Phil Schneider 🎤 Lecture Dulce ET Underground UFO Base Secret Grey Alien Agenda 👽 Nightmare Hall

Dulce may seem like a sleepy little desert town, but I found the energy was palpable for miles before we got there in 2012, and, I found it intolerable, once in the area proper. I’d planned on lunch there, while passing through with my son. We kept driving.

For lightworkers, this is a lot to process, and can feed paranoia and fear, but I’m not posting to feed that monster. I’m posting because it’s our, my, job to come to neutralize this, thru understanding, clarity, and divine love.

If you’re called down the rabbit hole, take breaks, remember the light, and never lose sight of the plan here.

Some are called to investigate, and to those I am smiling and waving. It’s vital that some integrate this information, and that begins by listening to brave ones explaining their experiences. Mind your mind, as you travel, and remember, you don’t travel down the rabbit hole alone. Ever.

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