Solar Storm Psyche | From Stress to Suicide — Suspicious Observers

Get a glimpse at a new science in its fetal stages.

Many lightworkers will be able to assist in these studies, as the effects of space weather (for lack of a better term) are indeed responsible for much of the biologic human evolution we are witnessing, and are indeed a part of.

Some will evolve more quickly than others. These front-runners demonstrate recovery from, and familiarity with, this disintegration process, which lead most to discomfort, and some to destruction.

It’s all just an evolutionary change, one that has been heralded, explained and demonstrated by many, and some doing this heralding have been scientists.

It’s always heartening to see “regular” science trying to grapple with things they REFUSE to acknowledge are valuable, real or possible, so, for me, listening to them is frustrating, and I get impatient.

But, as this evolutionary cycle continues, they’re gonna get more imaginative. They’re going to start understanding things more comprehensively, coherently. That’s this energy’s signature.

It is nearly the Golden Age, when Coherence will be seen as the umbrella under which all study most naturally flows. Once all is understood as entangled, miracles become understandable, magic becomes high art, and the skies are no longer menacing, but home .

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