Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) — Alan Parsons Project

It’s Valentine’s today. This is my love song.

It’s not about a man or a woman. It doesn’t celebrate a great love affair, a soulmate, a twin flame. These are each wonderful, transformative experiences, to be sure, and worthy of great tunage.

But, honestly, human love isn’t exactly why I came here. Not exactly.

I was once asked, in my twenties, for a song that explained me. I chose this one. I’ll be 58 in 9 days, and it’s still the best explanation I have.

I share it because on this day of mass-produced romantic anxiety and transactional “love,” I wanted to be reminded of purpose, of quest, of living within mystery.

I still dream I might one day find a reason to say no. I shrug. For now, Valentine’s Day is still just another day, just another number.