About Deeply Awake



This video is the last one I did “as” Deeply Awake, and stands as a guide to anyone new to the work, or indeed for those who have been immersed, and would like a bird’s eye view of what we’ve actually been up to since 2012.


I encourage you to watch this prior to diving in, because it might assist you in knowing what you are diving into, and how to do it for maximum benefit.

Please note that within the work, I have clearly labeled whether something was a CHANNEL for not. I considered that to be separate energy, and labelled it accordingly, for easy access while scrolling or googling.

It is true that during the height of activation, from April to August of 2016, many of my longer talks were a blend, but I normally, then, labeled such an offering a “Blended” piece. A few I didn’t and that’s always kind of a fun surprise, actually.

I hope this video finds you excited and ready, observant and alert, open and willing. What I offer is quite a ride, my own flavor of ascension, something a lot of people are going through currently.

Namaste, friend.



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