Deeply Awake — Jesus Jokes 8-21-13 By Kathy Vik

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I want to preface this blasphemy with some news from the front. I have just come up with the obvious truth, something I have been feeling for quite a while, even thought up some words around it, but I have not been able to language it until today… does that makes sense? It sort of comes in waves, some of this stuff, and becomes crystal clear, and then sort of gently recedes, not fading, staying clear, and yet not quite as available emotionally.

And then the wave hits again, and I am carried off.

Mind you, this is happening in broad daylight, and I am stone cold sober, sober as a judge. While doing errands. So, yesterday was like that all day long. I left so high, and bright, and clear. I found that the stuff that has been coming through in channeling has been helpful, and accurate.

They have been saying, all the time saying that if I just show a little it of effort, not interest, but effort, if I just apply myself a little to any problem I have in my life, any issue at all, if I show genuine concern and interest and show effort in PARTICIPATING in the situation “myself,” in some even very small way, the whole galaxy is just gonna be handed to me, and it’s going to be incremental, and it’s going to be slower than I’d like, and it’s going to be absolutely mind-blowingly fabulous, and I just need to show a little effort, put my back into it, ENGAGE.

And so, I have been putting off getting my expired license plates, because I believed I was so poor I could never afford the repairs needed on my car, so I put it off, and put it off, and put it off. Ridiculous. I just recently had an encounter, a benign one, with a meter reader, and then, a couple days ago, I got a ticket for it. Yep. I did the 2×4 way on this one. Because I was scared. I also convinced myself I had hundreds of dollars of repairs and couldn’t afford it. That’s didn’t happen. Thankfully. But, wow. What silliness.

So, I went to the license plate place and got an extension. I had just enough time to get to the emissions place before they closed, another necessary step that tripped me up, and actually scared me, and when I found out the emissions test was $25 and I had exactly $25 in my wallet, well, there you go, now we are off and running.

The car passed emissions.

I could feel the “angels” singing, I really could, there was actually a lot of chuckling.

I think it’s easy for me to lose sight that I am cracking out of agoraphobia, and it grips and shakes me still. It gets me scared and anxious about doing things I used to enjoy, or at least tolerate. Maybe it’s not right to label it, another label added onto the growing heap of them, but it helps me to see the changes, the arc, the improvements, actually. Today, I went from thing to thing, and from time to time, because it was hard but I did it anyway, I heard angels singing and chuckling.

Now, I know this may not seem like “the galaxy” to you, but, to me, this is a big deal. At every stop, every encounter was an uplifting one. I had a great time waiting by talking with two kids. One told me her daddy accidentally shot her, and she showed me her scar. Just was compelled to tell me about that horrible night, she was. The boy wanted to play, and exchange raspberries (mouth ones0, and giggle. So we did that. I mean the ground was scattered with roses, all the way through.

So, to me, it was a blessed event, and one worth talking about. I am not concerned with those who might criticize this work for not having a point. This is the point.

This is a real life, real time journal, or blog, or book series, or whatever, about a living, breathing ascensionist. I am affiliated with no religion, although I have a lot of Hindu iconography about, because it makes me calm and happy.

Ascension, for me now, it is just a vibrational thing, a frequency thing. It has a lot to do with light, but I think light is a pretty generic, and not very inclusive, term for this thing.

I was asking myself about it, because I was having just terrific arthritic pain. Horrible, oppressive pain. I am not going to a doctor, unless I have a mechanical injury, like a fracture or a deep cut. Then they can help me. But no more chemicals, unless I need them, and I did last night. Ouch. So I went to bed after four Motrin and some Neurontin, that’s how bad it was, and I had a talk with myself.

I said to all that is, hey, I am hurting like a son of a bitch, and I have repeatedly been working on and thinking I have effected healing, but this stuff keeps coming back. I can hardly walk sometimes. What gives?

My body felt like it was on fire, and the pain in my right side was so intense, it felt like it was inhabiting, or pushing into me in some way. Then I realized, that is where I got injured in that car accident, long long ago. And I realized then what I have been taught is really true.

I was taught that these joint pain, and many illnesses, in fact, are from light imbalance. I have come to think of it differently, but along the same lines. I think it is a vibrational imbalance. I think we are being inundated with such energy, unseen gamma, lots of stuff we don’t yet understand. Come on, there is so much happening celestially, it’s almost like they’re showing off.

So we get hit with this, and Gaia, is responding to our shifts, our consciousnesses, our kindnesses, our more expanded and loving interactions with our fellow human beings, and all of this, the three of us, the All, we humans, and Gaia, we meld, and increase our TONE, our vibrational signatures, our frequency.

