Deeply Awake: “Home, A Description of Ascension” and “A Special Graduation” By Kathy Vik

Lately, I’ve been consolidating, which is pleasant and surprising. I’ve always known that this event in May of 2012 holds keys for me, so I sometimes return, to walk through it once again, in an effort to understand and then apply this understanding to my daily life, as it is in this moment, now.

I know it might seem screwy to have such an event happen and still not be able to fully own it, but that’s what this has been about, it seems: translating impossibilities into every day life, as every day life.

It’s actually taken six years to begin to appreciate as daily-life relevant what occurred to me while playing penny slots, and then writing about it in a casino parking lot.

Six years of daily soul work just to fully own what happened to me on a lazy afternoon!

Before and after this precious day’s events, I have had impossible things happen.

I documented all of it. That is one of the main purposes behind Deeply Awake, chronicling the bizarre, the light shows, the perfection underpinning all the human drama I’ve known.

My life, my personality structure, and this slow-mo awakening, can be rightly described as otherworldly and weird, disruptive and miraculous. It’s a lot to take in.

In moments of stillness, of wonder and awe, even now sometimes, I’m drawn back to that temperate spring day in ’12, and I leave edified, refreshed and ready for more.

I’ve republished these essays through the years. Why?

The content, of course, is unchanged, but I appreciate now that the viewer changes over time, and as such, as this evolution continues, the content symbolized into words, thoughtforms, paragraphs, is revealed further. Nuances once hidden are plain, over time.

This is why I offer these again, to provide hope, inspiration, description and evidence of a new light on this planet, within our beings, ever brightening.

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