Deeply Awake: CHANNEL “Ancient Origins of Peace Passing All Understanding” By Kathy Vik 5-7-18

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Transcription of verbal transmisison today, 5-7-18

Yes, we’ve been coming through again and again, especially near the water. It’s very much fun. This one {“Their” term for me} is highly obedient, and that’s nice.

We say that to be obedient to your own spirit or your own soul, well that’s a good thing and not a bad thing. And the outside world, or other people, if they do not understand about this, then they’re happy to assume the position of authority, thinking that there is no one home, and no authority within. Isn’t that funny.

And so, we would like to talk about frequency. It is true that there may be coming a time in which the importance of and sacred geometric nature of water becomes more important, but we think that this is a bit of a long way off. It is an esoteric science, and certainly, given how water is treated right now, it is clear that people do not understand this quite important substance, so.

We have said quite cheekily that geometrics create sound. Geometrics create sound. Geometrics create sound, is what we have said. Yes. And this is indeed the case, of course. And of course, from sound comes matter. This is the progression.

And so, we would like to speak about these beautiful structures in the Bosnia, they are good examples of much. And, they were waiting for their mid-wife, so to speak. Not possible to have a mid-wife woman right now, yes.

The person was finally ready.

Is it possible, do you think, that these people are incarnating back to where they belonged once, to literally birth themselves? Is that too far-fetched? We think not. But, to hold this consciousness requires a belief or knowledge of reincarnation, soul multiplicity, and one’s divine nature. And that one does have a divine purpose here.

Perhaps you are not to discover pyramids. Ok. Perhaps yours is to waken from the dream. Perhaps yours is simply to offer the sustenance of love to others. Perhaps, for you, a particular bush, or tree, or other physical fascination draws you in, so we would encourage, for those who wish to do a little bit of free-range research on the Google or on the YouTube, just for fun.

See what comes up. The algorithms, they are not so tight, you know.

If something needs to be seen, it will be seen, unless you decide, something else is more important. Unless you decide, based on a picture or on a title, “Ah, that’s bullshit.” That’s ok, that’s ok. It doesn’t mind. It remains unchanged, and in repose, at your leisure.

As you wish.

For, it is you who is sovereign of your consciousness, and your life. Not information. Not change or evolution. Surely no one “made” you push play on this tape, yeah? A conscious voluntary act of interest, delight, and discovery, we would hope.

So, when we say we wish to talk about frequency, what we wish to say is that when there is a frequency that is struck, the geometrics change. They must, because they are one in the same. Expressions of something far more.

Frequency shift.

We prefer the word amperage, of course. Because we wish to invoke spin, vortex, spiral. Very important to this work, and it must be part of the discussion. That is why we wish to say that frequency is perhaps one way of expressing the word “amperage.”

And we like amperage because, you know, if you think of amperage going through a human being, then it as enlivening thing, you know, electricity in the human being, Oh! That would make them jump! Well, ok.

We would say the amperage of the spin of the electron is commensurate to the spin of the consciousness. And, that these are influenced not only by cosmic factors but by consciousness and intent.

Intent overrides karma.

Intent is will personified.

So, kind of an important tool, don’t you think, because indeed, free will is a quantum energy.

We are giving many geometric patterns and much in the way of mathematics to this one as we are speaking to you, and this is a fine study, and one that is happening somewhat actively rather than passively. It’s beautiful because it is being personified with a star, and with a volcano. Oh! Isn’t that pretty! Alright, so.

We would say there are many ways to get to ancient knowledge and you may do this by climbing a mountain and picking at it with a pick and saying “Voila! I have found a mountain which is man-made and quite beautiful. I claim it as mine, to give to humanity now. Yay!” Sure, you can do it that way. You can learn about herbs, as we said. You can put on plays. You can find many ways to be of service and express. This is true.

We ask that when you spend your day, that you do it in concert with your will. That would be a good thing. If you are not in concert with your will, with what you want, with what you know to be true, with your intention, if you are arguing with your own intention, then that is a place of madness, is it not? And discontinuity, we would say. A fracture point. Yes.

And so, there are many ways to go, and many ways to elevate one’s reality and to evolve. This is true. And what we would say to those who are watching is to be open. Listen for random words, what you would say are random words, words that make no sense. Things like that, ok that’s one way.

Or, you are speaking to a stranger, and they tell you something, and it sticks with you, but you don’t do anything about it, and then something else happens, and then something else happens, and they are all tied together. You see that it is something that’s in your reality right now, so it might be good to look into it. Who knows what this might be?

You have been given a quest. See how that works? Yes. A quest.

And if your daily life and routine, oh, if that’s gotten big and “duty, duty,” or “this must,” or very linear, well then, it’s not time to do this other stuff.

They are not entirely mutually exclusive, though. And this is how we wish to close.

To synthesize this outer reality where: it feels good to serve others. It feels good to be served. It feels good to give honor to others. It feels good to be honored. It feels good to hear people express. It feels good to be heard expressing. These beautiful things.

