Resonant Frequency Creates A Lifetime Shattering Into Grace Itself By Kathy Vik 9-2-17

quency Of Consciousness:

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It’s pretty rare that I am consciously aware of the import, the power and the healing potential of a video, or a writing, as it is going out. I had that experience most profoundly when publishing the essay entitled, “Home.”

What ensued where overpowering physical sensation, all my senses engaged, I knew I was moving things with that one, and it was serving as what they hollered to me, over the deep siren blare, was a “clarion call.”

That motif has figured into my work again and again.

This is like that, but this time, I am deeply chilled, goose pimples everywhere, just that chill in my bones I have agreed to feel when I want to know something big is around, basically.

This video is deeply moving. It explains the resolution I have come to, both in identity, which, it turns out is not a choice at all, but in relationship. It tells of the restoration of an easing into that which is mine, but it also, forever and for all time, explains my life as a FORMER healer.

An old school one. A healer who lived the pain in order to heal the pain. Never again. I don’t have to. I finally understand what I’d been doing this lifetime, how I was keyed. It is this I reveal, and by so doing, hope to give to others an assist in their own koan-cracking, in this realm of shifting communication, relationship and meaning.

So, watch if you are brave and ready and it is calling out to you. I can comfortably say it is the finest thing I have yet produced. It is always gratifying when I come upon those who concur. Perhaps you will be one of them.






For your consideration. Keep in mind Harvey hit August 25.

Published December 12, 2016

Published December 27, 2016

Published April 2, 2017

Published 5-26-17

Published 8-12-17


Published August 28, 2017

Begin the video at 2:22 unless you’re a hard core secureteam 10 fan.




Meditations And Channeling Within “The Dispersal” By Kathy Vik 8-27-17


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This gif is entitled “THE CLARION CALL: Geometry and Sri Yantra”



A fascinating and soft discussion about what it is like to be aware of so many energetic changes going on right now, post-eclipse (I’ve seen that many seem to be coupling “Post-eclipse” with “Apocalypse,” and I find that gratifying.)

I reveal some visions and interpretations, and then there is a channel that simply blew my socks off, while hugging me sweetly and deeply. The channel begins at minute 23:00.

I hope your experience with this is as peace-inducing as I found it.







Deeply Awake CHANNEL: The Eclipse Energy, DNA and Ascension By Kathy Vik 8-21-17


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A helpful and information filled channel about how all of this actually ties together, DNA, energetic fields, geometries, dimensions, agreement fields, all of it.

But then, they brought it to each human being, that each, with their intact DNA of 100% capability, each will receive a bump,

A final transmission, prior to this wonderful event. Each are blessed among men, and soon, each will know this to be true.





Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Calming Thoughts At Journey’s End By Kathy Vik 8-21-17


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A deep, honest and true talk which feels much like final thoughts.

It’s saying goodbye, self to self, self to others, self to my understanding of creator.

Triggering, complete and moving, it stands as a testament to a life lived in clarity and confusion, bliss and pain, love and hate.

And today, finally, there will be something more.

I need to do one more, after a HUGE aha that is delivered at the end of this offering. It’ll be short. We leave for Leadville in an hour.






Deeply Awake Chat & CHANNEL 2017: Truth Unveiled At The End Of An Age By Kathy Vik 8-18-17

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I urge you to watch this clip prior to watching my video It is LOADED with triggers, it is more accurate than not, though a poetic dramatization of what is being experienced by some, and what some have already come through, and what we all will have access to more easily post-eclipse.

Note the title of this clip, that she begins the experience by looking at the sun, that she is suspended above the earth as this transition occurs, and then, please note, the story most definitely goes on from there. Let not the fear of death overtake.

She lives out a story, and of course it is a violent and aggressive tale for the movie goers, but the idea behind it is that of CONTINUITY. This is a highly keyed movie, and a highly triggering one for those in the first wave.



If ever there were a period of my life when applying the fine art of The Suspension Of Disbelief were required, it is NOW.

What follows is beyond my belief. I don’t know how else to put it. Let me explain.

There have been a number of significant and ponderously “real” situations which have emerged, many revelations given, much connected, and much understood, accepted and adopted, the last 24 hours.