And what this does to the biology is to create sort of eddies in the places where there has been past injury or grief. And so the places you have been in deep communication with your body on some issue, whether it be cancer, or joint pain, or any trouble, any trouble at all, this will stir things up. This is to get your attention and get you to deal with it.

However, in the case of something relatively simple like joint pain, it is just a need to bring awareness to the situation,.

But in my case, giving my awareness to it was really healing. I remembered my accident, and where I was as a person, as a wife, as a mother, as a soul, and I did my grieving and regretting and asking forgiveness, and really really seeing the situation for what it was, and this was helpful. I made peace with my ex, in a new and more complete way, and [I went back to the accident site too, and I was with my broken body, calming the fears. Telling the people to be good to her.


And now I can move my arm. It feels good. Tingly. I don’t really know what any of it means. And I haven’t figured out my hip, but the Teachers always said, it is a frequency thing. There is a resistance there.

Now, I have also been working with my DNA, and my innate, and I have seen that it is wonderfully possible to be right there, where the cells divide, and to joyously state, that this time, and for all time, forevermore, I give you permission, and I request, that when we divide, our cells, they will divide and produce only healthy, clean, loving happy cells.

There are no more diseased cells being produced. Those that are in my body, they are taken care of, and I have read up on how “they” think it is being done, I am with Kryon, The Teachers, and a multitude of other: this is quantum DNA stuff. You can get in touch with all of it, and once you start, believe me, it knows, always has known, all of it. There’s just a veil. It’s set up that way.

So once you figure it out a little, things become more accessible.

So I have gone on and on about what I am discovering, and you came for a Jesus joke.

I have always had particular fondness for Jesus jokes. I love ’em, always have.

OK, this is weird, because I am a little afraid to go forward with this. I feel giddy reluctance.

I feel like I will be forever changed, or marked, if I say this next stuff. But I think I want to, more than I want to remain silent. I can do this.

I love Jesus jokes, because I have always considered him a friend of mine. A deep and true and personal friend. I thought nuns had it easy, and I wanted to be one, because I had always felt married to him. And I cannot really explain this love, because it is thick, and true, and blessed. I love Jesus so deeply. Have since I was a child.

I have said it before, I have been visited by him in youth, in adulthood, and it is a physical experience, a physical experience. It is visual and auditory and physical. It is so calming, I have to say, and any fear I would have about saying these words, he is here easing the, Aww. Thanks.

I have a beautiful fabric panel of Shiva covering my door, and I know he is a friend of mine too, same with the Buddha. But Jesus, well, that’s just a little different.

I am amazed that this love feels so personal, so intimate, that it is hard for me not to conjure thoughts of jealousy, on whose part I do not know, and I suppose others would brand this a psychosis of sorts, but it’s not like he’s always there. Just at special times, unannounced, when such a miraculous visit would be especially needed, you might say.

I want to tell you of something that might make all of this ok, and might put it in the proper perspective.

Once we figure out how to see quantum energy, once we can grasp with our linear minds, once we have found sort of a mechanical translator for this energy that breathes us, then things will change.

People will become interested in DNA work, in what has been called ascension. It is a science, and it is an art, and it requires high consciousness. It requires integrity and awareness of self, first and foremost.

So, you can go all messianic, and many are visited my angels and archangels , and I love every minute of it. I know I carry around energies that I consider “not mine” and it’s an important way to translate what is coming from the beyond. They are our translators, and they are beautiful, and I love the clothes and faces I give them, and I know they have their own reality, like my friend, my forever friend, Jesus.

I don’t walk alone anymore, and I guess that is what I have been trying to say.

In late May, while my dad was in the hospital, I took a walk with his wife. It was poignant and peaceful, the whole way. Close to the halfway point, I felt a presence, and then I felt a hand in mine. I knew it was Jesus. I knew his energy. Oh! To feel him again!

So we walked, in silence, and then we would pause and she would go on and on about nature, just in general, and she’d comment on things in her life, and how much she loved someone, and then she’d crack a joke about something, and then we would lapse into silence.

But we weren’t alone on that walk. I had a companion.

Vel, she is a love vortex. Those who can tune into it can feel it. She is phenomenally connected to the other side. But this makes her completely non-linear. She doesn’t remember many important things, like what day it is and what’s going on around her.

She is steeped in love. So, as we were walking home, hand in hand, she said she was afraid Erv (my dad) was going to die first. I asked her then, if that were to occur, could I finish out her walk with her, by her side? Would that be ok? She smiled and said yes.

And the three of us walked into the house.

