Strange Trumpet sounds from the sky caught on live TV, Volume 20 (!)

I’m happy to learn there is now a library of these events. They are as activating and thrilling and laugh out loud awesome as crop circles are, to me. Each sound, each pattern, certainly stirs something.

Who here sometimes watches tsumani videos, or really enjoys the tide within while watching the last frames of certain movies, like Knowing?” The same sort of feel runs through some of these seemingly disparate phenomena.

Curious times are these.

These weird “sounds from the skies” videos started to be prevalent in 2012, in my reality. Some footage contains the sound I hear sometimes, in dreams, in visions, and when I’ve posted certain work. A “clarion call” is what They’ve always nicknamed it.

Clarion Call.

And here’s what I got, when I googled that phrase, just now.

Curiouser and curiouser indeed.

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