Being in the sun helped immensely, and I want to stress to everyone the healing, restorative and necessary influence of the sun, how important it is to remove glass from skin, open car windows, take walks, whatever needs to happen, to get that light on the skin. It is fundamental now. It is CORE.

This video is a time capsule, I know this, because the information within is freaking explosive, and is not for this consciousness, not yet, anyway.

Am I building my hopes up too high for this eclipse?

Watch this and then decide. Invest the time, and then, tell me what you think, if this eclipse event contains within it potency and relief we simply are too fatigued to be able to imagine.

Get a snack, curl up, unplug, suspend your ever arguing companions of belief and disbelief… tell it to go lie down for an hour. Drink it in, absorb it, think on it, and then reject it as bullshit, or let it start working on you.

One way or the other, this video will change you in ways you currently cannot suspect.The channel begins at 16:45. The whole video contains light anomoly.

Watch in good health, peace, and unity, through the grandest connector of all: LOVE.



As referenced, below is the link, and the text, of my first formal essay, months from adopting the moniker “Deeply Awake,” and thus formalizing the expression. The opening shot across the bow, prior to my moment of growth, discussed within this work, (a month and 2 days to follow) it stands as the true core of my life conundrum, and the thing that nearly drove me mad, reconciling this energy.

Yesterday as I drove, I came to terms with quite a lot, in regards to this turn of events. I felt the anguis, the disappointment, the resignation, the contempt, the forgiveness, all simultaneously, and I felt a release from within it, outward.

Consider it one of the crosses I “bore,” which turned into a living, breathing tree of life during this transformation some have stood witness for, and many others will acquaint themselves to, later.

I wrote it after having experienced my first true “hit of light,” and describe a little bit about its after effects. The message of that first healing was about the validity of love, and that enemies are intimates of a much higher degree than simple love bonds contain.

I hope you enjoy this. It’s fun looking back, as we step over this threshold, as long, I think, as I do it with love, gratitude, indulgence, understanding, compassion and pride.

