When Governments Go After Witches – The Atlantic

Let’s not pretend that scared people are not potentially homicidal, dangerous people.

It’s scared people who do not understand simple things, such as “live and let live.”

Tribalism turns deadly from time to time. Any light-worker knows that. We know about spiritual hostilities.

I’ve considered some of the bizarre, hateful comments made in response to my most recent videos. The main message is “Ow, you’ve upset the Natural Order Within!”, with a smattering of “Witch! Witch! Let’s burn her!”

I’m glad my message has been & will always be one of “Hey, this is my thing, thanks for coming along for a weird ride,” rather than an authoritarian message of “You must comply, and do as I do.”

Who has the energy for that?!

So, whatever. If I’d been planted in Saudi Arabia, I wouldn’t have lasted long. I’m glad that, though America is screwed, they don’t prosecute shamans.

At least there’s that.


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