Deeply Awake — Interregnum 3-26-14 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Interregnum 3-26-14 By Kathy Vik

I have a full-blown love affair with language, because it set off distant bells in me, and much of the old stuff is just so familiar, and I am so comfortable around it. That year of Latin, my freshman year of college, oh my, did I feel like a dork, but I was so blissfully happy in my dorkdom, I couldn’t care less.

I think that’s what a life in academia would be, for me, just sheer indulgence, and a lifetime looking back. I think, in retrospect, that’s why I had to turn from that path, a very very juicy one. It was not my vacation lifetime, not yet.

Anyhow, while out and about yesterday, my sister and I both commented, in many different ways, how much we both feel in some sort of weird suspension. Both of us can see it as reasonable and necessary, and both of us understand that, at its core, it is temporary.

Feeling brightened again this morning, not feeling the weight last week pressed on me, thankfully, I began to scroll the internet, and went onto, and read their blogs. And this word popped up. Interregnum. Big, deep gongs, monk’s hoods, incense, a flood of such hushed, comfortable serenity. Such happiness, being a monk, such bliss. And this word, interregnum.

So, here it is, for those who are also language nerds, from the internet, to you:


noun \ˌin-tə-ˈreg-nəm\
plural in·ter·reg·nums or in·ter·reg·na

Definition of INTERREGNUM
: the time during which a throne is vacant between two successive reigns or regimes
: a period during which the normal functions of government or control are suspended
: a lapse or pause in a continuous series
See interregnum defined for kids »
1. Origin of INTERREGNUM
Latin, from inter- + regnum reign — more at reign
First Known Use: 1590
discontinuity, hiatus, hiccup (also hiccough), interim,interlude, intermission, gap, interruption, interstice,interval, parenthesis
continuation, continuity

Related Words
caesura, comma, interspace, lag, pause, space, time lag,window; entr’acte; bumper; adjournment, discontinuance,lapse, suspension; lull, recess, respite, rest; subinterval
Near Antonyms
continuum, run, stretch; procession, progression

I don’t know where the monk stuff came from, but this was a flash of a good life, long ago, and this word meant something big, maybe just to me, the role I was playing, who knows.

But this idea, the idea of a waiting period, between reigns, this was so apropos, so perfect, that I felt hugged. “They” do this to me with words, quite a lot. The word gets inserted, somehow, sometimes just in my head, I’ll get a word.

One time, while gambling, so loud it felt like a shout,I heard “Ashkanzi” over and over and over again. I felt feelings, though couldn’t see anything, but usually when this happens, it’s so insistent that it just doesn’t stop until I look it up. The faster I look stuff up when I get it, the more frequently I get it.

So, back then, it was a couple flashes, some feelings and that word Askanazi, and at many, many other times, it’s been some other way, like this, a simple word, setting off gongs, over morning coffee and facebooking.


We can parse too close and debate the merits of the aristocracy, and any number of enjoyable conspiracy theories about it too, instead, it’s nice to consider the bigger metaphor. A change in monarchs, and change in ruler, a change in regimes.

There is an implied lawlessness, an implied self-governance, in the time of interregnum, and maybe that is its most valuable lesson to an awakening humanity.

Self governance reminds us what government should be, that it should be service oriented, benevolent, helpful, in a land where the laws are benevolent and balanced, and where profit and greed have been abolished as deciding factors in policy making for the greater good, a place where those who do not have are taken care of amply, and we decide as a culture that this better-than-less-than stuff has got to stop, all of this seems more than possible during an interregnum.

Resetting everything. Just saying”no,” to certain things, just switching off and not participating in the hate machine passing for modern politics.

And maybe that’s why this word interregnum means something to me here, in this lifetime. It feels, to me, and to my sister, and, from what I can gather, many other people, we have come to a little lull. I do think we are doing this as a group, and it really is so nice to be linked with you in this way. It’s just nice to have company.

Anyhow, I think this word is meaningful at this time, because I think in addition to the lawlessness this word implies, it also does imply a shift in power. And this is the crux of it, for me. The power is, bit by bit, inevitably, shifting from this unbending, unyielding, darker thinking, and some of it just comes naturally, through natural attrition, so to speak. It brings up the final point I want to make today. I’m sort of rushed for time today.

As I was writing this, I was thinking about we first wavers, if you want to call it that. I like the term, and it feels comfortable to me, but I just mean those who can tune into this frequency, who feel as I do, and know what I know. I have met you. I know you’re out there. Many are reading. It’s so nice to be together.