Simple things, simple things. Leading back always to a sense of safety and brotherhood. This is a very nice place to dwell, within one’s heart. And of course, it creates pain, when encountering those who do not live in this beautiful Eden.

It is what you do with this now that matters most.

How real is your Eden?

How real are the risks?

We would say that the biblical expression of the garden of Eden is entirely incorrect, yes, in that, there are certain switches to the symbolism that are not very helpful. And more, it is how the symbolism has been interpreted, and then held as truth.

If the pictures were to stand without narration, it would become quite obvious where the mistakes are. Where the intentional glitch was, and how clever that was. How clever.

But a tree, fruit, a snake, a male and a female, no shame, the admonitions

“Be fruitful and multiply.”

“Replenish the Earth,.”

Well, isn’t that funny.

What happens next is a projection of consciousness, a story that is told, and that one little rib story.


Well. That did the trick. Very symbolic of what the consciousness has been up to, but certainly not… it was a story. That was seen to be true, and it’s not.

Well, well, well, that’s a shocking revelation if you’re stuck in temporal reality, and there is nothing before you that resembles what was in the past, and the past was only what? Two, three thousand year, and we’re not all that smart, but we’re a lot smarter than we were.

Oh my. Oh my.

When taken in totality, it is very clear that the yuga theory is quite correct, and that human beings are smartening up.

The DNA devolution was intense, intensified, of course.

So, what has been accomplished is stunning. Beyond expectation. And beautiful, and you are part of it, whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you are drawn to mystical ancient sites or to the pizza parlor. We would say it would be good to be drawn to both. That’s a good thing, ok? So this is how we end.

It’s important to be able to merge this in a way that doesn’t drive anybody crazy, how about that? Would that would be good? Yes. That would be smart.

And it comes with normalizing this stuff. And at the time, you know, when you are deeply discovering something that’s brand new and revolutionary, that’s not the time to feel too normal.

When paradigms are falling, and the things that you thought were normal and expected and good and all this, change. You begin to realize, “Oh my. Perhaps my point of view was a bit shallow. Perhaps I wasn’t as mature as I am now, for whatever reason, I just don’t see it the way I used to, and I don’t think I’ll be bothered by the same things that I used to be.”

Well, it’s very important as a human being and a grown-up, to offer yourself this out.

There is a school of thought within modern psychology that after a certain age, 20 or whatever, 25, then pretty much the brain just kind of stays there, inert, and you’re done. You’re done growing. That’s it. You’ve hit your peak. Everything is downhill from there. The decay starts to set in after the thirties, because there’s no need to reproduce, so, that’s that.

Well, you know, this is a short time frame. And this was also something that happened with the DNA devolution. And with the coming online, of many of these grids…

And we thank the Kryon, and the Kryon group, for having started the ball rolling, with the Dr. Todd and the Pleiadian Tones. Oh. My god.

One day he will be known, very widely, we would say, and venerated as an elder, for what he has accomplished. What he knew to do, what he agreed to do, what he permitted to be done.

Another who incarnated understanding the trajectory, and saying, ok.

And each have their way.

But by opening up those first four, oh my. When the grids started to come online, and the Pleiadian energy started to flood, well, it’s just so clear, you can see it so clearly. It will be great fun for the historians to go back and date and place these events, and then watch the geography (geology) itself change.

This one has been observing, this one going to the Google Earth. She takes care. She is finding that the day afterward, things happen on the places that she focuses on. And so, this is not the first time she has had this experience, but it is uncanny, and it’s fun.

So, we wish for you to enjoy owning the power that you know yourself to have and to be, able to be responsible for it.

See, that’s the thing, with the higher knowledge. You don’t get it unless you know you’re ready. Unless you have had it proven, to yourself most of all. So, much initiation, yes? Much initiation.

Not, well, we end this way: Not at all, not at all accidental that in this one’s 33rd year, she’s involved in an ascension process, with The Teachers, and then travels in what she calls “the desert” for 22 year, to unite with us in her 55th. Beautiful, beautiful. Well, that’s been a couple year. It takes a while to settle in, is all we are saying.

The peace which passes all understanding comes with the perception growing. This occurs when disbelief falls. This occurs when consciousness grids lose their power.

Alright, we have said more than enough. It’s highly coded, this one. Ooh, it’s fun!

And we enjoy this trek into the nether regions of the ancientness, and you know, of course, when you get involved in a study such as this, or any other study, you begin to realize how dwarfed you are, among powerhouses of intention.

And this is the fun part, to discover individuals far more passionate in a subject than they could have known to be, and learning from this passion, and catching it, at times. It’s quite contagious. Peace-inducing too.

OK, alright, well, we leave the story mid-sentence. We will pick it up later

It is alright to be in the void. We are giving her pictures now, and she understands, so, you know, it’s just a timing thing, and it’s a good thing.

We are well pleased with where humanity is poised, and we ask you to not fear, about this next part.

There is no stopping this light. There is no stopping it. And they know that.

So, better to contain the madness. But you cannot contain what you cannot identify.

So, consciousness shift first.

And it’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening.

Alright, that’s all we have to say for now. We are very happy to have been here.




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