When Trump was elected, I realized that, in truth, perhaps America was sick enough, and strong enough, to survive this butcher of a surgeon.

It’s been fairly obvious that America had an infection, and, I came to peace with the brutality we were about to witness by understanding it like this:

When the body has a large abscess, the pocket of infection must be pierced, opened, and the surrounding tissue lavaged, flooded forcefully with clean water, and sometimes, the wound cannot even be closed, after such surgery.

The cavity is left open, and must heal from the inside out. Healing by second, or third, intention, it’s called.

We had such an abscess. The evidence lies in the murders of our light-filled leaders, subjugation of the common worker, the fascism we pretend is freedom.

Trump came in with a dull butter knife and has been more than happy to keep cutting, keep digging, keep opening us up.

He’s a function of our own denial, he’s an avatar for American imperialism. He is a poster-boy of the new Nazi state.

He is a friend of the masses only in that he has provoked a nation to wake up and start acting like the Americans we know we can be, if we weren’t in the personal pickle we’re in.

Funny, now, realizing that maybe we’re each healing from an infection. This could have been done so gently, with so much love, brotherhood, goodwill. But, America didn’t want Uncle Bernie.

People weren’t grown up enough yet.

The pus is being released, the wound is ragged, raw, bleeding, massive, but we, as patient, are out of the woods.

Dazed, shocked, overwhelmed, we are needing & receiving help. Once the infection has been found and pierced, notice: the life-limiting abscess is no more.

The open wound may look life-threatening, but it’s not. It’s evidence of inner strength, of a stronger body tomorrow, and of illness transforming into radiant health.

In other words, don’t let these sadistic twists ruin your day. Their time is up, and smash & grab crap ends the minute we decide enough is enough.

Tick tock.

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