I think that I want to end comparing we in the first wave, the brave ones who, at one time, used to want to go on and on about all manner of weird things, like crystals and astrology and tarot and stuff like that, we oddballs who have been going to psychics since we were kids, but no,there are also those who speak this language who are younger, you see, in their twenties and thirties. And then the tykes, some of the young ones offering it up without prompt, who they used to be and what their purpose is, and how they foresee their deaths, we oddballs are part of the first wave. The open ones, the ready ones, the sensitive ones.

We used to have a hard time fitting in, but, have you noticed, is this also changing for you? Is your sense of just overall security higher? I have noticed a clearing of thinking, a contentment, waves of well being, with occasional overpowering heat flashes, and bouts of nausea. It’s upgrade time. That big squeeze was worth it, after all.

Many of us in the first wave, and those who love us, are in our fifties. And that sort of was the point. We have already, or will soon, lose our parents, and many of them have struggled with chronic disease, at this point. Most of my contemporaries had young parents, like mine.

My mom was only 21 or 22 when she had me. Ridiculous. My dad wasn’t much older. I have no idea how they did it. I was nearly 20 years older when I started being a parent, and I am convinced being older, and wiser, played to our advantages.

There are a few of we stragglers, so, by now, most of us have known loss, and we have probably seen our fortunes turn a time or two. And now, comes an energy that we recognize.

Kryon just put out four new podcasts, and I had all of them listened to before I got home from work that day. Oh, what joy! What rapture! To hear his thoughts on what is happening, it helped so tremendously. Sometimes he confirms. Sometimes he straight up schools me. It was a mixture with these last transmissions, beautiful, inspired, complete.

He referred to some of the difficulties we, in this group, have, at work, at home, and it helps so very much to just hear good advice, advice from home, which allows me to do the things that feel good, feel balanced. I guess Bashar would call Kryon one of my permission slips. And he wouldn’t be wrong.

But I know it’s correct and true for me, because so much of it is already lived out, or being contemplated, when he finally comes on the scene with new information. And that’s what happened this time.

What got me most was the story he told about the tree in the forest. At the risk of impinging on a law I’m currently unaware of, I want to paraphrase what was taught. He said there once was a tree whose name I have forgotten, so I’ll call her Eleanor.

Here is the channeling, and I’m including its transcription below. This channeling is essential reading for those just starting to go farther, soothing, and hauntingly familiar. It is an entirely affirming transmission, and entirely magical.

Eleanor knew she was a tree, and knew her purpose. After a time, a ways off, a shoot came out of the earth, and in time, it became a tree, a self-possessed, self-aware tree, named Diane. And then, over time, Eleanor saw a multitude of trees form all around her, and she stood with them, part of them, entangled with their root system.

The question is, who is Diane? Who are the other trees? Are they not experiencing themselves in their complete, self-fashioned body? Are they not doing their purpose?

And so, the truth is, we are all expressions of the same essence, the same awareness, to whatever degree we believe we are, basically. Maybe this stuff comes to some people spontaneously, while living ski bunny existences.

I once was lamenting my life to my shrink, and he told me to stop bellyaching, basically. So what? So you picked a hard life this time. Deal with it, and don’t make it worse for yourself by thinking you deserved it because you’re somehow deficient, which was, basically, my problem.

He nailed it, and that helped. To me, a ski bunny existence would be having this sense of security at age seven or eight. I could do anything in a lifetime with this sort of clarity in childhood.

And I guess that is sort of the point. What Kryon teaches, and, you know, we’ll see, but it makes sense from where I’m standing, Next lifetime, we come in ready to awaken sooner. We switch onto whatever level we left, memory more or less intact, not as fuzzy, and, can you imagine, can you just imagine? I’d sign up for that. I have, actually.

And so, to me, this lifetime is all about becoming sovereign, claiming ownership of my emotions, my thoughts, and loving it all into myself, accepting it all, and then, by extension, wouldn’t you know it, it becomes second nature to do to others. And it spreads.

But it did not get here, this go around, the easy way. But it was a hell of a ride. I’m glad things are stabilizing, but still, that sense of suspension clings to things, haunts me, just a little.

I like the void. I enjoy free falling. I like not knowing, and I like things big, so I am comfortable, more comfortable than usual.

The energy sort of calls for it. I have my stilts on.

Things are changing.

I can feel it.

Here is the link to this channelling, and the excerpt featuring Evelyn the tree (I was close 😉 )

Walk-ins – Soul sharing

Now, what I’m about to give you will challenge your perception of connectivity to the max. We bring up the subject of soul sharing. You’re not going to like this, dear ones, because it breaks the paradigm of your traditional thought.

