Deeply Awake — The Golden Dream 12-13-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — The Golden Dream 12-13-13 By Kathy Vik

This is an addendum for “The Golden Ones.”

After writing it, and then re-reading it twice, I was suddenly very sleepy, and so, Sam and I, being happy being apart, together, agreed he’d continue to do his own thing, I’d nap, and we’d meet up at 4 to do stuff.

I don’t remember specific dreams, but I had been working on something, over the last few days, and now I understand it better, so, unlike me, I am adding to a piece, clearing a forest today, I am, in two shifts, and then I’ll be done with the big thoughts for the day.

I understood upon awakening two things. One has to do with how to hold oneself toward these last changes, and one is t about how very much there is to celebrate, and so very little to whine about. Let me explain.

A few wake-ups ago, I had a thought, that DaVinci did not go around gasping at the enormity of his understanding. He went around hiding from others, doing autopsies in secret, learning, always learning, and getting a lot of crap for it, mainly form the church.

Then the thought expanded, and I realized that none of the great minds or lights we have had in our dark past, people like Mozart, Gandhi, Tesla, there have been many, obviously touched by and emanating a light others didn’t cotton to or understand was within each of us, we really don’t know a lot about their inner workings, how it felt to be who they were, thinking what they were thinking. We know of them through their work, what they were able to do, cutting through the malaise and fever thinking of their day.

I understood that DaVinci got up and put on his clothes and went to work. His contract was whichever project held his fancy, and we know of his genius because he was devoted to it, and expressed it as he saw fit.

And so, I have been told repeatedly, coming out of the dream state, that it is important to focus on the matters at hand. In the height of conversion, after an NDE, I understood that the key to physical life and being happy in it is to participate. To participate.

And so, I think on the big names, and some who didn’t maybe hit us in the consciousness quite as hard, but who made drastic contributions to humanity by their obedience to their obsessions, and this brings me to the present day, and to the second point.

The idea here is that we really have it pretty easy, all of us. I mean, in DaVinci’s day, can you imagine being someone of that huge of intellect, and there are so many who try to fight against it.

He said one time what a drag it is to wake up and find that everyone else is still sleeping. I am paraphrasing, but I really do think that DaVinci, with his lost years, he came to, and his work began, an exponential explosion in awareness and possibility, and of course there were those around him who valued and honored him, but he was, most likely, very alone a lot of the time.

I have often thought about Jesus, in this regard. Someone who was there to bust systems and show a new way, getting crap at every turn, and he was someone who had a very clear, very benign message, benign to the soul, not to authority, of course.

I am not comparing myself to these greats. They were different times, and I have a specific skill set, but I know of them, and can imagine that what you and I are feeling is not so much different from what they knew, but we have it so much easier.

We have the internet. We have the universe conspiring to deliver energies unseen on this earth, and we have each other.

I believe that a lot of us came here, volunteers, with the express mission of breaking through and claiming sovereignty. And that this is the way of it, this is ascension, and there must be, always is, a batch of souls who specialize in cracking things open, for ourselves and for the collective.

We have it easy because I can send this out electronically and you can read it, instantly we are one, instantly we are communicating, and whether you agree or disagree with any, or all, of it, hey, at least we are freely exchanging ideas. I am not alone, you are not alone, and evidence of this is just a click away, day or night, anymore.

What happened to the greats, who lit up and expressed and changed the world, that is what is happening to us, en masse, and it is what we were born to do.

These are such amazing times, and I am so happy to be here now. I am glad I am here. I am glad of it.

Friday night, around 1am, I went to my car to smoke, and I cried tears of joy all through that break. I understood that I am home, and this place, these circumstances, these situations I am in, they are temporary, but I am not, and I am finally home, finally home, I am finally home. I don’t have to die and go to heaven to be peaceful, to be at home, not anymore. After a lifetime of homesickness, this thought, this knowing, above all, soothes me the most, in some respects.

I am not alone in being home, and I know there are many, all over the world, who also are feeling very moved about being here.

I know that not everyone is interested in the esoterics. I know that. And their awakening into compassion and honor for themselves and their lives and nature, well, it is just as real as my opening into this complexity of thought and emotion. Linda, the one who urged me to return, she is one of these.

She is an avatar of love, and around her, the esoterics seems strangely unnecessary, love becomes the most important thing, and life is such a laugh, such a hoot, when she and I put our heads together.

She and I are about love, and the esoterics, she does not try to talk me out of any of it, and she honors my interests, but what matters is a light heart, love for others, even when they are not very nice, and finding love in every nook and cranny. She bears her life burdens better than I do, I think. Quick to love and to laugh and to hope, slow to find anything dark, and unwilling to focus on it when it shows up. She has taught me a lot.

And so, we are everywhere. Everywhere. We came to do this. Marge is in her 70’s a living angel, Linda a decade older than I, and there are more than these in my life, but I mention them to honor them, having come up from troubles, now clear and true, always different, always special.

