Deeply Awake — Delight And Sunlight 4-27-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Delight And Sunlight 4-27-13 By Kathy Vik

As things change for you, your gut will probably have a lot to say about it.

I will tell you what happened to me, knowing full well that I am just one example, and your road will be different.

It know it seems odd, but I found out later that my digestive problems began on the night one of the Mayan calendars expired, in October of 2011. Anyway, I didn’t know anything about the Mayans that night. All I knew is that, strangely, my poop had turned into very smelly, insistent and ugly pee.

For nine months I couldn’t eat or drink anything without a very ugly, smelly, embarrassing explosion.

I was told, while entangled, that “they” knew that I was in a pickle, and they helped out.

Less than 9 months from the start of those troubles, I weigh more than 100# less than I did that fateful night in October.

I asked my son, one day when it was all still new, this skinniness, if he could tell me if I was acting differently since Christmas.

He thought about it, cocked his head, and said, “Well, yeah, Mom. You pooped out all of your anger.”

Along with this I had some cardiac things happen, but during it all I got off all my meds (I loved pills and used to rattle when I walked!).

But it all started with pooping out my anger.

I have had less dramatic light transmutations, less dramatic.

I tell you what happened to me because I think it is important for you to know that when your body finally decides to take off and renegotiate your contract, you may feel a very deep message that medicine men are not necessary, and I am not dispensing medical advice, I’m just saying what I have always, always, always known: the body is built to live, to survive, and to be safe. You are safe. If your body has taken over, it is not the enemy, it is your long lost friend, and it would like to have a chat.

Anyway, light mutations don’t usually create such a big disturbance in the field, but they do disturb your daily life.

Many lightworkers are fat, and there are many reasons for this. Fat people are unprotected hated folk, and it is culturally acceptable to think on them as lazy, ugly, undisciplined and immature. So if you have donned a fat suit, know that you are doing a number of very helpful things for your fellow man.

Not only, as a fat person, are you removed from the collective insanity which passes for “love” between two people these days, but in any group you will probably be seen as ineffective, not a leader. Your body will naturally invalidate what you are.

It is an interesting conundrum.

But there is other stuff going on, too.

Fat cells carry more light. You need fat to carry it easily, because it holds a charge, so to speak. So, fat people are also some of the more advanced in the group. The shamans. But not able to claim their power. Interesting.

So, if your body is currently fat, consider that maybe you are holding a whole lot of light.

How do you lose weight, now that you are aware of what your body is doing for you?

First, do not judge your current diet. If you are now living off of Diet Pepsi and Dove Chocolates, it is cool. You do not have to change. You are doing it for a reason. The reason will be removed, and then the food will not be interesting to eat. Easy.

So, don’t do anything crazy. Just add a little bit of sunlight.

We eat for the sunlight. Did you know that? And you have to eat a lot of Dove Chocolates to get sunlight. A lot.

So, just add an orange. Or a salad. Something that has a lot of light within it. See? Easy.

At this point, I eat when I want to, and sometimes I am a real piggy, but I will tell you, I go days without eating. At least I did. I have been yelled at lately that things have once again changed and I am to eat and drink more for a time. So I obey. But really, there were weeks when I ate twice a week. I would drink smoothies sometimes, and I drank water and coffee, but food, I just don’t see it as mandatory.

I have heard that we are to get to the place where it will be normal to not eat or drink, unless we feel like it. Yep.

So, start with not hating your condition.

Here’s the thing.

It didn’t really come to me whole until I had pain, searing, stop-the-world stomach pain, when I drank water or ate anything.

When it first started, I decided that this was an opportunity. I would use this as a time to completely disconnect from the way I had been eating, and what I had been drinking. I stopped eating Dove Chocolates. I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi. And I only did it because, when I ingested them, I hurt so bad I thought I would die.

OK, so everything hurts to eat. I can’t drink without problems. What do I do?

I started to eat and drink only that which was so pleasurable that it was worth any inconvenience. I only ate that which I loved.

And guess what?

I am now a Delight-arian. I eat only that which delights me, and I stop taking it in when it stops being delightful for me as a person.

Ta da.