We’ll start simple, then we’ll get complex. Soul sharing: Have you heard of a walk-in? Many have. Let’s speak about what it is, what you think it is, what you’re taught it is, and then the problems of logic and singularity that exist because of it. Here is what you’re often told: A Human Being will pass in death and then come back. But in order to come back quickly and skip over an often seven- to 15-year growing-up period, they become “walk-ins”. In order to accomplish spiritual things quicker, they will soul share by agreement, and will “pop in” to another existing Human’s life at the approximate age of eight to 13. That’s a walk-in as you see it. So now, supposedly, you have two souls in one body. Follow me so far?

Now, the walk-in has an attribute that you have to ask about. “What happens to the first soul? Does it take a subservient position? If the first Human’s name is Sally and the second soul comes in and that used to be Henry, how does that work?” It’s confusing. “What does Henry think about it, being in another gender with Sally? Can they exist together? Does one take a back seat? Does one go forward? Does one simply give up and go back? What is the process of this?”

Human Beings who are esoteric wring their hands and have discussions where they argue and say, “How can this be, and what do we make of it?” And we sit by and we look at it and we say to you, what are you talking about? What is the issue?

You have a 3D argument going on, and all of the machinations of your logic reveal your singular bias. Henry and Sally are just fine with it all! You see, what you don’t know, and what you haven’t figured out yet, is that there are not two souls in that body! There is only one, and it’s called God. The Henry and the Sally separation is only what you made out of it. One soul joining another and soul sharing is like God with God. It’s you with you. You just got bigger. One soup joined another, and now there is a larger soup.

There will be arguments like, “Well, what attributes of the Akash belong to Sally and what attributes of the Akash belong to Henry?” What if I told you they combined them? What if I told you things just got bigger with the walk-in? Would that be alright? What if I told you that the whole purpose of the walk-in is the combined Akash? This is so the experiences of many lifetimes can combine to another Human Being as one. Now that’s confusing, since you want them to only be one. You see, it’s bigger than you think.

There are no puzzles to figure out with the majesty of God. Walk-ins are very common, especially with an old soul passing and coming back quickly into one who has already grown biologically. It is a system of benevolence and a fast-tracking system that allows things to happen better than they would have otherwise, and also take less time. Now, that was easy. But these explanations are going to get more confusing if you’re confused already.

Soul mates/Soul sharing

The next subject is soul mates. It’s not always what you think. Here is an example: One person meets another person and they have a connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s outside of romance, although that’s there, too, to really confuse things. It may be from a past life as a brother, sister, mother or dad, but they knoweach other. They think like one person. They can have conversations just looking in each other’s eyes and they are amazed. They must have spent lifetimes together in order to have this similarity of thought and thinking of ideas and passions. There’s an attraction to be with that person, to just stay with that person, because they represent something that is so special – and you call it soul mate.

What if I told you that you just met a portion of yourself? I told you, dear ones, it gets spooky. What if soul sharing is simply an attribute where you meet a piece of yourself in another Human Being? This is where many will put this information down, walk out of the room, and say, “This is not for me. This can’t be for me.” Dear Human, I want you to use your discernment right now and spiritual logic. If God is not singular and you are a piece of the whole, and everybody is in you and you are in everybody, then why is this so spooky? When you see a piece of yourself in another Human Being, why should that be so unusual? It’s simply part of the way soul sharing works. Instead of seeing God in that person, you’re seeing you in them! That’s how it feels, doesn’t it? Perhaps you have been together as a walk-in during the past, sharing one Human body? Now you are in two bodies again. That’s what a soul mate is. No wonder you’re attracted to them and they’re attracted to you!

Soul sharing cannot be explained satisfactorily to any single-digit dimensional Human Being, and everything that I’m doing now will simply complicate it by a huge factor.

Reincarnation/Soul sharing

Let me tell you the most complicated one, and then I want to give you an example. I have told you that there is a system of reincarnation that honors the family and that at the very least, the system has one generation skipped for reincarnation within a family. Most of the time it’s two generations, but often it’s every other generation. This allows for new souls coming in to learn and for old souls to be their children and their parents. It mixes it up and it’s helpful for both. For instance, old soul, you’re children are probably not old souls, but your grandchildren are (or will be). Skipping every other generation, or two generations, is the most common. It’s very common to see your parents in the eyes of these children.

Some of you know what I mean, for in general you say that you know your children best, but when your grandchildren came in, you saw something in them that you recognized as unusual. Now, I want to make this very clear, yet I cannot easily. All this talk about reincarnation and skipping generations is very understandable to you and it’s fine, as long as the grandparents are gone. But if they’re still alive, there’s a problem. How can your living parents be your grandchildren if they are still alive? What do you think of that? You look in the eyes of the kids and you know who they are, but they can’t be! Or can they?

The answer is that they can be and it’s soul sharing. It’s not complicated if your parents have passed, but very complicated if they are still around. Do you understand this is a Human linearity puzzle? It’s not a puzzle for God. Have you heard that in quantum physics, light can be in two places at the same time? Welcome to a new reality! It’s not that complicated when you take it out of your 3D box.