Later, I had a meditation, a very powerful one, that I have not talked about. I hesitate to talk about Jesus because people have aggrandized him. He is one of many human masters we have had. Completely operational, DNA blazing, no karma, no polarity. Beyond polarity. Inclusive of polarity, lets put it that way. They were here to tell us that it could be done.

And it is done with love. With honor. With spiritual maturity. These next tools are just not available to the completely linear mind. You have to start unlocking the DNA to see this way, to think this way, and it is available to everyone on the planet, especially now.

It is true, I think, that we are in a powerful portal or hallway right now. Since the beginning, the sextile, until the 25th. I have been told repeatedly by “them” that August 25th will be particularly significant for me. I cannot see how this will be, since I am hosting an overnight party for my kid, but whatever.

I think that we are living in extraordinary times, and the trickiest part to it is that not everyone knows this. Not everyone has tuned in.

I think it is available to anyone, regardless of spiritual pedigree. I agreed to be someone who had test piloted it, which I did for a couple years in the 90’s. And so now, the juice is flowing, and it is very very very easy to manifest now, very easy to be in touch with our guides. It is free flowing now, there has been a shift, and I sense that things will be improving dramatically, if you will excuse my use of that word, but I do sense some big shifts.

So, I guess I want to end this most bizarre post with the thought of how this might finally be ok, me having a buddy like this, not some savior who rescues me, not any of that, although that is an interpretation many find helpful.

Nope, for me, I think that we are from the stars, and once we figure that out, once we can see that there is life out there in a different dimension, and, by virtue of the machine we create, we realize that we too have these dimensions within, and then the communication can begin.

When you realize that you yourself are timeless, that the lives will keep coming as long as it makes sense, and it makes sense to do it this way right now, why not have fun with this, and see it big. See that we are more than these problems that weigh us down, and the worries that we love to use, to block us.

That’s what I did with the license thing. I thought real small, was doing a habit that has long exhausted its usefulness. This has resulted in a shift in self-perception. I see myself differently, better, so things are just naturally going to improve. Because I am making better choices, not because of peer pressure or out of self-hate, but from a place of excitement and adventure!

So that’s how I leave this. If it serves to push people away, then so be it. I think it is time to start talking like this. I think this stuff is happening to my family, all across the world, we are awakening, and we need a place to talk about it. It is not for everyone, not now.

But I have seen how this works, and the dynamics are such, that if we can keep straight and true with our work, we can accomplish wondrous things, and there doesn’t really have to be all that many of us on the ground. More than there are now, but we are getting ever closer.

So, call me an ascensionist, call me a master, call me a Buddha, call me crazy, the facts are, I work as a nurse, I am an uncoupled mom of a 12-year-old, and I am only now just becoming. I have had a shit road, made a lot of bad choices, and had bad, bad things happen to me that never should have. They never never should have. But they did, and so be it, and here I am.

I have been extra naughty, took my time getting well, and have committed most of the sins. I have not murdered, although I would go through murder book periods. I know all about serial killers and criminal psychopathology. It fascinated me. I worked forensic psych there for a while.

So, I will really, this time, end with this note.

I remember going into the teachers one day, and I was just disgusted with myself. So lost, doing such a shitty job of keeping things together, I thought. And so hard on myself. Oh. My. God.

But, I was knee deep in drama, as we all are at the beginning, sorting out karma, making our way. And I asked them, how is it that I can have such exalted conversations, and feel so good and whole and ready and clear, and then I go home and drink a pint of whiskey and barf and feel crappy the next day? Why am I so compelled, and how will I ever get my life in order?

And they laughed, and told me that many succumb to drink because it induces the spin, and the old ones are lonely for the spin, and so many of the ancients are drunks, so don’t judge this compulsion, just understand it, and love it.

Then they did address my main question, why do I go through all of this? The weight, the drinking, the messed up relationships, the debasement, the abuse? Why all of it? It’s awful and dark and scary and big. Why?

And they said, it’s so people can look at you and say, “Well, if she can do it, so can I.”

You understand, now, why this journal is being written? Why I have been so incredibly honest throughout this? No inhibitions, really, some secrets, yes, but no shame, certainly no shame, in this writing.

Honesty is what you see here. An honest human making her way through DNA activation, ascension, whatever you want to call it.

Yes, there are some thing s I will not reveal, are really not for anyone’s awareness but my own, but I do know this is my job. Be honest, tell of my fractures, my mistakes, my woes and fears and troubles, my victories, my visitations, my meditations, my healings.

And then I stitch it into the grid, I make it real, by writing about it.

That’s my mission, for now. For now. For today. Until it is no longer fulfilling and interesting. Until it no longer lights me up, I guess.

