Deeply Awake CHANNEL: The Proof Needed By Kathy Vik

Boom. I watched this on a whim this morning. I’m stunned. I’m so blessed, so weird, so sincere about all this. Oh my. This is one of the very, very first times “They” (The Teachers) had spoken. The accent was so soothing to me, but the act of channeling (especially on video, and with an accent, no less) felt somewhat superfluous, an unnecessary affectation, a split I’d not anticipated.

Two years later, the information comes to me now far more vividly, sensually, and completely, through nature, while showering, upon waking, when in conversation, and when in quiet contemplation. I’ve realized that as the merge has continued, the voice, the actual voice, visits me less often, but always holds an energy I don’t, at least not consciously.

I’m sharing this because this was a time that was Ground Zero for a massive upshift, and I’ve been asked to review, put things together more, and come to further understandings, with a new perspective on my journey, purpose, and trajectory.

It’s short, but powerful. Haha, yep, just like me! 😉

Namaste, and I hope you are laughing, loving, caring and GROWING today.

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