So sometimes I eat steak and sometimes I do, indeed, eat me my Dove Chocolates, but it’s all about delight, anymore.

Start with something that delights you. Something that has some sunshine in it.

I will talk more about the body, a lot more, because it is important that we come to some peace with these amazing vehicles which have done little but hobble us so far. We just don’t know how amazing they are quite yet.

So, delight. Sunlight. Drink a smoothie if eating solids just feels gross or overwhelming. Have some fun with it and mix it up. Your body is just waiting for you to love on it a little bit, love it and delight it and celebrate inside of it.

I am going to work, and I’ll be eating just a little bit of sun, not lots, but I will do my job so very happy that I told you about this.


Deeply Awake – Sex, Fatness, Love and Career 10-18-12 By Kathy Vik

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First things first. Pleasure is very good. And sexual pleasure? Oh my, that’s really good.

It’s so good, that people just throw out their common sense to attain it. They do things that will claw at them on their death bed, things that they are too ashamed to admit they did, not even to themselves.

It is a powerful thing, this sexual pleasure.

I’ve been playing in the crystalline grid’s agreement field, manifesting from there, rather than that sickly green, moldy, creaky and infected agreement field I’ve been hooked into most of my life. While in the space of expansiveness, so rare the last few days, I played like a dolphin, conjuring up my future.

I didn’t go to career first. I didn’t follow the money, even though money has been shockingly tight lately. Nope. I went right to relationship. This is the first time in a long, long time that I have been open to the idea of having a relationship.

I saw what I had made of my life, lurching from relationship to relationship, with long periods of pain and disillusionment in between, and realized I just kept repeating the most tiresome, awful patterns, and the stakes kept getting higher and higher and higher.

No longer was it just that I might break someone’s heart, or they’d break mine, nope, by young adulthood, the pursuit of sexual pleasure could break a home, and did, and by the time I was forty this love crap had broken my credit, my ex-‘s credit, broken a home, produced a child, and created catastrophe, chaos and deep sorrow. Screw it.

I walked away.

In all that time, the last eight years, I really doubt anyone has even flirted with me. Partly because I gained so much weight, I sort of made myself so ugly, no one would have flirted with me, but, still, if it did happen, it just glided off me. I covered myself up. Took myself out of circulation.

Sure, I guess I kind of gave up. I decided, after I left my husband, that I would never, ever be able to trust anyone ever again, and I would never, ever again be able to trust myself. It was a dark place to be in, but it had to be. I lived there eight grueling years, day in and day out, without hope, without light, without joy.

If I had found someone like a best friend who I also could have enjoyed sexually, I never would have gotten here. If I’d had it in me to take abuse, agree to degradation, comply with humiliation, learn to just live with joy-sucking temper tantrums and grotesque behavior, I wouldn’t be here.

So I was single. Fat and single.

I came through these dark days of contemplation and self discipline understanding a few things about sex, love, fatness and career, and what I want now.

Playing in this new, shiny agreement field, I didn’t focus on a lover’s age, gender, financial status, social status. I conjured up words of enchantment, deep reverence, profound joy. I described a home, a relationship, an Other with daily joy, simple kindnesses, seeking ways to make the other smile, deep peace, tranquility, support, generosity, comfort, kissing, smiles, gifts, cooking, joy, joy, joy… and with these words come the visuals.

Am I remembering my future with these images? Am I tapping into a parallel reality? Or am I putting in place things that look as comforting and happy and safe as they feel?

All I know is, when I am in that space, it is not necessary or wise to command. It is not appropriate to order the future. It is appropriate only to play in it, enjoy it, expand from within it and into it.

And from there I know that this new reality is coming to me, bearing down on me like a Mack truck, in a good way. It is, just as I am. It is right and straight and pure and true. Pure grace, wonderful mercy, in divine timing, with great humor, wonderful, lush humor.

Me winking back at me, a life full of contradiction, full of deep contrasts. Of course I have factored in a relationship. Of course I have.

I am not a sadist, after all. I’m maybe only two or three steps away from sadism, given the highs and lows I have allowed myself to experience, but I am not a sadist. Of course I have factored in tremendous love, of course. Relax. I can’t get away from it, it is on its way. Just timing, that’s all it is now.