My true mission, really, is to have my hand held by my friend and companion. To learn about and commune with the other energies and possibilities inside me, and on the outside too.

That’s my job, for now, that and nursing. I hope this ascension job makes me money so that I can quit nursing, but that is just one scenario out of many.

Keep pushing on doors, I hear. Keep showing effort. But know, they tell me, it is finished, it’s already here, just trust a little.

Easier to do with my friend here, usually mute, not always palpable , but nice to know he’s around, this entity, this energy, this love I call Jesus. He can take a joke. He can take a joke. Loosen up.

Deeply Awake: Post-Solstice Peace


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Because the energy is so vastly different, or at least my experience of it is vastly different than in days past, I wanted to come and offer a smaller talk about how the peace I felt in meditation in July has indeed come to pass in my storyline.

I explain why it was as big a relief as it turned out to be, and a bit more about why I am feeling an inner happiness and authority and peace I’ve never known, due primarily to my studies into astrology.

I give a taste of what I most recently discovered about my birth natal chart, a stunner of a discovery, that I have been looking at a whole lifetime, and just never saw until recently. It’s a great tale, and I hope you enjoy it.

Later today I will be doing a video going into my charts a bit more, but I will include the chart which helped me see why this lifetime was as rich, and difficult, and fated, as it all was.


Here’s a hint of what’s to come, astrology wise:

Deeply Awake MASTERS AMONG US Vol. 1: Kathy Vik Honors Melissa Elmore Davis

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Just after dawn, on the back lawn near the garden, at The Rancho

Each offering of “Masters Among Us” must begin with some kind of reason it exists at all, right? Why did I need to see Melissa, setting up time specifically for us to simply be together, open and peaceful and wanting to share.

So it goes with great souls. I want to sit in their knowingness, their beingness, and just learn. Don’t you? I know there are those who do that with me. And I have friends I click with because they offer me something I haven’t even considered, or they have raised to a high art that which I haven’t thought interesting.


A few of Melissa and Steve’s free-range (and delicious) chickens.

But for today, after a little set up, I want to introduce a dear friend of mine. She is wise beyond what she can or will reveal. That’s not entirely due to modesty. She has what all of us have, a faint aroma in the air, that the one emitting does not realize is from their very pores. A sort of magic clings to these people, and yet they report their magic as if it is normal. It appears to be humility. But instead, it is simple habituation and good-humored accord with something far larger than they, something they have not only acknowledged, but befriended and learned to talk with.


The beloveds: Steve Davis, and Melissa Elmore Davis.

Melissa is an Earth Mother, a Gaian Goddess, a Master Manifester, and an amazing example of the fruits and joys abundant within a life verdant with self understanding and self acceptance, supportive behavior and supreme spiritual responsibility. She walks her walk, and talks her talk. She is a high-level metaphysician, like many of us, self-trained, self-motivated, and self-sufficient.


The Rancho’s chicken coop. Behind me, all around me, is an organic, self sustained farm.

I invite you to join me as I recount for you a magical morning’s lessons and understandings.

Offered is a video giving you a taste of the visual reality, our connection, and Melissa’s beauty. We then went outside, but it was gusty, and Melissa’s chair was beckoning. It is there we did our podcast, in which Melissa is given free reign to explore, run and play, leap and giggle, rest and relax.


Where so much of the magic happens… Melissa’s meditation chair!

Join us as we delight, surprise and strengthen each other. First, with coffee and full bellies, we meandered through the garden out back. Sitting down, it was natural to find springing around us another garden we both find pleasurable, where the fruits are juicy, the earth is black with abundance, and the air tingles skin, a sprinkling of fairy love throughout this work.


Flowers and a fascinating little beige bug, on the front porch of The Rancho.

I know my words do not do our friendship or her beauty justice. And so, I want her to speak for herself. She will blow you away. She is a master, walking among us, at peace, ready, and joyfully aware that the best is here, and only getting better.

The photos let us stroll through her garden, poke around her house, meet some of her loved ones, and even show you her rocket! Get familiar, push play, and let the magic transport you to wherever it wants to. In our hands, the rocket goes very far indeed!


Melissa watering the front yard. That cool little bug got a starring role, too!




Listen to Deeply Awake Masters Among Us,  Vol. 1: Kathy Vik Honors Melissa Elmore Davis by Deeply Awake MASTERS AMONG US With Kathy Vik #np on #SoundCloud


More photos from my visit to The Rancho.


One of the pigs. Let’s say this one is Roscoe. The other is in rooting around near me, and his name begins with an R, too.


A portion of the garden in which Melissa and Steve grow their food and medicine.


