Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Magic, Benevolence and Love By Kathy Vik 3-1-17




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A helpful and practical talk on how love and benevolence has become much more present and active in my daily life now, along with a discussion about the magic in the air these days.






As referenced, here is a clip from Wilfred, available through streaming on Netflix.



Deeply Awake CHANNEL: What Lies Beyond The Last Rung By Kathy Vik 2-16-17


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A powerful and moving channel chock full o’ anomalies, powerful in its imagery of once again equating ascension to being able to stay in the void, in trust. It’s the first time they have given me a glimmer, truly a feel, for what lies beyond the last rung. It is the third of four videos I will produce today, but the last will come later, once I have lived out my day. Enjoy this gift in good health and humor. Namaste.

The channel is induced beginning at 7:55, and resolving into full channel at 8:18.







An astounding anomaly when they say the word “atoner,” the whole word slowed down for emphasis. So I looked up the word, and now I better understand the recorded actions of our dear brother, and maybe understand a bit how to navigate this next part with grace, balance and honor to all.

The teaching begins at 18:28, with amplification at 19:55, another at 20:55, and the anomaly’s start at 21:28, and then the big one, this word, at 21:35



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(intransitive) foll by for. to make amends or reparation (for a crime,sin, etc)


(transitive) to expiate: to atone a guilt with repentance


(obsolete) to be in or bring into agreement
Derived Forms
atonable, atoneable, adjective
atoner, noun
Word Origin
C16: back formation from atonement
Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition
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1550s, from adverbial phrase atonen (c.1300) “in accord,” literally “atone,” a contraction ofatandone. It retains the older pronunciation of one. The phrase perhaps is modeled on Latin adunare “unite,” from ad- “to, at”(seead- ) + unum “one.”






Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Instant Manifestation In The New Energy By Kathy Vik 2-16-17



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An addendum to today’s essay, this is a briefer talk, with many fun and unbelievable real life examples, of the level of synchronicity about, the mystery and excitement within instantly realizing a desire, and more on what changes are on deck for realization and enjoyment through the celestial garden path we have found ourselves on at this critical time for humanity.

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Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Preparing For The Solar Eclipse By Kathy Vik 2-16-17


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A heart-centered talk about the closing of this personal and celestial age, how this is translating in my daily life, and how you might be able to use these astounding energies for your own completion.

Mother Energy is strong, but what comes through the most is how profound and cellular this solar eclipse is and can be for those who use it. I and my friends will be using this trigger in our own way, and what I have recorded is my interpretation of how to use this energy for ascension’s completion.




Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Validity By Kathy Vik 2-15-17

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A seeringly honest and beautiful discussion about what has happened within and without, since the lunar eclipse. The finality of these endings and shifts in awareness, identity and context are intense, deep and thorough. I give my love to those consciously riding these waves with me.

Please accept this correction: It was at age 22 I went off to nursing school, not 22 years ago. I began my training in 1983, in my 22nd year of life. I hope that helps to clarify this most illuminating discussion.



(ˌɑr təˈfɪʃ əl)


1. made by human skill; produced by humans; not natural.
2. imitation; simulated; sham: artificial vanilla flavoring; artificial gemstones.
3. lacking naturalness or spontaneity; forced: an artificial smile.
4. full of affectation; stilted.
5. pertaining to a taxonomic classification that groups together unrelated organisms.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin]





Deeply Awake Blended CHANNEL: Cats, Energetic Mastery and Ascension By Kathy Vik 10-22-16


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A fascinating discussion about losing our cat, and energetic adventures I have had with my pets. The Channel is a tremendously powerful one which only briefly talks about animals, but then zeroes into some new and amazing information about the ascension underway.

The channel starts at 12:41, and it is one of the most powerful, clear and amazong channels I have ever witnessed. Holy moly, canoli.


Deeply Awake Blended CHANNEL: Applied Energetics, With A Talk From The Ancients By Kathy Vik 10-16-16

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A discussion of applied energetics, how the energy has changed, from neutral to actively seeking to a new place. The Channel begins spontaneously at 12:18, and The Ancients come out (it felt odd…) begins at 20:52, and at 21:16 they get into full swing. At 21:36, the Teachers comment on a different energy they are noticing as they speak, and it’s true the body felt different, but it’s cool, I think, how they sort of shiver through it too.

There is, in this discussion, lots of talk about patterns, chaos, geometrics, all in application, as it applies to our genetics, and how our consciousness has been positioned, and the changes occurring now, for us as a species. The visuals I was receiving were stunning, just so beautiful.

At 30:55, they close by discussing the idea of soul groups and soul families. I like their way of putting things.

P.S. There is a wispy thing that appears (camera) left going up, right by my neck, very fast, but there if you know when and where to look. 29:06.





As referenced, first a very good video of cymatics, and then a lovely video of Deva Premal and Miten, as they perform the Gayatri. Around 7:00, I was stunned to see the same patterns I often see while sitting in Kirtan. We get a vortex going, I always thought, and then, watching this beautiful video, that’s actually true, the same stuff as what is on the video as it really gets going. Anyhow, enjoy…







And, for the word-lovers among us, here is a good site for info on the word “impeccable.”