The Evolutionary Path of Consciousness Disc 2 – Ashayana Deanne

This information is so unusual. She speaks, and her words in the physical sort of surprise my physicality, and yet, my soul mind is smiling, relieved to finally be exposed to these long hidden (to my physicality) triggers, these gifts from home.

For me, listening to A’Shayana Deane is much like it was for me to sit in front of The Teachers. My experience was, of course, far more conversational, personal, but the info, oh honey, it’s just the upgrade I needed. Delivered on time, in all love, and with utter respect and trust in my consciousness to assimilate it well.

This is a very special day to me. I am glad to be starting it out in health, happiness, and harmony of body, mind, emotions, soul.

Be well, and please, fear not, and be of good cheer. We are so loved, so protected, and so honored, by those supporting us on “the other side” so to speak. They are here, with us, among us, as us, now. We’re golden.

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