Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Upshift, Upgrade, and Update, Baby By Kathy Vik 7-17-17



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An amazing and groundbreaking video which discusses internal energetic processes, and a whole lotta current events, filtered through an Ancient’s eyes. Jump in and hit the gas, this is GO TIME!

It is, in the second half, a call for us as a “tribe,” an explanation of just why the nation will be going through more upheaval soon, due to simple cognitive dissonance.




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Deeply Awake CHANNEL: We Swim Away Now Like The Whales By Kathy Vik

A final installation of an activation, an embodiment experience. The voice is modulating, and yet, the meld is evident, and the knowledge is quite astounding. Watch if you feel resonance. Prepare to have your mind a little blown, we would say…
Fair warning is all. Have at it. Enjoy. And, contact me. I’ll be back tomorrow…..

As Kathy, I will say that it was something we agreed would be just so much fun, if tonight, the whales sing me to sleep. I asked if they would let me better understand their language. They’ve shown me a lot about how they communicate, and assisted me in cracking things open, slowly, cooperatively, with harmony and deep love, all the way through. So, for me tonight to say, I know I said, oh of course, Our Beloved to the one excited and happy I get to do it on my bed later tonight, listen to them sing me to sleep, well, I can tell you, I am a little dizzy with anticipation.

I. Am. Home. Y’All.

Oh Happy Day!!!

Don’t ever forget what they told me long ago, in the depths of struggle… They would tell me again and again, when I came to them disheartened with my progress, or with others’ progress….

Dear one, they would say, light always wins over darkness. Always. There is no other way. WE would say, however, that though the victory is assured, you do not win every battle with it. Take heart. All is well. The God that indwells you is well pleased, they would say.

These were my Teachers. I was their student. I simply graduated today, and can run the grids with Them, with Us, with You, with All, in a brand new way tonight.




Deeply Awake VIDEO: It Is Finished By Kathy Vik 4-29-16

I am complete in a process which began last Monday. This is the final video of process, of reportage. There is a lightening of countenance. A report from a bench I dreamed of and described in my essays, and which I now sit, within a marvelous garden, happy now, at peace.

There were articles I wanted to post along with this, links to information about my origins, my purpose, my signature. Definitions for words I did not know the meaning for, which I have since looked up and found to be far more perfectly structured and nuanced than I would have chosen. However, each link is broken in some weird and unexpected way. The message being clearly stated now: enough, enough, enough. It is finished. Done. Compete.

You see me, at the end, giggly, so fetching, so happy and at peace and on purpose. I am certain you will see the evidence. And I assure you, it is permanent.

Blessings be. I am blessed among men. And now I know why. I now appreciate just who I have been respected and honored enough to have walked with this lifetime. My heart is full of love for you, and for all.