The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun: Secrets and Beyond

A kind reader, Linn, asked about the video I recently posted of a researcher’s lecture on the pyramids’ energetic nature, the video of which has gone missing on YouTube. I have decided this one is a good offering for those still wanting more information on the Bosnian pyramids.

I notice great resistance, an angry arrogance, that has springs up in some, when this pyramid is discussed. There is more disinformation about it now than before. I find that fascinating.

As you watch, let your body tell you if the images you see, narrated by the site’s midwife, are a trick, or a truth. Just settle into your body, take a look, and explore. I’m certain you’ll see, it’s as simple as this: we do not know everything, quite yet, but we’re quick studies when we’re willing to be surprised.

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