if undetected, can cause grave harm, and lead to a zombie-fied life. An inauthentic, troubled, angry life.

Sit back and plug in and think on these things that I bring to you today, me here with no malice in my heart, no anger left to toss at anyone, no suffering left to take on. My burdens are put down now. I don’t have to take them up again.

Through this process, I have seen the stupendous, unbelievable, personalized and sainted magnitude and beauty of the troubles I was in, as well as the larger purpose for the koans. It’s a stunning, panoramic view, and it’s from here I speak.

I am pleased with my current awarenesses, knowing there is more to come, but from here on out, it’ll be less spicy, and it’ll be easier, since I see and operate more willingly from an energetic level now.

I can hold all harmless now, as my attachment to outcome is finally weakened, my need to calm others appropriately holstered, and my need to be in the dark ever dissolving.

Deeply Awake — The Trinity  10-23-12 By Kathy Vik

I was urged today to review my channel called “The Mountain,” and this one.

I know in my heart with unshakeable certainty this beauty and insight is bigger than me, and my heart and tear ducts confirmed that upon reading this today.

This vision, this metaphor, this parable helped me when I first wrote it, and it made me smile, cry and goggle six years after its birth, stronger now, somehow, in its clarity and truth than before.