How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score!

A treasure trove of astrological info, this article section focusing on all things Plutonian.

Sky Writer

©1-16-2010, revised 5/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Would you be considered a Plutonian person?  You would if Pluto, the sign Scorpio, and the 8th house are strong in your birth chart. Below is a test to give these chart features a score and then a description of what that score says about you.  While there aren’t any scientific measurements of a planet’s strength, I’ve assigned number scores to certain chart factors, based on 40 years of doing charts professionally.

(Note: you’re not alone in your curiosity.  This test is Skywriter’s most popular post of all times, with over 50,000 people taking the test as of 1/2015.  If you check out the comments, when people post their scores, it’s hard to tell if they’re bragging or complaining!)

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