Dawn, before it all began, from the porch I call mine, during my magical stays at The Rancho. ❤





Deeply Awake: My Final Words As And About Deeply Awake & The Eclipse By Kathy Vik 8-22-17

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I woke up today understanding something that changes everything. This feeling I had had yesterday, that Deeply Awake, this project, was over, is now a truth for me.

Today I traveled to many places to understand what this truly means for me, while placing it within the context of this highly keyed, symbolic, sacrificial and complete life that resulted in a body of work, which I decided one random day in 2012 to name :Deeply Awake.”

I know it’s long. I think, given the importance and what it symbolizes, if it were a three hour tape, I would have declared it good. Please watch in pieces if you need to take it in bit by bit.

It’s all good news.

That is no exaggeration, no lie, no deceit.

It only gets better from here.





As referenced, my work called “Interregnum,” written March three years ago), and readily available on my website Ascension Field Notes (link below). I think, as always this was coded and keyed for this time now. Enjoy…







I have a full blown love affair with language, because it set off distant bells in me, and much of the old stuff is just so familiar, and I am so comfortable around it. That year in Latin, my freshman year of college, oh my, did I feel like a dork, but I was so blissfully happy in my dorkdom, I couldn’t care less. I think that’s what a life in academia would be, for me, just sheer indulgence, and a lifetime looking back. I think,in retrospect, that’s why I had to turn from that path, a very very juicy one. It was not my vacation lifetime, not yet.


Anyhow, while out and about yesterday, my sister and I both commented, in many different ways, how mush we both feel in some sort of weird suspension. Both of us can see it as reasonable and necessary, and both of us understand that, at its core, it is temporary.


Feeling brightened again this morning, not feeling the weight last week pressed on me, thankfully, I began to scroll the internet, and went onto, and read their blogs. And this word popped up. Interregnum. Big, deep gongs, monks hoods, incense, flood of such hushed, comfortable serenity. Such happiness, being a monk, such bliss. And this word, interregnum.


So, here it is, for those who are also language nerds, from the internet, to you: Interregnum.



 noun \ˌin-tə-ˈreg-nəm\

plural in·ter·reg·nums or in·ter·reg·na


Definition of INTERREGNUM


:  the time during which a throne is vacant between two successive reigns or regimes


:  a period during which the normal functions of government or control are suspended


:  a lapse or pause in a continuous series

 See interregnum defined for kids »


  1. <the democratic regime proved to be a short-livedinterregnum between dictatorships>


Latin, from inter- + regnum reign — more at reign

First Known Use: 1590


discontinuityhiatushiccup (also hiccough), interim,interludeintermissiongapinterruptioninterstice,intervalparenthesis



I don’t know where the monk stuff came from, but this was a flash of a good life, long ago, and this word meant something big, maybe just to me, the role I was playing, who nows. But this idea, the idea of a waiting period, between reigns, this was so apropos, so perfect, that I felt hugged. “They” do this to me with words, quite a lot. The word gets inserted, somehow, sometimes just in my head, I’ll get a word. One time, while gambling, so loud it felt like a shout,I heard “Ashkanzi” over and over and over again. I felt feelings, though couldn’t see anything, but usually when this happens, it’s so insistent that it just doesn’t stop until I look it up. The faster I look stuff up when I get it, the more frequently I get it. So, back then, it was a couple flashes, some feelings and that word Askanazi, and at many, many other times, it’s been some other way, like this, a simple word, setting off gongs, over morning coffee and facebooking.




We can parse too close and debate the merits of aristocracy, and any number of enjoyable conspiracy theories about it too, instead, it’s nice to consider the bigger metaphor. A change in monarchs, and change in ruler, a change in regimes.


There is an implied lawlessness, an implied self-governance, in the time of interregnum, and maybe that is its most valuable lesson to an awakening humanity. Self governance reminds us what government should be, that it should be service oriented, benevolent, helpful, in a land where the laws are benevolent and balanced, and where profit and greed have been abolished as deciding factors in policy making for the greater good, a place where those who do not have are taken care of amply, and we decide as a culture that this better-than-less-than stuff has got to stop, all of this seems more than possible during an interregnum. Resetting everything. Just saying”no,” to certain things, just switching off and not participating in the hate machine passing for modern politics.


And maybe that’s why this word interregnum means something to me here, in this lifetime. It feels, to me, and to my sister, and, from what I can gather, many other people, we have come to a little lull. I do think we are doing this as a group, and it really is so nice to be linked with you in this way. It’s just nice to have company.


