Democrat Jared Polis Wins Colorado Governor Race: First Openly Gay Person Elected Governor – Vox

First, I celebrated this news with my son. Now, I’m sharing it with you.

I told him first that when I was a year younger than he is now, Harvey Milk was murdered by a conservative politician-peer. Tonight, forty years later, Sam’s fellow Coloradans just elected the first openly gay person as governor.

Sam hugged me as I squeezed out tears of pride and relief. I’m glad he has this as his reality. It’s better than where we came from.

Governor-elect Polis, and all of us, are strengthened by the struggles of those who’ve gone before. It’s good to reflect upon such things, on a night such as this.

The nation has been ravaged by religious zealotry, racial hatred, and financial disempowerment. I’m praying that these elections demonstrate the new growth shooting up from the wreckage our bizarre elected pirates have thrown to us.