Michael Clayton

This is my all time favorite movie, one I return to from time to time. While I’m the first to admit it’s a joy to sometimes bob in the sensory ocean of a well crafted tale, I see this as much more than that. It is a marvel from a storyteller’s point of view, engaging for a casual viewer, and the finest example I know  of a rewarding, taxing, intense and deeply satisfying soul fable for spiritual warriors.

It is a stunner.

I find myself feeling complete, symmetrical, vindicated, understood, strengthened, and weirdly seen, or acknowledged, watching it, each and every time. I owe this to the way in which the story is presented, just tricky enough to allow the audience to feel partnered in the unfolding of something sinister, but oddly, fear isn’t the elicited emotion, but rather a sense of personally witnessing spiritual transformations. Unlike many films, this one deepens and ripens as it ages.

It’s twisty, dark, moody, cerebral, with a coherence running through it, a thread of decency, of golden character, within a world of inverse morality.

There is an almost supernatural aura in this film, which richly mines the themes of purpose, integrity, death, madness, interconnectedness, self-undoing, incredulity, fear, loss, grace, deception, redemption, and unrelenting lethality, clothed in business wear, behaving civilly.

It is a Plutonic tale, and I love it.

Time, character and plot are all expertly manipulated, so watching the movie whole is advised, to fully appreciate its mastery, but watching these clips in order gives you an outline of the work.

It is beautifully written, scored, cast, filmed and acted.

Opening scene —


“I am Shiva, the god of death” scene —


“We’ve been summoned” scene —

“Hit and run” scene —

“We’ll pipe it into your kitchen sink” scene —

“Go with God” scene —


“Assassination/Tracking shot” scene —

*this scene is done in one take, and was rehearsed repeatedly prior to filming, as it had been choreographed*

“Michael’s words to his young son” scene —


“Michael’s turn” scene —

“You really are lost, aren’t you” scene —

Final scene —

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