Anyhow, I think this word is meaningful at this time, because I think in addition to the lawlessness this word implies, it also does imply a shift in power. And this is the crux of it, for me. The power is, bit by bit, inevitably, shifting from this unbending, unyielding, darker thinking, and some of it just comes naturally, through natural attrition, so to speak. It brings up the final point I want to make today. I’m sort of rushed for time today.


As I was writing this, I was thinking about we first wavers, if you want to call it that. I like the term, and it feels comfortable to me, but I just mean those who can tune into this frequency, who feel as I do, and know what I know. I have met you. I know you’re out there. Many are reading. It’s so nice to be together.


I think that I want to end comparing we in the first wave, the brave ones who, at one time, used to want to go on and on about all manner of weird things, like crystals and astrology and tarot and stuff like that, we odd balls who have been going to psychics since we were kids, but no,there are also those who speak this language who are younger, you see, in their twenties and thirties. And then the tykes, some of the young ones offering it up without prompt, who they used to be and what their purpose is, and how they foresee their deaths, we oddballs are part of the first wave. The open ones, the ready ones, the sensitive ones.


We used to have a hard time fitting in, but, have you noticed, is this also changing for you? Is your sense of just overall security higher? I have noticed a clearing of thinking, a contentment, waves of well being, with occasional overpowering heat flashes, and bouts of nausea. It’s upgrade time. That big squeeze was worth it, after all.


Many of us in the first wave, and those who love us, are in our fifties. And that sort of was the point. We have already, or will soon, lose our parents, and many of them have struggled with chronic disease, at this point. Most of my contemporaries had young parents, like mine. My mom was only 21 or 22 when she had me. Ridiculous. My dad wasn’t much older. There are a few of we stragglers, so, by now, most of us have known loss, and we have probably seen our fortunes turn a time or two. And now, comes an energy that we recognize.


Kryon just put out four new podcasts, and I had all of them listened to before I got home from work that day. Oh, what joy! What rapture! To hear his thoughts on what is happening, it helped so tremendously. Sometimes he confirms. Sometimes he straight up schools me. It was a mixture with these last transmissions,beautiful, inspired, complete.


He referred to some of the difficulties we, in this group, have, at work, at home, and it helps so very much to just hear good advice, advice from home, which allows me to do the things that feel good, feel balanced. I guess Bashar would call Kryon one of my permission slips. And he wouldn’t be wrong. But I know it’s correct and true for me, because so much of it is already lived out, or being contemplated,when he finally comes on the scene with new information. And that’s what happened this time.


What got me most was the story he told about the tree in the forest. At the risk of impinging on a law I’m currently unaware of, I want to paraphrase what was taught. He said there once was a tree whose name I have forgotten, so I’ll call her Eleanor. Eleanor knew she was a tree, and knew her purpose. After a time,a ways off, a shoot came out of the earth,and in time, it became a tree, a self possessed, self aware tree, named Diane. And then, over time, Eleanor saw a multitude of trees form around her, and she stood with them, part of them, entangled with their root system. The question is, who is Diane? Who are the other trees? Are they not experiencing themselves in their complete, self-fashioned body? Are they not doing their purpose?


And so, the truth is, we are all expressions of the same essence, the same awareness, to whatever degree we believe we are, basically. Maybe this stuff comes to some people spontaneously, while living ski bunny existences. I once was lamenting my life to my shrink, and he told me to stop bellyaching, basically. So what? So you picked a hard life this time. Deal with it, and don’t make it worse for yourself by thinking you deserved it because you’re somehow deficient, which was, basically, my problem. He nailed it, and that helped. To me, a ski bunny existence would be having this sense of security at age seven or eight. I could do anything in a lifetime with this sort of clarity in childhood.


And I guess that is sort of the point. What Kryon teaches, and, you now, we’ll see, but it makes sense from where I’m standing, Next lifetime, we come in ready to awaken sooner. We switch onto whatever level we left, memory more of less intact, not as fuzzy, and, can you imagine, can you just imagine? I’d sign up for that. I have, actually.


And so,to me, this lifetime is all about becoming sovereign, claiming ownership of my emotions, my thoughts, and loving it all into myself, accepting it all, and then, by extension, wouldn’t you now it, it becomes second nature to do to others. And it spreads.


But it did not get here, this go around, the easy way. But it was a hell of a ride. I’m glad things are stabilizing, but still, that sense of suspension clings to things, haunts me, just a little.


I like the void. I enjoy free falling. I like not knowing, and I like things big, so I am comfortable, more comfortable than usual. The energy sort of calls for it. I have my stilts on. Things are changing. I can feel it.


Deeply Awake Chat & CHANNEL 2017: Truth Unveiled At The End Of An Age By Kathy Vik 8-18-17

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I urge you to watch this clip prior to watching my video It is LOADED with triggers, it is more accurate than not, though a poetic dramatization of what is being experienced by some, and what some have already come through, and what we all will have access to more easily post-eclipse.

