Is Donald Trump a cult leader? Expert says he “fits the stereotypical profile” –

I think this is an extremely important aspect to healing individually, and nationally, from the relentless, the bizarre, the straight-up embarrassing, and the ever-present irrationality we’ve all been subjected to.

We must begin to make healing, recovery, and honesty our national priorities. We must begin tending to those who require authoritarianism.

There’s the root of this illness we all recognize, and it needs to be quarantined and helped, not enabled and emboldened. I’m excited to see things crumble, and I’m thrilled when secrets are revealed. There’s a sense of anxiety because lies are being exposed, the truth will come out. I’m certain there’ll be skull-duggery, and things Americans aren’t used to, as things progress.

I’m thankful for the final wrecking crew’s shamelessness, their arrogance, their entitled mind-set, their lawlessness, and their open contempt for the non-privileged.

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