Judas Energy

by magartha

March 23, 2012

These are preliminary thoughts only.
As a youth, I was enthralled with the story of Jesus’ life and teachings, his death and his resurrection.
I studied traditional and non-traditional information about Jesus and his times. And then I saw a brand new movie,… our church youth group went to opening night at the Cooper Theatre in Denver, a cheekily titled movie called “Jesus Christ Superstar”.
That night I finally felt whole, curious that until then, I hadn’t realized something more was possible.
I recaptured the sense of having heard the word of God captured by Rice and Allen by listening to that soundtrack so often, I finally had to ask for a replacement… I’d worn out the first record.
I spent hours, hours and hours, listening to that soundtrack as I roller skated in the circle I skated in our garage. I came to know there was more to Jesus’ story than I could ever grasp, but contentedly rolled through those circles in deep joy and meditation, lucky to be bathing in this reality, feeling privileged to be given instruction in a less biased, more balanced way.
But I knew there was far more to the story than was readily available. His words, his life, and all the stories written since, resonated at such a high frequency. I craved it. i obeyed it. I longed for more, but was content in having more than before.
As a child and then on into adulthood, I knew I had an affinity for Pontius Pilate. He was someone I could understand. I thought his energy was “cleaner” than Judas’, that his choices, missteps and misunderstanding of the situation were so understandable in context, even benevolent. Misguided benevolence. Oh how much trouble we have created for ourselves through the use of misguided benevolence. I knew his presence gave the story its structure, it’s historical framework. He was a function of the political/consciousness agreement field of their day. Nothing more. A device. By “clean”, I mean I see him as a necessary framework giving the story the structure it needed for the unfolding of the tale.
Pontius was the syntax. The apostles were the words. Jesus was the scribe. God was the author.
What then was Judas?
After many of these recent abundant clearings and recalibirations, my guides treated me with something last night. I was finally given access to the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar. And as I listened to it last night, I was able to sail on Angel’s wings and touch the face of God, amazed at all the glittering facets of this incredible gift given to us by God through His Identity Sananda.
And I wept the most, was the most touched, by Judas.
It was then I understood that Pontius Pilate’s role was one of logistics, a gate only, a neutral function of the temporal reality.
And now, finally, it was Judas who I came to recognize as me.
I have always known I was present during those years. I have always had every confidence that I had been involved.
Maybe I wasn’t Judas. Who cares? At this point I really don’t. Judas was a ROLE only. In this dense fog of duality, he played his part expertly.
But to have betrayed our Beloved? With a kiss?
How does the incarnaion of Judas reconcile these acts, and their consequences, without judgement or shame, but instead with the all-encompassing Love Which Is God? How do I manage bringing the ugliest parts of my Selves back into alliance, allegiance, and unity?
Through forgiveness.
To forgive is to be touched from above and within all at once. When done well, this tone, this essence, transmutes, fundamentally ALTERS the past, present and future (as we have always perceived it).
The act of sincere and deep forgiveness is to be in-spired by God. YOU become the Violet Flame when you actively and selflessly forgive. The person you are setting free is your Self.
It’s easier, more accessible, to forgive others their wrongs towards me. I enjoy it, as it brings a release I cannot explain but know transforms.
Ah! But to have known those rare moments where I have been literally knocked to my knees with forgiveness for my Self?
That is bliss. That pierces the veil. In those holy moment, I could do nothing more than stagger, caught up in a rapture in which I yearn to spend the remainder of my days. To forgive MY SELF is the most Divine Act I have done as a human 3D entity. Through that doorway came the Eye of God, looking deeply within me, and telling me, murmuring to me, declaring as already DONE: God Indwells Me And Is Well Pleased.
I stood up after falling in divine grace before this Eye of God and I went to my mirror. I saw this Eye of God. And that Eye of God was in MY EYE.
I have never been the same. Everything has changed because of that moment of grace. That grace washed me clean. Now it’s just clean up and preparation. It is finished, just as Jesus said. I knelt before God, I was forgiven, and realized there is absolutely no higher truth than forgiveness of Self. To have been touched by this divine love…
There really are no words.
But there are so many translations.
So if I played that role in Judea, high-five. I did it well. It is done. It was a chronicle preparing us for this moment, the first day of the new moon of March, 2012.
And this bliss, this state of suspended and never ending grace is in everyone. EVERYONE. EVERYONE. The potential to touch this reality in is EVERYONE, and we are only just awakening to it. It was always there. It sustained us through the pain and suffering, the acting out and misbehaving, the emanations and consequences of disordered thought, disordered being.
God puts everything right.
God sees everything as right.
God is the most high, and this word we use to express this essence is just a slip of paper compared the the mighty tree of its reality.
And in that moment of transfixation, of transfiguration, I understood in my heart of hearts that THIS love is IN ME. It IS me, and I a vibration, a manifestation, a color of It.
And, so it followed, if this God is actually me, then it is in everyone on this planet.
It is in your neighbor playing his music too late at night. It is within the bad news you receive and the good news you receive. The flotsam and jetsam of earthly life is washed clean by forgiveness.
I wish to live in a steady state of gentleness to self and others, a state of grace led by the highest love I have ever encountered, staring right into me as I clutched my carpet and folded into the ever cycling love of God, always fresh, always new, always adoring, always benevolent, always wise, always present.
All Hail the New Earth, where we will and are walking in humble respect of ourselves and our co-creators.
Blessings from Magartha.



Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Mother Energy And The Upcoming Eclipse By Kathy Vik 7-22-17


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I haven’t publicly channeled (that I can remember) since before the eclipses in February, wanting more than anything to experience merge, meld, integration.

I was surprised when the information became more advanced again, more visual and foreign-but-familiar again, and I started to get a thrill again, when considering channeling. They were clear that they were to be seen as handy translators of energies and information coming to us now more speedily.

I decided that, due to the tasks and events at hand, it would be best to do as I was being instructed, to simply give it a whirl, now that there have been some alterations.

What resulted floors me, and I am so gratified to have been able to produce and deliver it at this time.  As they stated, they may not need to return for a bit. They just wanted to add their energy to us, and to ease, soothe and give us answers to questions we have been silently asking.