There is more, and I’ll talk about inheritance that is different between Akashic and chemical tomorrow. We are really going to mix it all up. So now that I have put a stick into what you have been told and stirred it up, who are you? Is it possible the more you get to know each other, the more you see the same God in all of you? The connectivity is what solves the problems of Human variety – of you not getting along for centuries.

There will come a day, dear ones, if you follow the same progressions as those before you on other planets have, there will come a time where you acknowledge the similar God in all Humans first, and then the personality differences in you second. This is the secret to peace on Earth.

Looking at other Humans and recognizing that their desires are the same as yours is a type of compassion. This eventually creates generosity, not bullying and conquering. You start to look at what you have in common and not your differences. Many will observe you and will observe your graciousness and maturity in how you live day by day. That’s the only vehicle through which you have to teach other Human Beings about God. Let them see the attributes of God in you.

The story of Evelyn, the everlasting tree

Let me give you a little story and then we’ll close. I want to talk about Evelyn, the everlasting tree. You know, sometimes parables don’t make a lot of sense. Because they are allegories, you have to forgive some of the 3D logic and just listen. Evelyn doesn’t really exist in nature, but it’s a story that comes close enough to what nature does that you’ll understand.

Evelyn had an essence about her as a tree. The essence of Gaia was there and she knew that she was Evelyn the tree. She had a consciousness of the grand plant that she was. Her purpose, her sole purpose, was to grow as much as she could, as tall as she could, to supply her share of oxygen to the planet for humanity.

Evelyn put down roots as trees do, and she could feel her roots go down deep. Then they would absorb the nutrients that she needed for her growth, the resources of the soil of the earth. She grew even taller. As she grew taller, her roots spread out more and more in order to anchor the size that she was and the majesty she represented in her forest.

Now, Evelyn wasn’t really aware of the roots any more than you are aware of each Human hair. There were so many of them! But one in particular, a great distance away, found its way back to the surface and began to grow upwards. It sprouted and grew, and this sprout then became another tree. This little sprout also became aware of Gaia and started growing just like Evelyn had. It also had a name – Martha.

Evelyn is now aware of her neighboring tree, since it’s now big. Evelyn is watching Martha grow up. But Martha is Evelyn’s root. In fact, they are still attached! Over a period of time, Martha put down some roots and the same thing happened with her. At the same time, Evelyn had other sprouts going on the surface in the other direction. They were all Evelyn’s roots, still attached to Evelyn, but sprouting as other trees with other names. You see where I’m going with this?

Eventually there became a forest and all the roots were connected, all connected. The life-force of the nutrients of the planet are surging through all of them. There is no end or beginning of any root, since they are all connected with each other and all have individual names and “tree consciousness”.

Now, let’s interview Evelyn. “Evelyn, who are you? As you look around the forest, are you Evelyn or are you also Martha and George and Sally? Who are you?” Evelyn would have to stand tall and say, “I am all of them, and they are all of me, for our roots are combined together from the same source.”

I want you to look at this story and understand that it is a metaphor for who you are. In nature, you look at these kinds of things and say how unique. You don’t see it as you do yourselves, with individual personalities and lives to live as Human individuals. But the story of Evelyn is more true to Humans than you think. Connectivity, and the realization and oneness of it all, is going to be the salvation of humanity. But it has to start, literally start, with you understanding that the soul inside you is bigger than anything you ever thought.

Now, I told you a moment ago that soul has no personality, not like you think. But it does have attributes. It has perfection, love and benevolence. That’s what you feel when you are in touch with the core. The hand of the soul, which is God, is always open to you, always. From the moment you’re born, the invitation is to discover who you are, and take that hand and begin changing your reality. Move into a position where you can change the planet by living a sacred reality of awareness. You know I’m right, because you wouldn’t be reading this message otherwise.

Finally, a word of advice: These decisions must be with your free choice and your intent and your full understanding. “That’s what I want to do,” is what you hear yourself saying. Don’t do anything because you should or because you came to a meeting and heard a channel that compelled you to do something. Don’t do that. I want you to sit by yourself, alone in the chair, and ask your body, “Is there more?” Be honest and listen for an answer. It will shiver in response [chills] and the first thing it’s going to say back to you is, “What took you so long to ask?” It will say, “Yes!” And that is the beginning of discovery.

That’s really the unspoken invitation, dear one, of every single Human Being on the planet. If you relax and talk to that which is the innate of your body and let it help guide you to the truth, you’ll get it. Don’t listen to me or a Human Being to do this. I want you to start listening to you. Is this channelling real or is it not? Use your discretion and discernment and discern the energy of this message through the God in you.

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