Transit Talk – Pluto Goes Retrograde (Resurrection of the Initiated)

This video is from a year ago, and completely relevant now. I’m taking some time here to discuss a hidden thing that this video revealed. The information is so accurate for my journey, these last months, that I’m sitting here stunned, nearly speechless…

A year ago at this time, I was given a very clear directive, at my bedside one evening, and knew that before me was simple surrender. I was told I was to undergo a process, but more, it was a mission. I understood and accepted that everything to come was in service to this process, until told otherwise.

Although the guidance was entirely from within, the interplay with my daily reality was undeniable, and the most challenging yet, for all involved. Dutifully, I complied with my directives as I received them, though I often didn’t understand what was happening, nevermind the “why.” Still, I obeyed. I listened, and did as I was told by my soul.

Last year, when I got the announcement of this next phase, (what they referred to as my “final dissolution”) it was just a couple weeks before major surgery. I was getting my hip replaced, curing the debilitation and chronic suffering I’d known since 2014.

I have since recovered physically, and those who knew me then appreciate the vast improvements and fundamental alterations this long process has created. What onlookers may not appreciate is that this “huge change” is made up of millions of smaller ones. Big or small, my choices have been, are, and will forevermore be made from a bigger place within me, this core of mine, my soul.

I conduct my affairs this way not because it’s allowed. Frequently it is not. I accept the prompts from my “higher angels” because to do so is as intentional as it is necessary, and on time.

I think it’s cute that, in my narrative, surgery wound up being part of the whole process. Intuitively, I was told the malady and its reversal were built-in to the story, so that those without eyes, and the blind one within me, could go on trusting in conventional healing, in allopathy, rather than in divine assistance, spiritual transmutation, or magic.

I see my illness and its surgical correction as a spiritual device, largely for the benefit of others, and the skeptic within me. Anyway, I like that my healing came at the hands of my former colleagues, and that my care was only afforded me once I was destitute, a beggar, on Medicaid, with my pride, my stature, my strength all at their lowest. How plutonic can you get?!

Although this dissolution influence is still active, I feel the January 2019 eclipses helped complete much, in many old souls’ akashes. This dissolving energy is, for many of us at this point, a handy tool, an angelic gift, and a celestial force with trigger points within the collective, within each human.

We have all experienced this energy, and yet, in this last year, there were some who knew how to work with it, and then DID.

What was this last year like for you, and what is changed for you? Like you, I didn’t talk much about it, I just got on with it it, this revered and holy work, in this deeply confounding and altering year.

This powerful and life-altering plutonic influence is one of our birthrights, and it’s something we’ve been getting used to.

But there is a brand new influence here in this planet, now. Can’t you feel it? Don’t you have your own evidence that something otherwordly is at play?

The truth is, everyone is influenced by it, because these changes are DNA-based. There are actual cosmic gifts of the highest order we are bombarded with daily, now.

Even if not acknowledged or tried on, everyone receives this energy if they’re here on earth, now. No one is untouched by this divine care anymore.

Surely your own walk proves that to you, if you examine recent life without cynicism or fatigue.

On this planet, there is a growing knowledge in the populace that right here, right now, something magical, powerful, and undeniable is at work.

Even those completely convinced of life’s crushing ordinariness are moved by it.

I’m just going to take a moment out, to celebrate what I just wrote. Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to say this? I smile… If you’ve been reading along, of course you do.

What’s important to remember now is this:

We are on Soul Time, not Linear Time, not No-Time, but Soul Time, now. As such, novices feel frequent, real relief from an unnamable pressure, while adepts are experiencing bilocation, instant manifestation, telekinesis, state-of-the-art psychic communication and so many other gifts previously reserved for the few.

So my guess is you’ve had some or all of the following, in the last few weeks:

You have witnessed or created “miracles,”

You’ve been aware of thoughts, goals, desires and viable, impossible futures that shimmer, flicker, delight and confirm your worth,

You’re impossibly connecting with or thinking on unlikely people who leave you rocked, in a good way,

You’re less and less able to stay interested in misery,

You’re attracting a whole new level of human being,

Your conversations have gotten spiritual or galactic without your intention,

Your communication is touched with a weird vibe, with people are telling you that you’re answering their hearts, anticipating their questions, and obviously have access to stuff they’re not saying,

You notice you’re capable of solving formerly unsolvable problems, and then DO solve them,

You shouldn’t be calm & happy but most definitely are,

You somehow know the worst is over, despite appearances…..

Welcome home! You are flowering, grasshopper. And, crazily enough, the sparkly ones are finally being welcomed to tables long denied us.

Pluto has had its way with us, climaxing with the January eclipse season. We are coming to. We are awakening. It happens one by one. It is deeply personal, this passage, and paradoxically leads to living within quantum entanglement.

I’m here to tell you, it’s ON now. What we waited for, and what we took shit for knowing was coming, is finally here.

You do notice, don’t you, that what you’ve got, they finally want?

The door for today’s mind-bending, soul revealing reality was opened last year, and this is wonderfully described by this fine fellow, The Peace Dealer, in his superb video, The Resurrection of the Initiated. Oh my, oh my, isn’t that the truth?!

I daily feel as if I’m back from the dead, y’all.

And, to end, I happily report that today was the first time this lifetime that I woke up, and stayed conscious. This is its own miracle. I’ve prayed for it every day of my life. And, today it’s finally happened.

I hope you’re feeling it too. If you are, you’re noticing you are laughing a lot more these days, and that your quiet, private moments are punctuated with sighs of contentment, cries of surprise, and the blessed, hushed silence that accompanies witnessing god revealing itself in matter, in your daily life, in your loved ones, the strangers you encounter, in your behavior, in your imaginings, and in your mirror.

Enjoy, gang.