About Deeply Awake



Since 2012, I have been actively reporting on a consciousness shift I was experiencing. Once the change came, I found new delights, because I found that finally, I once again had company. It was a grand explosion of excitement and readiness, in 2012, and I was so delighted to finally have company, all of us sharing a new reality with one another.

The next six years were, in turns, harrowing, leveling, intense, ecstatic, profound, psychedelic, and, meaningful. Looking back, I am finally aware of how much ground I’ve covered, and remain so proud that I took the risk to share this with strangers, with you, my audience.

I recommend some reading, and some viewing, if you have a call to investigate my work. In the essay called “How To Use Deeply Awake As  Personalized Guide Through Ascension” viewers are given a simple and illuminating glimpse into my work and how to use it, including which medium helps what symptoms. I lay out what this is all about, at its core, and what lies ahead for those with an interest.



There are many companion pieces I could include here, but will sum up all of it with three others video works, below.

Please note, there are four years of sometimes daily essay writing to access, too. But I think that these images help viewers see a soul undergoing massive realizations and integrations, smiling out into that camera, needing to share, happy, and relieved to be giving it away.

My recommendation for accessing the video work, as an introduction, must include “The Gift Of Full Awareness.” It has a companion piece, written much later, entitled “What Happens When Resistance Becomes Self-Aware?”
All videos are on youtube free of charge, and some have been transcribed for you.
Here is a big reveal:
Leap-frogging forward, I then would suggest listening to a piece which is accompanied by a profound and surprising, and healing, channel, entitled, “Ancient Origins Of Peace Passing All Understanding.”
And then, for those in the crowd like me, who like to have the punchline before the joke, my latest piece, entitled “New Information on THE EVENT AND ASCENSION,” which sums it all up and gives away the plot. 
I continue to post up to the minute information, goofy stuff, songs, and essays, as time passes and my awareness tickles me to share this or that. I hope, as always, my offerings find you well, happy, and at peace. 
I reviewed my word count today, and it turns out I have, in written form, over a million words, which is roughly reduced to a twenty books. This word count doesn’t even reflect the mountain of work, and cold-hard evidence contained within my videos. Clearly, the right person is going to have a blast editing these works.
I smile now, realizing Deeply Awake is no longer an individual entity, spinning alone out there on the internet glittering, ready to soothe, awaken, challenge and enliven any who encounter it. None of us are alone anymore, and you will come to know, as do I, that we never really were. It was just a trick of the light, an agreement, a required stage in evolution, a passing age.
Every ending is written into its beginning. Deeply Awake is now a complete work. It began March 23, 2012 with a piece entitled “Judas Energy,” and the work proper concludes with “Enemy Mine,” delivered May 19, 2018.
Please take what you like, and leave the rest. It is given freely and with great enthusiasm to my family of humanity in utter humility, gratitude, awe, and the peace which passes all understanding.



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