Beyond the Triple Helix – Equinox Golden Gateway – March 20th 2018



I’m posting this before listening to it, so faithful and true are The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine. Oh, my, I’ve been waiting for this one!

There’s been so much hype, about a Solar event which will leave everyone humbled, speechless, and forever altered, and although I have expressed my views and thoughts on the matter, I guess I didn’t anticipate the real sense of anticipation I feel. It’s like a heartbeat that the earth itself is emitting, lately. It’s enjoyable, crisp, not anxious, not stressful, just an alertness.

I liked what Sandra Walter said, that the Solar event we’ve been anticipating IS HAPPENING NOW, and all that’s required is your active participation, and your intent, when working with the sun. She said that in solar meditation, we may see it spark, arc, change. It is happening for those who have the eyes to see, now. At least, that’s what I took away from her last message, and I felt empowered, and happily guided because of it.

It’s a notion that calms me down, thatit’s happening now, if I’m willing. and brings out back to where it all began, as I realize, some of the biggest spiritual events I’ve had have been with the sun. But it at happened within, this is where it began, with this willingness, and it will never end, now. Inside my integrated experience, within this blend of physical reality and knowledge of so much more, there’s a steady peace, at last.

That’s where Magenta Pixie comes in. Their teachings have done more for me anchoring these high esoterics into the physical than any other channeler. I know the equinox has something in mind for us. I’m excited to listen, and learn what they wish to impart to assist us at this time.

So, I’ll publish this, then put on my headphones and give The Council permission to speak directly to my soul, at this critical, beautiful celestial junction.

I hope you’re enjoying your ride, and that these missives find you happy, well, and a little in awe that you’re alive, and living consciously, during these historic times.


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