Trialogue #8: Light & Vision (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]

Pure poetry. I shiver as I listen, the same experience I had way back in 1983, when I began to read Mr. Sheldrake’s first book, “A New Science Of Life.” I started the book and devoured it as I rode on a Minneapolis public bus, through rush hour, into the night, back and forth.

My mind cleared, clears. I can focus, finally, as they talk, as I read those words, all those years ago. My experience now allows new connections to all I’ve learned and done with this “new” consciousness. I encounter fresh, coherent thinking, theories so eerily entangled, symbiotically and cooperatively sharing and expanding the sciences and the self simultaneously. I see this happening with many of the new sciences. They don’t compete, and each befit from the collaboration.

When I encounter this coherence, my consciousness, my being, sends out a tone of sorts. Maybe because there’s an innate or Akashic resonance. It’s a big ping, that’s for sure. My being begins to dance with these new thoughts, joyous, stretching, lengthening and strengthening.

It’s a physical sensation, coming across thinkers of this caliber, and it has lasting, calming effects on me, hearing such cogent, beautiful thinking.

In our times, there are many such thinkers, revolutionaries, rebels, specialists and generalists all. Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Todd Ovekitys, Lee Carroll, Enrique Bouron, Dr. Emoto, Jane Roberts, Nassim Haramein, Delores Cannon, Drunvulo Melchizedek, and so many geniuses world-wide, well known to many but yet undiscovered by me, and so many creative scientists and free souls, creating a new science, a new reality, internally, and in their daily lives. The internal landscape is of revolutionary new thought, new ideas, all complementing, echoing, confirming and enhancing the others, as the old reality comes to its logical conclusion. A new science, a new consciousness, has been in the works for decades, and is coming to frutition, birthed by new thought.

I love what one of them says about these times of evolutionary consciousness/mind (I’m paraphrasing): although a spontaneous event of unusual, unpredictable magnitude could occur in this time in history, in the meantime, it behooves is to describe what we understand, and move the society forward by any peaceful means possible.

McKenna and Sheldrake have a palpable effect on me, it’s a total body thing, I feel real in a heightened way, I feel safe and at home here, no longer alien, no longer alone. It’s obviously a profound experience for me, maybe because my intellectual self is highly closeted in day to day life. It doesn’t go over, talking like this in my day labor job, or even at home, at least not often. You just look crazy, unless you’re in a pack, or teaching a class, or can crack a good joke. So, I get to let my horses run free during my research, safely schooled by great minds.

Maybe you’re not a science nerd like me, but these fellows allow you to feel reasonable, calm and rational, (because they are) as they deftly, creatively and good-naturedly bump into and at times break outright, very cherished paradigms. If a listener is open, willing to be playful, able to be listen without argument, in trust, not releasing your reality, but experiencing theirs as yours, sitting in the audience, there on purpose, then it’s a feast like none other. A dictionary and a notepad gets you extra points. I’m not that fancy. I learn by context and repetition. It’s lazy. I know.

Abraham adds the bass notes, to these discussions, and often surprises. Each are incredible, daring, light thinkers, and together, it’s an intellectual alchemy that, if you’ve not tried it, you might want to.

I’m interested in the behavioral and psycho-social expression of agreement or consciousness or behavioral fields, (harmonics of and from individual morphogenic fields), manifestations of various consciousness or agreement fields in the human body and psyche, as well as how frequency, plasmics and magnetics play into Sheldrake’s theories. My work leads me many places, but I consider Sheldrake’s work the closest to what I know is correct about physical reality. Mr. Sheldrake’s work helps me with mine, and maybe listening to it can help you with yours.

I’m forever grateful for YouTube, for the internet, and for our ongoing revolutionary evolution.

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