Deeply Awake: Shadow Work Under The Big Top By Kathy Vik 5-17-18


**For a satisfying and congruent sensory experience, I suggest listening to and inhabiting this song by Johnny Cash, before accessing my video. It is so well done: for those who can crawl inside a song, the views within are monumental, and evoke many of the feeling states which I neutralize in my work.

It’s a good way to set the stage for what I discuss in this beautiful and seminal work on shadow, death, light and love.



Then, I suggest a palate cleanse, with 4 Non Blondes. Let’s not linger in the dark, after all.

Then, plug me in and let me take you away.



This is a deep, surprising, and poetic look at what shadow work really is, and the mindset, or heart-space that is conducive to its resolution.

I offer techniques, I discuss energetic management and reality construction, but this is really mostly a soul talk.

As a former psych and hospice RN, I was a life-long death walker and shadow worker. I had, physical and non-physical experiences with malevolence and cruelty. I held witness for it, and did my best to bring it peace.

I fully acknowledge I contain that cruelty and darkness within, its capacity, at least. And as a lightworker, I have knowledge of ascension, harmonics, energy, and healing.

What is presented herein is a snapshot, after a weeks-long process of integration, about the role of shadow in our inner and outer realities.

This song is one of joy, of freedom and release, of regeneration and innate peace and pride, knowing the balance has been struck, the sweetening is inevitable, and it’s now time to start reframing, individually, culturally and globally, our thoughts and feelings, our outlook and intentions, using a newer metric of self worth, and a stronger willingness to live daily life sovereign beings.

The title of this piece comes from a parable that begins at 49:45. It summarizes the preceding work and helps to deliver more than I could in expository form.

That I am now relating complex parables off the cuff sans editing on camera is quite a milestone, for me. When beginning this work in 2012, I ALWAYS “vacated” for parables, letting a much higher wisdom run the show, and to this day, they stun me with their simplicity and complexity, beauty and symmetry.

I’m kind of floored that this came out and yet I didn’t have to officially channel to do it. My memory of the content is fuzzy, as if I have been channeling, and I remain ever grateful I have video to refer to.

This latest series is on a whole new level of communication, and I can feel the third language, the interdimensional one, bursting within my new offerings, flooding viewers, listeners and readers with vibrant creative life, and joy, and with light, all layered, interrelated, complementary, entangled, and complete.

I hope you enjoy this. I think it’s a most beautiful love letter from home.





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