Reprint: DEEPLY AWAKE – CHANNELED MESSAGE 6-28-13 Through Kathy Vik

I am of the sun, for the sun, by the sun, and all is known, and if I am this, and you are here with me, then you must know this by now, you are also that which you observe.

This is but an exercise in reflectivity.
This is a solar event as much as it is an event which is known to the dirt you step on as you go about your day. That your pets are uninformed of the great shift occurring is incorrect. All know what is occurring, all.

This is what must be said to you this day: All is in divine order, and there is work afoot which you may not initially understand is yours, your work product, your reality, your divine dispensation.

We ask now that the writer go deeper, as there is much which is desired to be discussed and we wish to surprise her with some of this information. Allow her to adjust, yes.

The host now smokes but it is this division and this meld which we wish to discuss, so we will allow the smoke and encourage it as long as is necessary.

The entity is placed first in a pyramidal structure, and she asks for and receives her cats, and she is contented but then she understood something fundamental which we wish to discuss a little bit.

She understood in a grand moment that this pyramidal structure and the act of dissociating, this is actually being done, physically being done, in her apartment. The pyramidal structure is indeed one which is in her physical reality, ethereal, perhaps, but available and not part of some other world, only available while in deep thought.

This is a first, and one to be commended, as it fuses realities in a new way, one which should bring her more peace.

This is what we wish to discuss, this meld which some are experiencing.
We ask she go higher. She is still more present than not. Excuse this process.

Sol-Ar An Ra is a group of energies which is based through the sun portal to assist in the transition.

We have had many earth names and we have had no earth names. Identity is much more important in the linear mind, and we weave from this due to the still prevalent jockeying for purpose and meaning that many are experiencing, which is still run, a bit, through the personality needs which are focusing primarily on the lower levels of the electrical grid system.

We wish to explain further about DNA and the chakras.

It has been said that humanity shall go to a 12 chakra system, and to say this is a probability is true, but the greater truth is that these centers are obviously open and available now. If they are available at all, they are available in the now.

However, the biology has not been able to sustain this degree of multiplicity and multidimensionality and so there is always a burgeoning tip whose function is to break past what is into that which is yet to be.

The biology is a thought which cannot be ignored, because biology does indeed linearize you.

Yes, the body places the consciousness within space time, and then all the fun can begin.

Many know of a loneliness they find hard to describe, and most speak not of it because they are ashamed of this emptiness they feel amongst the business of their daily lives.

There is a deep call being placed by a greater source of knowledge, and it is true that melds are indeed occurring.

This is the truth of it. You are a spiritual being, and you are in a linear reality, in an effort to create that which has only been guessed at by the All In One.

That you have a true part to play is just as valid as believing that this is just another day. This is just as valid a mind set, but it is far more exclusionary than many of you prefer, and so it is.

We are here to teach you the ways of color and light, sound and depth of purpose, how these simple elements, ones long forgotten by the current alchemists, these blend and they serve up biological changes which allow these greater centers to open.

It is quite common in these days to have what is called a bleed through and we wish not so much to explain as to assist with these experiences. Once one has experienced, consciously affirmed, such an experience, then the work can proceed.

We know that you are in the time of miracles now, and that this may get a bit difficult in that manifestations are occurring with greater ease and fluidity. We ask for your patience and for you to approach this now reality with much grace and humor.

In many ways you have now learned that the gift you were handed can do far more than you had the skills for understanding, just as recently as last week, we might add, for some of you.

Is it not time to stop with comparisons, of where one is on one’s path? Can you not see that there is so much available, that to get lost in one’s own creation is the easiest thing in the world?

Do not have anything but love for those around you. You know not what they are accomplishing, and until you are clear on their meaning, their purpose, yours is to remain silent, smiling, joyful, encouraging. Do you see?

We will comment on current events, as requested, but we are unconvinced it will be well received.

This is the state of things: That some are just now waking to the indignities which have been allowed to be done to them. They are just now waking to the yoke which settled onto their backs many years ago.

Many are rejoicing in the exposure of injustice and tyranny and this, we pray, is something you engage in happily, because with each piece of evidence that it is just not business as usual anymore, and every time it appears to you that the “good guys,” “the little guy,” is “winning,” there is indeed an uptick, a swell, of hope, and this is intentional, and not to be parsed in any way.

Why would you want to talk yourself out of hope?

However, understand that with every exposure, what is released is shame, is fear, and this is what has kept things hidden to begin with.

There are some things which lend themselves to being done in the dark, you see, you do indeed remember, and all who engage in such activities, any form of stealing, any form of energetic insult, this is done with the entity knowing very very well that all energy is reckoned, and all balance is indeed struck.

Those who do things you deem as immoral or socially damaging or devious or indeed evil, they are manifestations of such things as pride, greed, and what are these but postures fear takes, when not confronted, when not laughed at as the mental gesture of imprisonment that it is?

Rejoice when you see hopeful changes, and understand that there are to be turns and twists, as it is the way with brittle ones to fight and hurt against the pain they create through their ignorance.

Do you see now that holding fear, thinking fear thoughts, when thinking on the news of the day, this will allow you to see the fall backs, the retreats, the contractions.

Best instead to acknowledge the expansions you witness in the general psyche, in the collective soul you believe you are seeing, and let it be, release it, know that you will see reactions to influxes of light, and these reactions, when violent or mean spirited, these are just adjustments, adjustments all.

We leave you now for another day of love and peace, laid out before you like a banquet. In the day there may be fatigue, surprise, news you think on as good and that which you may indeed deem as bad.

You are allowed your opinions, and never let it be said that holding an opinion is a bad thing.

Just try to make these opinions you hold err on the side of love, err on the side of brotherhood, err on the side of hope and peace and unity.

Think on these things when you see the news, know that there is much work afoot which goes unreported, because it is not to be reported as of yet.

Hold your peace, let it course through you like the river of life that it is. Know you are more than you imagine, and allow the dramas and comedies playing through your lives be those which inspire wonder and awe, gratitude and great gentleness toward your own indomitable spirit.

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