America Is A Fucking Insane Asylum.

Susan Collins confirms support for Kavanaugh ahead of final floor vote while the Chicago Police Union takes a dump on 12 citizen jurors…….


If Brett Kavanaugh makes it through, women’s anger will be unstoppable

I saw and felt this in meditation yesterday, a nation of survivors short-circuiting from the truth of it: this shit isn’t going to change, because THEY DON’T WANT IT TO.

The anguish currently circulating is palpable. The sea of emotions unleashed after being made low while vulnerable, this time by Republican men and women, will not drown us. It’s carrying us to safety.

I know I’m mixing metaphors here, but I say to every deluded, abusive, sadistic and self-satisfied lawmaker, just keep hitting that hornet’s nest, boys. Just keep at it.

There’s nothing like what is coming next.

And I can’t wait.