Deeply Awake — Esoterics And The Closing Of The Age By Kathy Vik 1-13-19

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This is information I don’t discuss often, because of the current misunderstandings about gender role agreements, and the conscousness agreements they’ve created; and their daily evolution..

It’s important to mention that the discussion I have about the last magnetic, or consciousness, agreement was one that was for an age of humanity. Because reality is fracal, the magnetic positioning of the chakras effected all of us, it was the set-up. However, the magnetics were altered to allow all humanity to have all chakras at 100%, using the 7 chakra wheel maodel. As a result, there have been massive changes in the societal landscape. These changes were made in April, 2016.

I am certain I am not alone in the fine tuning. I am certain these energetic changes are as real as my fingertips, and as subtle as a melody. These new, coherent and satisfying thoughts hold together and serve as a shared but quietly held reality, and feeds into others, all of us holding awarenesses which only make sense, now that the air is sweeter and our vision is clearer.

I talk about many things, and I think the recording is calming, so I hope that is also your experience. It is expressly for my remote fans, those who are interested in this stuff, in lands and realities far afield from my own. We are together, in brand new ways, all the time now, so why not give a shout out, and a thank you.

Your presence in my life the last 7 years has been a blessing I can’t begin to express my gratitude and honor for. I am also in heartfelt thankfulness for everyone I have been involved with, in the physical, day to day, through the years. I was a lot to take in, a lot to understand, and a lot to soothe, quite often.

This is a video of my hard-core fans, those who enjoy fringe-y topics, and are eager to learn of my recent integrations and understandings.

Earth’s Precessional Cycle: The Sacred Geometry of Global Change — Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The Time of Global Change is at Hand. What is the end of the World for some is a New World for those who realize it is. To surrender logistical mind into galactic awareness is to surrender fear into Love. What was, shall no longer be. What was not, can now become.

Will We Apply Ourselves Differently To A Recurring Situation?

I think it is time for us to remember what Amerika did to the Rosenbergs. I’m NOT suggesting the same be done to Trump, not at all.

I am suggesting it’s appropriate to honor this couple’s state executions by taking Trump’s treason seriously.

293 Alba Weinman – An Anchor for the Consciousness of Earth

Upon listening, people often feel deep healing, though they’re not on Alba’s couch. It’s one’s soul which prompts a listen…

Listening today at work, I was stunned, yet again, with this modality. The parallels in my own process are so uncanny. These recordings are a golden opportunity for growth, confirmation and peace, for starseeds worldwide.

This subject, when deepest, discusses ascension, her role, all of it.

I love that this journey has so much homecoming and relief as central features. I felt both in abundance.

Thank you, Alba Weinman and her client’s beautiful soul.