You and I are here on purpose, and in this season of love, I want to add this addendum to normalize and focus the changes and shifts I have been made aware of. This is a renaissance, and we are all part of it, and there are many of us, we volunteers, we who understand that things have changed, and can breathe easier.

I know there will be many who just pass on by this stuff, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. I have no interest in teaching those who have no interest, and am more keen on learning from those who have understood a few things, seeing how our lights play and dance together, and there is no need to compare ourselves one to the other anymore.

Isn’t it enough that we are not alone? IS it not enough that this is making sense, not just for a handful of people, but for a lot of people?

I’ll end with another recurring thought.

One day, I was going to sleep, listening to a profound channeling from Kryon, in which he refers to a six-day old baby who was born with massive physical challenges, and who, somehow, found her way to a Kryon event, a large one. The baby’s parents were not believing in any of it, evidently, but still, asked that the baby be presented for a healing. And so all those old souls, all of them focused on her, and she was healed, she was. No doubt about that one.

And Kryon said in channeling, about this one, imagine her akash. To create this sort of a healing, at six days old.

And I thought about myself in that regard, then. I was having visions early, very early, and got myself to sleep by shifting from being huge, ponderously huge, to pin-point tiny, in my mind, even as a girl I loved doing that. I talked with nature, I was magical, back then. I had my first teacher while still in high school, grew up allowed to read all the esoterica I could handle, and then, the teachers came in, once I had money for them. Richard, The Teachers, Norma, Elsie, Marge, Linda, on and on it goes, teacher after teacher, and I thought to myself, stunned momentarily, imagine my akash.

Reading the horoscope I alluded to has sealed things well for me, given me great peace, and I urge you to visit chaos astrology for your own chart.

After pondering on my chart, and whenever I ponder too long on my magnificence and the wonder of it all, I think then on my generation. I think on my friends who live just outside The box, those who have had it been harder than me, less willing to conform to the outside authorities that are always there to tell us to stop mucking about and join the group.

I think of this generation, the ones who came in during the late 50’s and early 60’s. We came in when things could have gone either way, and we turned it around, we did, we have turned things around.

We volunteers, the old ones who have ascended again and again, who know these waters and finally feel at home, we are here, have been for a long time, but it just was not time to do this thing until now.

It becomes, I think, less and less necessary to lament past times, or even current times of instability or economic troubles. Everything is up for grabs, things are changing, and we were made for this, we helped create it, and we know how to ride these tides.

My lineage is becoming more and more clear to me, the worlds I am from and have helped to transform. I know this to be who and what I am, and I guess I am not the only one remembering. Kryon has said, just recently, there are those whoa re having profound visions and memories, remembrances, of things in their “past,” just who they were, what sort of impact they have had here, what roles they have played, not only on earth, but through time.

And I live in a time where I cannot go to jail for posting this, and there are others, I know now, at the receiving end who read these words and feel relaxation wash over them, also, now, no longer alone. No longer alone.

So, it is nice to be a golden one, but it is nicer still to be one of many golden ones, and we are all waking up together, some first to rise from slumber, others very light sleepers, stirring now.

This is ascension, the first wave of ascension.

As we in the first wave get our land legs, and really get it, the complex and simple nature of this shift, then we embody these changes, because we must, we want to, and we can. And then the second wave begins. The huge populace who is still convinced that the way things are is the way things might always be.

The Teachers spent a lot of time of wave theory, although they did not call it that. They explained ascension always happens in three waves, and that the ones on the tip of the spear, the tip of the wave, the first ones, they do it because they like to do it, they have the skill and aptitude for it, and are a little crazy, a little bit nuts, and never really fit in very well. The first wave, the rebels, the ones who just can’t keep seated, the ones who have wanted it different from their first breath.

It’s easy to get all messianic about it, but needless, in some respects. Looking at it mechanically, it has nothing to do with worth, and everything to do with aptitude.

I understand it like this, see it often like this:

All over the world, in a grid that is superconscious, there we are, generators, transducers, beacons, who have the equipment to hear a new broadcast. We hear it, and are enlivened by it. We radiate it. And the grid lights up.

I saw it, and wrote about it, how I could see this, many times. At one time I saw just four of us, and we twirled up like impossible mountains of light, huge pillars, and in our twisting, beautiful forms, we saw each other, and knew that it was good, and then we twisted back down, into the earth, into the greater grid, but we were aware of each other’s presence after that.

And I knew from those four, more would wake up, feeling the light, themselves remembering, personally, individually, their own essence, and they would switch on, and soon enough, interspersed all over the globe, a family lit up, able to feel and “see” each other. Each light magnificent, each light self-contained, and each integrally connected to all others.

I have channeled that we must mingle, get out there, do our thing, holding this tremendous light, and by doing this, we spread it.

I will end this long addendum with a conundrum, one which has an answer, but one which I think will surface, in due time, as a philosophical football.