I am so deeply happy to be alive at this time, participating in my own way in our evolution into light.


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As referenced, here is the content from my essay “Rehearsal,” originally published 11-4-2012.


No wonder, I am being canceled a lot lately. Nature’s way of saying I need to accept the regular job, but more than that, being off was essential to work with this incoming energy. Such pure shots of it have we been getting. Surprising we aren’t all walking around with nosebleeds.

When I am anticipating working a night shift, I hunker down, stay in my jammies, putter and mutter around the house, just flit from one light pursuit to another. Often I do not write, because doing so creates a disturbance in the field, chops and rearranges and redefines stuff, creates new arenas of sound and possibility. It’s just too much sometimes.

So yesterday, I read a little, watched a little TV, but really felt very flat. Under the surface, things were happening, and all I had to do was just try to go to sleep. Yeah, just try it. Ha!

I laid down around 1pm, and kept getting swept into this subject and that pursuit online. Hard to settle my mind on any subject, everything feeling just a little much, a little too much, not in an, “Ooh, I am overwhelmed and just can’t TAKE anymore!” way, nope, more like just not being able to find one thought, or family of thoughts, that would just let me get quiet.

I finally gave in.

By that time, I only had about an hour and a half to get rested for a twelve hour night shift. So I said, commanded, that I would get full physical rest and benefit from this sleep, and I would find some peace in my mind, and return to the body integrated… now, on your mark, get set, GO.

Yeah. Did feel rested upon awakening, I will say that. But everything else was unexpected.

Ever envious of the more creative among us who fly astrally and dream lucidly, I had never been outside of my body before, never seen that fabled tether, until yesterday.

I closed my eyes and almost immediately I felt spinny, and the voices came, and there I was being coached to leave my body and come along. I saw a shimmery plasma like connection between me and what I was then deeming my “flesh.” The split was real, and they coached me to not get too caught up in any one thought or visual, and to expect nothing, just allow the experience, fall into it, allow it to be exactly what it is.

I failed, and wound up slammed into my body. They pointed out that wasn’t entirely so, and it is then that I saw and felt that I was hovering maybe six inches above the body, was not in it, and didn’t have to return to it, that I hadn’t failed. There was a round of celebration, laughter, and I got up, and walked with them then.

I told them I wanted to go to a ship.

It was then that I got a taste of this hyper reality travel I have heard so much about. That idea that you can just think yourself somewhere and there you are. I thought of my destination, one that I had visual coordinates for (I’ll explain below). Then I could feel a lengthening, and movement, elongation and stretching and becoming a long impossible ribbon of light, and then, I was somewhere else.

I don’t have visuals of that place. I was surrounded by loved ones, though, and it felt pretty real, I mean, there was no observer, sitting in the upper left corner of the ceiling saying, “God, this is SO cheesy.” None of that sort of split awareness. I was really there.

I wish I could write to you a love letter from home, a few bars from an ancient melody which would dispel our fears and break all the rumors’ backs. But I don’t. It was family time, I guess. I don’t know.

But then came a very amazing event.

I was on Earth, but I was a column of light. There were four of us, stationed at perfectly coordinated geometric points, and one by one, in unison, we stood up. We greeted each other as the awakened greets the sun. And then other shafts of light began to pop up. Twelve, then 24, then 36, then 122, then 144. We were able to hold hands, or hearts, energetically.

And then the narration began.

I started to state a prayer, a proclamation. I felt everyone’s energetic permission to sort of coax or coach the energetics, to seal and protect and magnify the energy, so I used words, sound, to do this. Everyone was cool with it, and it got very intense, and a little messianic, I have to admit. And it built, and swelled, and swayed, and trembled, we all swirling within this vortex of sound, words, anticipation, knowingness.

Oh it was heady, and it was exciting. It was all about ascension, taking on our light bodies, taking on the mantles of responsibility and wonder, discovery and awe, the new age, the old age, the timelessness of what we are creating, stuff like that.

It built, and it crescendoed, and then there was that platform of stillness the words created. The platform stayed up, sturdy, waiting for the next thing.


