Terence McKenna – Trust Yourself

Terence McKenna was a prophet, a shaman (though he claimed otherwise), and one of the Golden Age’s midwives.

It’s vital to remember that, in this new energy, people are having spontaneous experiences which are what could best be described as endogenous DMT experiences, altering their reality not only in the immediate, often mystical experience, but forever afterward. That’s what all the fuss is about, in “opening up the third eye,” also known as pineal gland activation.

Therefore, the tool that used to be, and still often is, necessary for awakening, psychedelics, is now more readily available to those who want it, within their own biochemistry.

I’m pro -psychedelics, which sets me apart from many in the “new age” community. Hallucinogens are a valid tool, and are judged most harshly by those without familiarity withthat which they condemn.

So, listening to a tape such as this can open doors to new possibilities and answers, without that personal experience. What strikes me about his work is how congruent it is with much that’s happening in the light tribe. We’re coming to conclusions Mr. McKenna was told while conversing with the mushroom kingdom.

Somehow, it’s all related, and it has everything to do with our global spiritual awakening, this grand ascension process.

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