Note the title of this clip, that she begins the experience by looking at the sun, that she is suspended above the earth as this transition occurs, and then, please note, the story most definitely goes on from there. Let not the fear of death overtake.

She lives out a story, and of course it is a violent and aggressive tale for the movie goers, but the idea behind it is that of CONTINUITY. This is a highly keyed movie, and a highly triggering one for those in the first wave.



If ever there were a period of my life when applying the fine art of The Suspension Of Disbelief were required, it is NOW.

What follows is beyond my belief. I don’t know how else to put it. Let me explain.

There have been a number of significant and ponderously “real” situations which have emerged, many revelations given, much connected, and much understood, accepted and adopted, the last 24 hours.

Being in the sun helped immensely, and I want to stress to everyone the healing, restorative and necessary influence of the sun, how important it is to remove glass from skin, open car windows, take walks, whatever needs to happen, to get that light on the skin. It is fundamental now. It is CORE.

This video is a time capsule, I know this, because the information within is freaking explosive, and is not for this consciousness, not yet, anyway.

Am I building my hopes up too high for this eclipse?

Watch this and then decide. Invest the time, and then, tell me what you think, if this eclipse event contains within it potency and relief we simply are too fatigued to be able to imagine.

Get a snack, curl up, unplug, suspend your ever arguing companions of belief and disbelief… tell it to go lie down for an hour. Drink it in, absorb it, think on it, and then reject it as bullshit, or let it start working on you.

One way or the other, this video will change you in ways you currently cannot suspect.The channel begins at 16:45. The whole video contains light anomoly.

Watch in good health, peace, and unity, through the grandest connector of all: LOVE.



As referenced, below is the link, and the text, of my first formal essay, months from adopting the moniker “Deeply Awake,” and thus formalizing the expression. The opening shot across the bow, prior to my moment of growth, discussed within this work, (a month and 2 days to follow) it stands as the true core of my life conundrum, and the thing that nearly drove me mad, reconciling this energy.

Yesterday as I drove, I came to terms with quite a lot, in regards to this turn of events. I felt the anguis, the disappointment, the resignation, the contempt, the forgiveness, all simultaneously, and I felt a release from within it, outward.

Consider it one of the crosses I “bore,” which turned into a living, breathing tree of life during this transformation some have stood witness for, and many others will acquaint themselves to, later.

I wrote it after having experienced my first true “hit of light,” and describe a little bit about its after effects. The message of that first healing was about the validity of love, and that enemies are intimates of a much higher degree than simple love bonds contain.

I hope you enjoy this. It’s fun looking back, as we step over this threshold, as long, I think, as I do it with love, gratitude, indulgence, understanding, compassion and pride.

