The video below is very recent, a product of eleven months of intensive spiritual work, which has been captured on video for all, free of charge, on YouTube. It is a good video to watch in order to get a feel for what things are now like for me, during a significant time of integration, celebration and profound love of Self and of God, terms which are not interchangeable, but words which imply these two are closest of intimates.



I offer you a large library of spiritual essays which may assist you when you feel you need support, a new way of seeing things, some guidance, or just some peace, written by a tired old soul on the home stretch. No charge, ever, for these works of art. My complete library, since 2012, can be accessed at http://www.lightworkers.org/magartha, and years 2014 through present are available here, in order of their publication. I will work, now, at transferring over my work to this site, bit by bit…

Further, there is a comprehensive free video library available for those who thirst for high physics, channeled esoterics, and videotaped evidence of astounding and real physical and soul changes, known as “ascension,” as they were happening. Not for those simply curious, but for the hard core among us. We no longer stand alone, apart but together. WE are now awakening, and need some more info. Available here as they were published, or at https://www.youtube.com/user/amissvik, if you want to mainline the freaky deaky stuff.

Thirdly, I wish to assist people one-to-one in having answered questions which may have plagued them a lifetime, or those, perhaps, which are only now being asked, about what this all might be about, and how to feel better about you LIFE NOW, here and now.

You may contact me for personal, confidential and profound one to one attention, available to you with an exchange of energy, after which the work, the fun and the magic begins! Leave me a message on this site, or email me at amissvik@gmail.com,

It is possible to live in peace and profound joy, and to know healing from within, guided and encouraged by your own team of guides. Let this individual work begin in great joy and responsibility.

You are loved, more than you know, loved one, more than you know….

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