So the idea that the love I feel for just a handful of people in my time, people who, just by the nature of things, the nature of the beast, we could not engage in sexual pleasure.

Wrong gender, or just not correct, not right. Wouldn’t have worked, would have wrecked something by trying to change it, pooping on a glorious gift. So these few, these loved ones from my family, these beautiful people who saw my gift within me of Source when I was utterly blind, these are my clan, my tribe, my angels.

I love them and they love me. I would do anything for them, because they are good and right and true. Each and every one of them may make or have made totally gross decisions, totally crapped on themselves and sometimes even me, but they are part of me and we understand each other.

I love them with all my heart, and miss the one who already went Home. I miss him, but he is more around me now than when he was alive.

This sort of deep recognition, when the outside world literally goes away, and the universe that the two of you explore and create while sitting on your patio on an October evening, filling in the cracks of each others soul, healing the wounds we might not even know we were carrying since we last saw each other, this is now who I want my sex partner to be. My sex partner, my love partner, my life partner. Whatever. I am so not hung up about sex, I just feel no shame anymore. It’s been an amazing process, shedding all this shame.

Did I mention that I have now lost just around 100 pounds? This weight loss and change in diet began nearly one year ago. I unplugged from food and drink. I had to, my family had had enough and I was detoxed, hard and fast. About 25# ago, they told me that I am now at “fighting” weight. I could not go on physically with the toxins I was ingesting, and they intervened, with my permission (remember, “they” is part of “me”…It’s hard to explain).

So, they said, I can lose as much weight as I would like, and it will come off effortlessly, joyfully, but I will have to hold intent and then take some action, but nothing too big or crazy. Just prove that the intent is a little more real than a wish.

Show in the physical you are open to it by holding intent and being open to new ways of doing things, and you can lose as much as you want. Otherwise I will maintain at this fighting weight. Sounds like a good bargain.

So I am no longer grotesque physically. People do not flirt with me still, but they are warmer. Some smile, some strike up conversations. I am going slow, because there has been a long, long freeze in my heart, in my life. I have been in a stasis of sorts, and rocking myself out of it is something I am doing slowly. For good reason.

So, when I played in the crystalline grid, in that agreement field, after I conjured up a love, I decided to use the time remaining to conjure up my writing career. Funny, but all the rest of the drive, thinking on my writing, I was imagining pictures, and the feeling just wasn’t there.

So, once I realized that, I thanked myself for having that insight, realized that at least having clear goals and pictures is a step in the right direction, but that I needed to get clear on what sort of feeling state, what sort of heart state, I wanted my career to inhabit. So I thought on that, then shelved it, and went to Wednesday service at Mile Hi Church of Religious Science. I was canceled from my shift last night, and I really never know where else to go when I am unexpectedly free.

So, I went to church, not knowing what I’d find, just knowing I wanted to be thinking about God with other people who were thinking about God. I am easily amused.

The whole service was about dreaming big, and allowing your true identity, your fondest dream, to be alive and thriving, regardless of what your feedback loops might be reporting to you. To live your dream, to inhabit your dream. Honest to God. The whole service.

Jesus Christ, I am awesome. I am giggling as I write that. What a magnificent manifestation. ROCK ON, KATHY ‘N’ INVISIBLE FRIENDS!!!

You need PROOF of the existence of the crystalline grid, an agreement field pregnant and bursting with creativity and humor and timing and light and information and joy? There you go.

So, within that sacred space we all created by being there and participating, I decided that my business is love. I am called to write now. This is what I need to do, for myself. If others benefit, which I understand they do, then so much the better. So be it. And so it is.

This is my calling because this is my joy. This is what moves me, motivates me, informs me and guides me. It is the light in my life, the thing in which everything goes, and everything comes from. It is my true north, my honored and reverenced center.

The messages I received in that soup last night, were quite simple. The one sentence message about my finances, “You are selling yourself too short.” That’s it. By continuing just doing nursing, or even getting another job doing it daily (ugh.) I am selling myself short. And the message was received: No, we are not going to create havoc, make you lose your job, nothing like that. You don’t need that anymore. You are finally listening.

