Project Camelot interviews A’shayana Deane – ASCENSION MECHANICS Part One

What a joy and a relief to discover this leader.

Since 2012, I’ve thought and written, I what I need is a map of consciousness… I very quickly realized, in the first months of quickening, that I was traveling in multiple energetic realities, and they were distinct and recognizable.

I learned how to jump them and play in them, but not how to willingly move into them at first. With practice I discovered my inner landscape, which expanded exponentially in 2016.

Since early March, I’ve been on a very steep learning curve, like the graduate classes that tie everything together. And now, believe it or not, disclosure is activating, and permission is granted to discuss this stuff far more openly and assertively.

Now is the time. If you are dialed in to the ascension path, may I introduce one of our esteemed representatives, A’Shayana Deane.

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