Judas Energy

by magartha

March 23, 2012

These are preliminary thoughts only.
As a youth, I was enthralled with the story of Jesus’ life and teachings, his death and his resurrection.
I studied traditional and non-traditional information about Jesus and his times. And then I saw a brand new movie,… our church youth group went to opening night at the Cooper Theatre in Denver, a cheekily titled movie called “Jesus Christ Superstar”.
That night I finally felt whole, curious that until then, I hadn’t realized something more was possible.
I recaptured the sense of having heard the word of God captured by Rice and Allen by listening to that soundtrack so often, I finally had to ask for a replacement… I’d worn out the first record.
I spent hours, hours and hours, listening to that soundtrack as I roller skated in the circle I skated in our garage. I came to know there was more to Jesus’ story than I could ever grasp, but contentedly rolled through those circles in deep joy and meditation, lucky to be bathing in this reality, feeling privileged to be given instruction in a less biased, more balanced way.
But I knew there was far more to the story than was readily available. His words, his life, and all the stories written since, resonated at such a high frequency. I craved it. i obeyed it. I longed for more, but was content in having more than before.
As a child and then on into adulthood, I knew I had an affinity for Pontius Pilate. He was someone I could understand. I thought his energy was “cleaner” than Judas’, that his choices, missteps and misunderstanding of the situation were so understandable in context, even benevolent. Misguided benevolence. Oh how much trouble we have created for ourselves through the use of misguided benevolence. I knew his presence gave the story its structure, it’s historical framework. He was a function of the political/consciousness agreement field of their day. Nothing more. A device. By “clean”, I mean I see him as a necessary framework giving the story the structure it needed for the unfolding of the tale.
Pontius was the syntax. The apostles were the words. Jesus was the scribe. God was the author.
What then was Judas?
After many of these recent abundant clearings and recalibirations, my guides treated me with something last night. I was finally given access to the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar. And as I listened to it last night, I was able to sail on Angel’s wings and touch the face of God, amazed at all the glittering facets of this incredible gift given to us by God through His Identity Sananda.
And I wept the most, was the most touched, by Judas.
It was then I understood that Pontius Pilate’s role was one of logistics, a gate only, a neutral function of the temporal reality.
And now, finally, it was Judas who I came to recognize as me.
I have always known I was present during those years. I have always had every confidence that I had been involved.
Maybe I wasn’t Judas. Who cares? At this point I really don’t. Judas was a ROLE only. In this dense fog of duality, he played his part expertly.
But to have betrayed our Beloved? With a kiss?
How does the incarnaion of Judas reconcile these acts, and their consequences, without judgement or shame, but instead with the all-encompassing Love Which Is God? How do I manage bringing the ugliest parts of my Selves back into alliance, allegiance, and unity?
Through forgiveness.
To forgive is to be touched from above and within all at once. When done well, this tone, this essence, transmutes, fundamentally ALTERS the past, present and future (as we have always perceived it).
The act of sincere and deep forgiveness is to be in-spired by God. YOU become the Violet Flame when you actively and selflessly forgive. The person you are setting free is your Self.
It’s easier, more accessible, to forgive others their wrongs towards me. I enjoy it, as it brings a release I cannot explain but know transforms.
Ah! But to have known those rare moments where I have been literally knocked to my knees with forgiveness for my Self?
That is bliss. That pierces the veil. In those holy moment, I could do nothing more than stagger, caught up in a rapture in which I yearn to spend the remainder of my days. To forgive MY SELF is the most Divine Act I have done as a human 3D entity. Through that doorway came the Eye of God, looking deeply within me, and telling me, murmuring to me, declaring as already DONE: God Indwells Me And Is Well Pleased.
I stood up after falling in divine grace before this Eye of God and I went to my mirror. I saw this Eye of God. And that Eye of God was in MY EYE.
I have never been the same. Everything has changed because of that moment of grace. That grace washed me clean. Now it’s just clean up and preparation. It is finished, just as Jesus said. I knelt before God, I was forgiven, and realized there is absolutely no higher truth than forgiveness of Self. To have been touched by this divine love…
There really are no words.
But there are so many translations.
So if I played that role in Judea, high-five. I did it well. It is done. It was a chronicle preparing us for this moment, the first day of the new moon of March, 2012.
And this bliss, this state of suspended and never ending grace is in everyone. EVERYONE. EVERYONE. The potential to touch this reality in is EVERYONE, and we are only just awakening to it. It was always there. It sustained us through the pain and suffering, the acting out and misbehaving, the emanations and consequences of disordered thought, disordered being.
God puts everything right.
God sees everything as right.
God is the most high, and this word we use to express this essence is just a slip of paper compared the the mighty tree of its reality.
And in that moment of transfixation, of transfiguration, I understood in my heart of hearts that THIS love is IN ME. It IS me, and I a vibration, a manifestation, a color of It.
And, so it followed, if this God is actually me, then it is in everyone on this planet.
It is in your neighbor playing his music too late at night. It is within the bad news you receive and the good news you receive. The flotsam and jetsam of earthly life is washed clean by forgiveness.
I wish to live in a steady state of gentleness to self and others, a state of grace led by the highest love I have ever encountered, staring right into me as I clutched my carpet and folded into the ever cycling love of God, always fresh, always new, always adoring, always benevolent, always wise, always present.
All Hail the New Earth, where we will and are walking in humble respect of ourselves and our co-creators.
Blessings from Magartha.



Deeply Awake Chats 2017: Raw Honey By Kathy Vik 8-2-17



A complex, beautiful, redemptive and intense talk which is at once soft and explosive, in that, new thoughts and a new identity have taken root, and as a result, much has and is continuing to spin off, and many thoughts are generated as a result of all this change.

I focus primarily on love, approval, continuity and relationship, all Achilles heels for me, all made so much better with the internal and external changes now blossoming within and without.

I think what is here will help to illuminate, tickle and give relief to many and to much. Please enjoy in peace and openness, and with my unending gratitude.






Deeply Awake Chats 2017: What It Means To Be Human And To Be This Other Thing By Kathy Vik 7-29-17

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A raw and real talk that summarizes many things, and is a song of joy, surprise and liberation. I hope you enjoy this. The language is rough at times, but the mood is tremendously light, self-effacing yet self-aware and loving… it is quite the offering and I hope you find it a helpful, happy, irreverent and wild talk on the mind-blowing ride that is ASCENSION.