Deeply Awake Chats 2017: So, This Is How An Old Life Ends And A New Life Begins By Kathy Vik 3-25-17


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A frank and honest discussion about moving from a lifetime of being a light in dark places, and the twisting of identity which occurs in this kind of energy long-term, into a place of personal empowerment, acceptance and wisdom.

Viva La Ascension!




As referenced, the great Bill Maher.


Deeply Awake: Merging With Benevolence By Kathy Vik 1-22-17


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A heartfelt and gentle discussion which lacks much of the fire, it looks like I am tamed in a new way, relieved of burdens, and this demonstrates maybe not the mechanisms (they’ve been discussed ad nauseum for the last eight months plus…) as much as the effect on my biology, on my psyche, that this work has had and is having.

I think it’s pretty obvious (even to me!) something has changed.
I do want to note that a thought which lacked completion in the video requires being stated here. It is that not only is there a benevolent cooperative among this “5 in a Circle” I reference from Kryon, but that each person on earth, regardless of the opinions they hold about the 3rd dimensional beings they are and experiences they are having, regardless of where they are developmentally, soulically, life-story-wise, all of that, each, the haters, the lovers, the disinterested, each on this planet is an entirely integral part of the collective, and each are just as valuable as the other to this cosmic dance.


It helps me to see just how wise and true it is to see beyond differences, as some  spit and defame and belittle, and as some laud and applaud and praise. Individually held preferences and desires are important, and yet, what helped me was simply remembering we are playing out a larger reality at this time, and we are each playing our chosen, preferred roles to perfection. There an be nothing else, it’s all there is available to work with as raw materials, perfection and divine love.

There is a huge anomaly at 33:06. WOW. Talk about a transmission of energy! Right from my heart, to yours, this day, and in all days.

Namaste, and Seylah.



Here is the link for Kryon’s channel entitled “Five In A Circle,” a beautiful and foundational channel for the New Age, transmitted 1-16-16.

Deeply Awake Essay: Thoughts on Sovereignty By Kathy Vik 11-25-16

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A very beautiful early morning talk weaving two concepts together: further thoughts on a recent meditation about boats, and then thoughts on this being the time for a change from empathy to compassion, and what that means to an energetic creature like me.




As referenced, a brand new work I found great ideas in…


And as referenced, my meditation from Jesus about running energy:

Deeply Awake ESSAY: Sexual Identity And Spiritual Identity By Kathy Vik 11-20-16


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It’s trilogy Sunday!
Here is a raw, honest and rather autobiographical discussion of female and male, gay and straight, and how sexuality and spirituality are directly related, and are the matters at hand at this time for us as a people, as we clarify what being human we might actually mean.





And, just for fun…



Deeply Awake Essay: The First Day When All Bets Are Off By Kathy Vik 11-9-16

A fascinating discussion about politics in America. I then discuss bisexuality, homosexuality, and sexual healing as it relates to politics, both personally and as a nation. So much more is also included… Enjoy.
An important essay, one I will be listening to again…




As referenced. This is NOT fear porn. This is an important document about the power base we all know exists, but has not been languaged, until this doc.

Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Saying No Within Duality By Kathy Vik 10-24-16

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I reposted a sassy piece this afternoon on giving-a-fuck versus not-giving-a-fuck, indicating I would be publishing later discussing the giving of the fucks. What follows is surprising, but also surprisingly satisfying, though new in some of its theses.

A short essay intro, then a long channel that focusing mainly on the ideas of yes and no, and then beautifully explains duality, and helps us to get more comfortable with discernment, power and self definition. They then discuss the male/female agreements and why saying no is kind of a big deal, and how to be ok with the saying of the no’s. The channel ends at 28:13, and I talk about complaining, the saying of no, and then heartfelt word of thanks from me about all the love I have known and know now.


Deeply Awake ESSAY: An Open Discussion About Sexuality And Intentional Orgasm By Kathy Vik 10-22-16

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A really open and frank discussion about how I personally am dialed into my sexuality, a Pleadian hypothesis about intimate relationships, as well as a walk-through of an Intentional Orgasm Experience, of which I will be partaking tonight!!!