Mike Pence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Perhaps dismally timed, since the network news cranks up for the week in an hour. But, I find a solace and strength once I truly get just how fucked I am or, collectively, we seem, at present, prior to the next week’s atrocities, betrayals, reveals and lies. Knowing, really knowing, your enemy is shocking, sometimes terrifying, always heartbreaking, but oddly enough, one of the very best things in the world. It banishes fear, clears the brain and provides a reason to keep going, in realistic optimism, for the highest good of all involved.

It’s my contention our interim president is going to be kinda far down the phone tree.

In the end, the vile words and deeds of these hateful, unlawful politicians have made, and are making the whole group of them, and their creepy, violent and corrupt systems, OBSOLETE.

This is indeed the Superbowl, lightworkers. Tend to your bodies, maintain your sense of humor (aka high consciousness), and do as your soul tells you. Nature, meditation, dance, laughter, insights, quiet time, thinking higher and pleasant, firm “no, thanks” help too. (Reminders are for me, too!)

And hey, keep it up, psychos, every gross thing you’ve done, every dark intention is and will be coming to light… Enjoy that.

And don’t ever stop being you, John Oliver.

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