True Hallucinations (Audio Book by Terence McKenna) Original

Taking a seat and listening to Terence tell his awakening story has done so much for my head and heart, I wanted to pass it on.

I think what they did in the Amazon in 1971 was seminal, ground breaking, and has helped us all. His continued, inspired and “radical” work leaves us with so much to ponder and apply to our own lives.

I urge my fellow psychonauts, freaks and seekers to let this play, and to take it in.

My hallucinogenic realities were usually brought on spontaneously. I’ve never taken DMT, Ayahuasca or psylocibin, and yet, my understandings and travels are quite similar, and others have told me that what I’ve described mimics Ayahuasca trips. I’m convinced, since DMT is endogenous, we can and will encounter these states in our living rooms, unaided by plants. But, these sacred plants start the process in many. Maybe in all of us.

All rivers lead to the ocean, all refugees finally come home.

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