But we are going to keep things tight. You will have to pay bills, and on time, and the consequences will keep slowly elevating, because you are selling yourself short. If you allow yourself to imagine what you know to be true in your heart of hearts, what would that person do next? What would the successful writer and lecturer do next, at this stage of the game? Then, you know, you could just go ahead and do THAT.

And from there, came a dam bursting with feeling states in which I want to dwell, now and for all my days. These are sacred, sharing them is unnecessary here. They are there, as valid as this other agreement field full of obligations needing to be half-assed, squeaking by, getting crapped on and believing I must tolerate it. Ick. It’s not even a contest.


So, love and sex and fatness and career.

Blah blah blah. Sounds like just more mundane crap to wade through.

Isn’t it lovely that I can’t leave a thought alone? I can’t just stop thinking and feeling and experiencing. It’s just not something I’ve ever cared to do. It feels like I am physically dying when I turn this force off, and believe me, I have come close many times in this lifetime, the Source was turned so low, just a trickle getting through, just enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

It is not by my will that the spigot is cranked to maximum now. It’s not for anything but desire that I now have this flow coming to and through me. Just some innate willingness to tap into the beams of pure love we are being bombarded with. It’s available to each and every person on this planet, these feelings and understandings. They are gifts from above, from below, from within, from without. They are Source loving on us, calling us to It, reclaiming us as Its Own.

And don’t think for one minute that I live here. I do not inhabit these climes. I am a visitor, and I just write love letters from the little caves I find, on these walks up the mountain I have discovered in my being. These caves are all different, and each are brilliant in their depth and color, gems so rare, treasures so priceless that the beauty is sometimes lost in translation, and the gift appears to some completely worthless, because there are no systems of barter or trade for these treasures.

They exist in their totality, ready to gift the next visitor, and the next, and the next. They are unchanging acts of sheer creativity, mercy, love, and grace. It’s just that I can hold a pen and paper when I’m visiting.

So today it’s about sex, fatness love and career. Tomorrow, hopefully, it will be a different cave, a different outlook, a different horizon. Only God knows.


Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Rebirth, Ascension, Astrology, And Visions By Kathy Vik 8-15-17

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This, without a doubt, an “essential viewing” tape of what this process has resulted in.

What I am presenting is revolutionary, and makes my body relax, and makes so much sense that I am left stunned, really, at the impact and the content of this nugget.

I urge you to watch. If you want, there are some great websites you can visit to learn more about what I present, but more, they are tools you can use to learn about yourself, and transform as you see fit, in these intense and transformative new energies.

I am so happy to have this in the library!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Talk about a day of release! (especially good for aspect info) (for a complete and free report) (for the “wheel” info, including which are in retrograde)





I make myself laugh out loud sometimes. In my enthusiasm and relief, when reeling off this chart, I used “Jupiter” for three planets! Oh my! In my head, I was saying it right, I promise. So, the dyslexic cries “Uncle,” and just posts the dang thing. 😉


Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Raw Honey By Kathy Vik 8-2-17



A complex, beautiful, redemptive and intense talk which is at once soft and explosive, in that, new thoughts and a new identity have taken root, and as a result, much has and is continuing to spin off, and many thoughts are generated as a result of all this change.

I focus primarily on love, approval, continuity and relationship, all Achilles heels for me, all made so much better with the internal and external changes now blossoming within and without.

I think what is here will help to illuminate, tickle and give relief to many and to much. Please enjoy in peace and openness, and with my unending gratitude.






Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Observe The Light Bulb Turn On While Speaking By Kathy Vik 4-23-17

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On camera, the viewer can see me come to terms with the May 2012 event which so altered me, perplexed and soothed and dogged me, and how I now carry this just a little bit differently.

A very juicy discussion of knowing and working with probable selves and reality.

A beautiful discussion which puts to rest a five year activation period, and begins to see that the path that is to come I have actually been on for these five years.


