Deeply Awake Chats 2017: So, This Is How An Old Life Ends And A New Life Begins By Kathy Vik 3-25-17


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A frank and honest discussion about moving from a lifetime of being a light in dark places, and the twisting of identity which occurs in this kind of energy long-term, into a place of personal empowerment, acceptance and wisdom.

Viva La Ascension!




As referenced, the great Bill Maher.


Deeply Awake Chats With CHANNEL 2017: Eclipse Gifts And Miracles By Kathy Vik 3-10-17

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A very complex talk while sooo easy to follow, due to the content, this video talks about moving from one life to another, in essence. I talk about many things: situations and stories and conversations, all discussing the truth of it, that something very fundamental has shifted for me, after having had a tremendously powerful and deep “dark night of the soul” last night. Things broke open for me this evening, clearly seeing this for the gift it was, a completion of a process, an integration of a bigger reality. It’s raw and beautiful.

The channel begins very organically, and it just blew me away. It begins at  30:33. I’ll be watching this one looking for anomalies, because although I am posting this while listening to it, for ok’ness, I’m not watching. Given what I discussed, oh yeah, I’m expecting a few.

This is a powerful one, which began with me having sustained body shivers I couldn’t stop. It was my team, and I explain my agreement I have with body sensations, to assist me in understanding things. I explain that right up front, and I blow the roof off from there on out.








Deeply Awake Essay: Thoughts on Sovereignty By Kathy Vik 11-25-16

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A very beautiful early morning talk weaving two concepts together: further thoughts on a recent meditation about boats, and then thoughts on this being the time for a change from empathy to compassion, and what that means to an energetic creature like me.




As referenced, a brand new work I found great ideas in…


And as referenced, my meditation from Jesus about running energy:

Deeply Awake ESSAY: Sexual Identity And Spiritual Identity By Kathy Vik 11-20-16


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It’s trilogy Sunday!
Here is a raw, honest and rather autobiographical discussion of female and male, gay and straight, and how sexuality and spirituality are directly related, and are the matters at hand at this time for us as a people, as we clarify what being human we might actually mean.





And, just for fun…



Deeply Awake ESSAY: An Open Discussion About Sexuality And Intentional Orgasm By Kathy Vik 10-22-16

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A really open and frank discussion about how I personally am dialed into my sexuality, a Pleadian hypothesis about intimate relationships, as well as a walk-through of an Intentional Orgasm Experience, of which I will be partaking tonight!!!


Deeply Awake: FEAR NOT – Thoughts on Current Mayhem By Kathy Vik By Kathy Vik 6-13-16


My first talk on the group consciousness and my thoughts on the Orlando shooting was not allowed full distribution by youtube, so I redid it, and here it is.
A short talk on fear scenarios, and how folks have options on how they interpret current events.



And here are Kryon’s thoughts on emotional reality, also known as consciousness, and how FEAR is a DEVICE to IMPRISON you, and, by extension, a talk on how very powerful we are as human beings. Start at 17:28 about talk about the difference between the consciousness of FEAR and ANGER versus the consciousness of LOVE and COMPASSION.