Deeply Awake Check-In And CHANNEL: Trigger Warning! Release Right Ahead By Kathy Vik 8-16-17

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A raw and triggering chat which is but a showcase for the release I know, and that I know is coming for all.

All I can say is, I am glad the Kali Yuga is DEAD.

The channel starts at 11:30, and it addresses what is going on collectively on an energetic level, and how we as individuals can help themselves and their loved ones when the mental energy is high.

They talk about various methods for grounding self, and they give a long talk on sexual responsibility, also known as “sacred sexuality,” which I found surprising, but given the intro, it does make sense!

I hope you are ready, and I hope you find it as head clearing and hope-inducing and I have found it.









Deeply Awake Chats 2017: From Independence To Peace By Kathy Vik 7-4-17”

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A complex and deep discussion which reflects upon the impact of saying and of hearing “no,” and how much of the shift occuring has to do, in the end, with how we treat each other as we are making these quantum leaps in our stories.

Separations and endings are discusses, and I highlight the way one was done as if they typify all, and that was incorrect. Thus far, though harrowing, things have been relatively gentle, and surprisingly supportive and loving. Therefore, I felt it necessary I was using a particularly tricky one to discuss the human impact of the situations arising from intense energy surges.

Even so, this is a mild, sweet, complex and thorough, but funny and unguarded presentation. The more transpersonal information regarding grief, consent and coping ends at 12:09, and the esoterics get underway.

Ascension theory is discussed, and energetics as it relates to consciousness, triggers I am seeing in the energy which makes it so much easier to work with, as well as many other esoterics are also discussed.

I reference the astoundingly helpful and resonant work of Sandra Walter, in this video, as her thoughts truly helped me set much that was just floating around and a little nuisance-y into structure I could use, that helped me immensely. She talks about timeline splits in a way that makes me feel like I am vibrating like I wanted to but didn’t know how. Good stuff! Here is that video:



Deeply Awake Chats 2017: So, This Is How An Old Life Ends And A New Life Begins By Kathy Vik 3-25-17


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A frank and honest discussion about moving from a lifetime of being a light in dark places, and the twisting of identity which occurs in this kind of energy long-term, into a place of personal empowerment, acceptance and wisdom.

Viva La Ascension!




As referenced, the great Bill Maher.


Deeply Awake Chats With CHANNEL 2017: Eclipse Gifts And Miracles By Kathy Vik 3-10-17

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A very complex talk while sooo easy to follow, due to the content, this video talks about moving from one life to another, in essence. I talk about many things: situations and stories and conversations, all discussing the truth of it, that something very fundamental has shifted for me, after having had a tremendously powerful and deep “dark night of the soul” last night. Things broke open for me this evening, clearly seeing this for the gift it was, a completion of a process, an integration of a bigger reality. It’s raw and beautiful.

The channel begins very organically, and it just blew me away. It begins at  30:33. I’ll be watching this one looking for anomalies, because although I am posting this while listening to it, for ok’ness, I’m not watching. Given what I discussed, oh yeah, I’m expecting a few.

This is a powerful one, which began with me having sustained body shivers I couldn’t stop. It was my team, and I explain my agreement I have with body sensations, to assist me in understanding things. I explain that right up front, and I blow the roof off from there on out.








Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Preparing For The Solar Eclipse By Kathy Vik 2-16-17


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A heart-centered talk about the closing of this personal and celestial age, how this is translating in my daily life, and how you might be able to use these astounding energies for your own completion.

Mother Energy is strong, but what comes through the most is how profound and cellular this solar eclipse is and can be for those who use it. I and my friends will be using this trigger in our own way, and what I have recorded is my interpretation of how to use this energy for ascension’s completion.




Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Mysteries About The Innate In Ascension By Kathy Vik 2-13-17

The  best work I have done thus far. I am honored to bring this to you tonight.

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A very honest discussion about changes I experienced, during this process, and thoughts about ascension at this time, given the energy now available to us at this time.

It’s loaded with visual/energetic anomaly, and is stated in such a beautiful, complex, accessible and symmetrical way, I feel just as I used to after having done a channel, at the keyboard, sweating it as I hit the “Send” key. It had to be done, my determination and unwillingness to disregard the urge told me that, and then I’d felt exhilaration and relief from having having done it, this super risky and “out there” thing.

I’d cringe, sometimes for days, never a lot but I would feel tremors sometimes, with my own work, but never with the channeling. I figured it this way: my own sister told me that what I channel is NOT me, it just CAN’T be. I was flooded with relief for her words. Oh my god, it’s real, it’s real, someone else who really knows me sees this is real! But even with that confirmation, sending things out would make me nervous, but the channeling sang, always sang and spread. I figured, in the end, it’s just too stunningly beautiful to be all mine, from me alone. I mean, come on….

I didn’t question the validity of the channelings, because they read and felt like they were coming from someplace sacred and ancient and true immediate, from someplace bigger, and it’s so perfect and strong and true, I know it’s going to be able to shine far and bright, regardless, regardless… It might be from me, but it’s too exquisite to be seen as  mine.

I was able to get courage to publish, thinking those thoughts, at the beginning, and on a night like tonight, I find myself thinking that way in celebration and exaltation, for this conscious, non-channeled work. It’s a funny thing, this feeling, but I like it, and I want more of it. I am on my way. And you are on yours!

Blessings Be!




Deeply Awake Chats 2017: A Eulogy To Lunacy By Kathy Vik 2-7-17

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A deep, wide ranging and risky essay which discusses not only the moon and its many influences on us, but the lunacy inherent in the consciousness state/morphogenic consciousness field of fear and anger, as first outlined by Lee Carroll/Kryon (below).

I am looking forward to never describing or dissecting this particular subject again, and I explain why this is not so much a hope as a declaration, so this is my eulogy not only to an energy which has dogged and trained me all my life, but to the inner dialogue necessary to survive in such human systems, one which has cluttered my energetic highway long enough.

I suppose I could caution you that you may recognize yourself in some of these descriptions, but don’t ever lose sight of who it is talking, someone who has actively participated in this lunacy for a lifetime, a veteran shadow worker, I guess you could say.

I am convinced that without respectfully, deeply and reverently, wisely naming this stuff, and breaking the absolute edict to not discuss it, it will do as it sees fit, and the battles will continue. Light workers know, though, that we may not win every battle, but we always win the war.

With this eclipse season, the venturing I have done, and the conclusions drawn, I offer this as my way of assisting ad infintim in this grand struggle of consciousness, something I think most often is best demonstrated in the butterfly’s struggle against its cocoon, without which it is unable to become a functional now-winged creature.



As referenced, Lee Carroll/Kryon’s message on consciousness fields. This work continues to stun and teach me. Thank you, Lee and Kryon. ❤  Recorded 1-23-16, entitled “Quantum Patterns.” PURE GOLD.



Deeply Awake ESSAY: Thoughts Upon Coming Out As An Ascensionist By Kathy Vik 11-20-16


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A really beautiful essay about what it is like to finally come to terms with what I have become, and what is to come, now.



As referenced, here is Lee Carroll/Kryon’s channeling entitled “The Next Three Years.” It was recorded in 2014, not 2013. Really helpful stuff…