What gives me, us, the right to change things so drastically? Who are we to herald a new way, and what gives us the balls to think it is a better way?

It boils down to the personal for me, always does.

Each of us now focused, being focused, buy this great light of love know that there was a good reason for our search for something better. Each of us knows that we did this with help, but voluntarily, and alone.

We did this to find peace within our own souls, and have found that denying it is the only thing that turns our lives bad. Turning from this light makes things bad, embracing makes things good, within our psyches. We did it because we needed to survive and find inner peace.

And this work makes it irrelevant what anyone else is doing, and that’s the punchline. I’d like it if people would be kind to one another and stop acting in harmful ways toward their neighbors, but I have only this body, this heart and mind to make right. It is all up to me, and it is self-revealing, self-defining, self-serving and knowing, really. I could give a crap if the second wave gets it in a hundred years or next week. I know that I am finally right with me.

And see, that’s the thing, in the end. If one must choose between high regard and low regard for others, come on, let’s be honest, it feels better to hold others in high regard. If one must choose between a loving and a hateful act, I think it is agreed that our souls respond with a longing for the love, and a turning from hate.

There are imps in our midst, and great pain, but the pain, is it not just a confirmation of how awful it feels to know that others are being harmed, being unseen, being hurt? The imps and those who are entranced with mischief, whoa re unbalanced and in pain, even they can agree that feeling great love is better than the darkness which seems to sometimes completely envelope a mind, a life, a timeline.

It is about self, and from self comes all. It is not wise to focus on the great life of DaVinci or Mozart or any of the greats and think only on their legacy. They were human beings, some of them real pistols, and they got in trouble a lot and were misunderstood. So what. They kept at it. They wrote. They talked. They made friends.

They cleared the way to this day, at Christmas time, 2013. We owe them a debt of gratitude, for holding light in a very very dark time. We have it easier, you and I. By virtue of what we are and what we know, we are turning up the lights.

And so, I will close this by remembering yet again what happened to me last Christmas Eve. There was nothing that great going on in my life, just another day, but a hard one, no car, no money, no job prospects, and yet, on the way home from my dad’s Jerry at the wheel, I had a huge moment that forever changed me.

Everything went gold, and I could see so far, and then, I could see, feel, how much we all love each other. That all confusion is a poem, that disregard is a parenthesis, meaningful and powerful in its placement, and that we are made of love, for love, and we love each other so very much.

I understood we are in a wash of chemicals, of electromagnetic awareness that is beautiful and boggling and overwhelming in its beauty. That everything is just fine. That I am loved, and I am part of this, I am one with the golden web that holds it all together, creating as it goes, laughing all the way, all the way.

And this gift, this unexpected gift, it is with me now, and I see that the dreams I have been having are a way to really incorporate that vision, had almost a year ago, one of love and purpose.

It is past time for looking around and commenting on how fucked up things are. It is past time. Because although that is part of the process, but not the end goal. Noticing the dissonance is part of it, but not the end product. The end product is peace within the dissonance.

It is a singular peace, a great peace, and it is a shared peace, once it is set in one’s bones. And then the work is somehow lighter, the temporal goals fall away and we are left only with the rush of discovery, the high that comes from remembering, and finding others who are also remembering the same sorts of things.

The golden ones, well, gold is one color in a rainbow, and we are not alone, in this band of color, and although all colors are valuable, this gold, ti is what I have always wanted to know, where I have always wanted to live, and I am here now, more often than not, and I have friends now, and we, all of us, can come out of the shadows and celebrate now, all of us together, aware that great and wonderful things have taken place, that our akash has conspired to make this so, that our meta-goals are being met, and participating in the constructs, altering them as we see fit, but participating, this is important, and do-able, easier, somehow, now.

We have it easy, and we have a lot to celebrate this Christmas.

This has been a lot of words to string together in just one day, but these are words I have been waiting a lifetime to articulate, so I thank you for reading along.

This dream is real, as real as my 3-d life, for me, and I know I am not the only one. It is ephemeral, something I can describe but inhabit, something that I am, but it is hidden in plain view, something folks react to as they are able, some with disdain, some with wonder, some with awe and some with a smile of recognition.

The dream has ended and we are all just now stirring, sparkly stardust falling from our skin as we sit up in our beds, glitter now littering the floor where we walk. Has the dream ended? Or can we now just embody that which we have become aware of through the dream state?

Because, when all is said its done, all I really want in this life is the peace, the peace which passes understanding, the peace which we always knew was possible, even when things were warped and sad and odd.

I want humor and to give away my peace, to hold everyone I meet in esteem, to laugh through the absurdities and to not see injustice as the end of the world, but the end of an era.

I am not alone, and neither are you, and we are together walking in a dream time we all seem to know very well, but have never talked about.

The We are not alone, we have it easier than the ones before us, and it only gets better from here. That is what I know and that is what I needed to say today, nearly 10,000 words to it, but as simple and as complex as love itself.

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