This hardly EVER happens – Earth soon to be in the middle of a RARE planetary arrangement

Fascinating, fast paced and comprehensive, this helps confirm a lot of info I’m getting intuitively at present. I always like Mr Mbbb’s info, and would like to add my take, for those interested.

Whenever I encounter, think about, or see videos of this new animal behavior, I always see pictures while hearing, “The lion lies down with the lamb.”

The animals are no longer quite as afraid of us. That’s what they’re saying. They’re asking for help. They’re asking us to come together. We’ve been the most awful predators, and we’ve been disrespectful and uncaring, and yet, here are all these new friends of ours. It’s pretty amazing, actually.

They’re telling us to get ready. Spiders spinning webs in the shape of spirals, reindeer running in circles, honeybees constructing domes and spirals. It’s all on YouTube, and it’s out there, past this screen, too. Just, you know, a friendly reminder. Nature actually speaks, and it likes good listeners, and the polite, you know? It’s just courtesy, really.

Anyway, there’s a lot more, the quakes are really beautiful. I keep seeing land come up from the sea, not like with forests or anything, just, land. And other stuff. But this planetary alignment, oh my, that’s a sling shot. That’s what we’re being prepared for. It’s just a long overdue rebalancing. RE establishing balance. It’s very beautiful and nothing to fear. Transformative, yes, but come on, by now, doesn’t everybody have the memo that we’re deep into The Weird? Anybody paying attention knows something’s up. Those who don’t aren’t actually in charge of anything, so, that’s fine. It’s just harder, if you don’t understand what’s going on.

PS: everyone’s always learning. Never fault anyone their beliefs. I think that’s best.

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