Our New Earth Gushes Red Light, And Now Runs With BLUE LIGHT.

Heavens to Betsy, this is such a meaningful, astounding, lyrical moment.

This is the old heart of LEMURIA, the highest place in the land. Unlanguagable ,the sacredness of what took place, long long ago.  It’s the peak of an almost unimaginably tall mountain, and meant much to many during a very sacred time in our human history, long forgotten, but related through Kryon/Lee Carroll, and others.

Before the floods, long ago, it was a special home to many awakened, and Now, awakening souls.  For many, this is a big wake up call, way down deep, in the bones, the heart, the DNA.

And Now, here she is, Mama Gaia, giving birth once again, demonstrating her wisdom and strength and unknowability…

It’s the blue light that got me, though. It’s been white for me, with a little purple and gold at times, but iridescent white, that’s visited me. But Just here lately, the last two weeks, my research leads me to people talking about blue creation light, with the white.

Oh boy. This is getting good.

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