We all kind of looked at each other.

And then, sort of as a group, we all sort of shrugged, and said, “Oh, I guess that was another rehearsal.”

Some asked others if they’d like to go get some coffee, some cracked open a beer, a young Asian woman approached me and gave me words of encouragement, and there were no reprisals for my having spoken and it not being the main event, all around there were people of goodwill, expressing goodwill.

Here, among these wonderful people, there was just total self-acceptance, and when you are surrounded by a bunch of people who accept themselves, you notice immediately your utter lack of self recrimination. There are no shame vibes in the air, nothing to feel awkward about. Just lots of respect and genuine love.

I could see, one by one, these lighted giants slink back down into the lighted matrix covering the earth, going small, spinning more tightly, more compact, just going back to rest.

It had been a rehearsal, and everybody was cool with that.

I woke up with little memory of that, and with a deep feeling of rest.

I was canceled, but I could only maintain for a few more hours. I have been exhausted lately, sleeping so soundly and deeply, and really needing sleep, like a thirst. Sleep, my old enemy, my longest held nemesis, finally tamed, finally working with me, for me, instead of against me.

Before leaving it, though, I am aware that a strong, familiar and surprising neutrality was all I felt after our dry run, after our rehearsal. It is not good. It is not bad. It is as it is because it is as it is. I am, and it is. So be it. How can I be out of tune with this dance? I hold the flute! It is as it is because I am that I am that I am.

Say that mantra. I am that I am that I am. Close your eyes, and feel THAT spin. There is a mountain of information contained in that mantra. It is not a repetition of words. It is an article of faith, a statement of energetic fact, and one of the keys to the kingdom.

I am that I am that I am.

We remain here, in good humor, doing amazing work just over there, just beyond this stupid veil we put up at in the middle of act two. Can someone please come over here and pull this down? We have a show to put on. We have sets to construct. That one needs some touching up, and this one over here keeps pulling at my robe every time I walk past it. There is work to be done, and it is being done by we giants in sleep, in meditation, in daily life.

I continue to listen for stage direction. They know I will do as I am told. I know now that we all are doing as we are told, as we are telling ourselves, and as we interpret the directions we’ve just gotten handed to us. All is movement and preparation and anticipation now. All is readying. All is set.

We wait. We drink a beer, share some coffee, idle with jobs and kids and letters to agents. But this show, well, it’s just about to start, and nothing else is going to seem interesting once we finally hear that magic word, “Action!”

Until that golden moment, I will rehearse with you, run lines with you, hold your hand as your watch your loved ones luge off mountains, tend to your sheep as your go get your kid a drink of water, as we wait on this hillside, waiting for the pillars of light to once again erupt in the skies, waiting for the sea to part, waiting for all of this stage direction to come to life. We know our lines. We have our markers. We know where to stand and what to say and how to say it.

It’s all about to happen, and until it does, I’ll see you at rehearsal.




Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Thoughts on “The Event” By Kathy Vik 6-25-17



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A hard-core talk on ascension, this tape discusses my thoughts on a topic now very prominent on the blogosphere, that of “The Event.”

It describes, using a parables that has figured prominently in my work,  those related to Wave Theory, and a poignant description of what it is like to be a member of the First Wave.

I am aware my countenance as well as all of the information, features a softness, depth and gentleness of this video, and its content, I found, was entirely uplifting,while being accurate and open in nature.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making, and watching it. Thank you.





Deeply Awake Chats 2017: “And Then… Flowers” By Kathy Vik 6-24-17

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A concise and helpful essay on what has been happening since the Solstice. I have had a number of revelations about my reality, and what is happening for all of us, which have resulted in profound peace, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you in real time, on camera. I hope you enjoy.

I found it enchanting.


As referenced, The video which portends my reality turning into flowers:


As referenced, Kryon/Lee Carroll’s “Five In A Circle”

Deeply Awake Chats 2017: On Having Deeper Vision By Kathy Vik 5-13-17

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The question is, what do you do when things are going well? It is a great discussion about incorporating more light in one’s daily walk. It is a magical and entertaining talk, one that I am proud of due to its coherence and the sense of completion it provides.