As referenced:



Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Coming Home: Balance at Shadow Work’s End By Kathy Vik 4-8-17

Related image


A compelling and surprisingly sweet and soft talk on what it has meant to me to find balance within chaos, forgiveness within violence, and self worth within victimization. Focusing far more on healing than the reason for the healing, this talk is a sweet and deep one, for those who know what it is like to be on the receiving end of the incomprehensible.

A frank discussion of the healing of trauma, my role as an awakener this last year (or more), and how things have resolved in daily life, as well as how I see this translating or being lived out in the mass consciousness.

Truly a song of great hope and strength and healing, I hope this gives you peace this day.




Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Mysteries About The Innate In Ascension By Kathy Vik 2-13-17

The  best work I have done thus far. I am honored to bring this to you tonight.

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A very honest discussion about changes I experienced, during this process, and thoughts about ascension at this time, given the energy now available to us at this time.

It’s loaded with visual/energetic anomaly, and is stated in such a beautiful, complex, accessible and symmetrical way, I feel just as I used to after having done a channel, at the keyboard, sweating it as I hit the “Send” key. It had to be done, my determination and unwillingness to disregard the urge told me that, and then I’d felt exhilaration and relief from having having done it, this super risky and “out there” thing.

I’d cringe, sometimes for days, never a lot but I would feel tremors sometimes, with my own work, but never with the channeling. I figured it this way: my own sister told me that what I channel is NOT me, it just CAN’T be. I was flooded with relief for her words. Oh my god, it’s real, it’s real, someone else who really knows me sees this is real! But even with that confirmation, sending things out would make me nervous, but the channeling sang, always sang and spread. I figured, in the end, it’s just too stunningly beautiful to be all mine, from me alone. I mean, come on….

I didn’t question the validity of the channelings, because they read and felt like they were coming from someplace sacred and ancient and true immediate, from someplace bigger, and it’s so perfect and strong and true, I know it’s going to be able to shine far and bright, regardless, regardless… It might be from me, but it’s too exquisite to be seen as  mine.

I was able to get courage to publish, thinking those thoughts, at the beginning, and on a night like tonight, I find myself thinking that way in celebration and exaltation, for this conscious, non-channeled work. It’s a funny thing, this feeling, but I like it, and I want more of it. I am on my way. And you are on yours!

Blessings Be!




Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Living Sculptures of High Art By Kathy Vik 7-7-16

A beautiful channel which talks about changing diets, changing perceptions, and changing reality. They talk about how “trying” is part of the mix, and how true it is that there are no punishments around here, in the end. Also discussed is the dream state, and they let me have a physical/full body, heart and mind glimpse at one of my favorite things, that amazing stuff I call “white noise.” Truly a beautiful channel. I hope you feel as good as I do, after watching it.

Part One of Four of the Near Death Experience Panel that blew the lid off my consciousness this last May. It was just amazing to hear others’ stories, so very similar, and so very different from mine, but that we all knew of the same place, the same unified field. In these tapes is Adam, the one who The Teachers are referring, in the video above. And there’s my friend Rex’s face! Yay!  Enjoy…

Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Nutritional Requirements vs Preferences By Kathy Vik 7-1-16

A brief channel discussion in-depth the concept of the role of innate in food intake, preference, and body reactions to what is ingested. Weight gain and esoteric reasons for being overweight is highlighted.Also discussed is when innate “takes over,” as well as how to access the astounding intelligence contained in the human vehicle.

Deeply Awake- CHANNEL: “Let’s Talk About Ascension!” By Kathy Vik 6-8-16


For some reason, this picture seems perfect for The Teachers. I know them to be kindly and funny and unpretentious and serious and loving. Maybe this photo describes to your eyes what I feel in my heart when I hear them explain things which have long ridden with me as questions.
A funny, light, and yet super deep talk The Teachers come out and give… they wanted to do the channel today that they would  given their first group of interested people.

Replete with a power surge/black out of the camera, and quite a phenomenal light show.

During taping, no electronics made light. An alarm goes off at one point, but phone is dark.


And, here is Lee Carroll/Kryon’s channeling of Five In A Circle, for those interested in this process you are watching, and how everyone is aware in their own way, and expressing in their own way, each perfect, each beautiful, each supportive, each benevolent.