Deeply Awake — Duality’s Absence 12-15-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Duality’s Absence 12-15-13 By Kathy Vik

It was only when I was saying the “blessing” Sam asks that I make for him each night he’s here with me that I realized what I needed to give thanks for first, after thanking them “for this day,”

I always start there, have since I was a kid, but then I thanked them for having been able to sustain a very high vibration all day long. It was gentleness and love and synchronicity, all through the day, and within contexts which used to only scare and intimidate and distress me.

Then I came out to the living room and started doing my counting again, reminding myself of my inner ceremony for this corridor I am walking, and then it really dawned on me, sitting down to play a video game, running the numbers in my head, this corridor that has been fashioned is purposefully intent on us leaving duality behind. To explain, I have to review the ritual I have devised.

On the 12-12, I knew it was a portal, and that we were then to walk those 9 days, from the 12-12 to the solstice in an even higher manner than we walked it last year.

Last year things felt muffled and odd, during those nine days.

This year, I understood it was to be a contemplative but celebratory, joyous walk, not into uncertainty, but into known and confirmed bliss.

You see, when adding up the numbers, a numerological corridor also exists. Let me explain.

Take December, 12. This is a three. And 2013, that’s 2+1+3=6. And then, you add the days to this to get your information for that day.

12-12-13, that’s 3-3-6, which is 12, which is 3. Quantum energetics, the catalytic energy of the higher self in physical manifestation, that’s what 3 is to me. These are important numbers, and their placement is instructive. I understand Europeans switch the month and day, and so, I add the day and month, a 6, and the year, a 6, for a 12, which is a 3.

It bothered me that the 12-12 did not start as a 1. I thought that would have been perfect, and for a time considered this thinking incorrect because the 12-12 didn’t add to 3 this year. But I had been wrong.

I chose to honor the 12-12 by considering triads, trinities, threes in nature, in the psyche, and to think on this energy and imagery whenever it seemed appropriate. It was in the back of my mind that day, a mystery, sort of floating in the air, a thought bubble, a question. It was an unsettling day, in many respects. Not very pleasant, really, but better by the evening time. I hope others enjoyed the big day.

12-13-13, that’s 3-4-6, I think of it as 7-6, and that’s 13, which is a 4. I thought about the stability of four tires, four table legs, and all the other fours. I thought of the energy of four, as I see it. Stability, groundedness, centeredness, Gaia. Nature. Biology. The stars, the sea, the deserts. Gaia.

12-14-13, that’s 3-5-6, which is 8-6, and that’s 14, which is a 5. From new beginnings and Gaia energy comes change. I considered the human body’s 5 points, the starfish, but really, 5 is not my favorite number. I enjoy change, more than the average Joe in some respects, but I have never liked the energy of 5.

Unsettling, and unsettled, seeking out, full of thrust and an uncomfortable asymmetry, for me. I braced for it, and it did not come, that day, but I anticipated it. It gave me a chance to hang with the energy of change without being blown willy-nilly by it, which was nice for a change, haha.

12-15-13, that’s 3-6-6, which is 9-6, and that’s 15, which is a 6. From new beginnings and change comes the energy of the higher self manifest, love in its countless forms, family love, deep and connected love, that to me is 6.

The love Gaia has, but in a bigger way that the energy of 4. Connected love, integrated love. I’m not explaining it well. I was not disappointed. Today was the day that was my best day yet, it was a miraculous day, and it came back to my being able to remember, and actually seek out, connecting with my core, with my soul,thinking on All That Is, thinking on my embodying it, having permission and willingness to do so. So today was indeed a 6 day.

12-16-13, that’s 3-7-6, which is 10-6, and that’s a 7. Mastery, divinity. Some numbers I have lesser access to, and 7 is one of them. I am hoping that tomorrow I am given new ways to love 7, understand it better, and know its energy more fully. I know that it is an important number to me personally, for this year and throughout my own life, so I anticipate good things. But in a general way, no, 7 is a mystery to me yet.

12-17-13, that’s 3-8-6, which is 11-6, which is 17, and that’s 8. I like this is an 11-6 energy, and 8, I am getting much more comfortable with this vibration. It is unity and circles upon circles, a closed system of utter balance, symmetry herself. It is inner meeting and mirroring outer. Balance. It is the innate becoming, it is manifested fullness.

12-18-13, that’s 3-9-6, which is 12-6, and that’s 18, a 9. Holy smokes, could the numbers get more beautiful? Beautiful. Auspicious, this date. A nine. Completion. On the 18th. Hmm. I feel that this work is being done on other levels, at sleep mostly, and our days, as we walk through this ceremony, or at least as I do, is just a shadow, just an echo, to what is going on during this time of preparation.

12-19-13. That’s 3-1-6, which is 4-6, a ten, a one and a zero. A 1. New beginnings, fresh manifestation, birth, next to the null point, the void, that which contains all, knows all, creates all. These numbers need not manifest as anything, not even a blip on the radar, and numerology is a quirky thing that way. Like most of the quantum world, if it is not taken into account, life goes on just fine. But thinking and meditating on these entities, these numbers, and the sequences, patterns, it can bring things into focus, and can inform one’s walk. At least that’s what I think.

12-20-13, that’s 3-2-6, that’s 5-6, an 11. An 11 day, the day before the solstice. The day of mastery. A gift, given to us, to tell us what we have come to accomplish can be considered complete.

And then, 12-21-13, 3-3-6, back to the start of the sequence. 6-6, a 12. A 3.

Do you notice what is missing from this walk through the numbers? Do you notice that duality’s symbol, 2, is absent? Do you see the symmetry, the messages and the gifts inherent in the numbers?

This is why I have not done more numerology. It’s sort of the feeling I get when I think about a customer my dad once had, who had invented his own language, ala The Hobbit. He’d told me about the guy when I started to read Tolkein’s work, and it served as in inner warning.

You can go too far with some stuff, I think is what I came to think. You can go so far out there that the real world begins to not make sense, and you’ll have a hard time fitting in if you give into your natural urges for fancy thinking.

MI don’t think my dad was considering any of those things. He thought it was a good story about an odd duck. But that’s how I encoded it.

Numerology sort of does that to me, because I have not talked to another living soul about how I feel about numbers, and have only taken glancing blows at the subject in my work. But I am in love with numbers, how they feel, and they talk to me, always have, just as nature has always talked to me.

It’s there, I think, for us all, they are eager to take our hands and make our lives more rich and full, but it just looks like nonsense, coincidence, delusions, to some. And to them I say, yeah, I can see that. But so what? I feel better contemplating these things, so just back off.

You do know I am talking to myself now, talking to that doubt, that dark rider of mine. It is what I have been acknowledging and telling to pipe down now and then today, but good god, it’s been so gentle, the interplay. “Just crawl back under the covers, dear one. No need to fret anymore. No need to puzzle it all out, no need to take over. Shh. There there. Go back to sleep.”

I think of this worrier not as an unruly child, but an overwrought and overtired one, someone who needs to be told they no longer have to do the hard job they were never cut out for in the first place. There, there. Rest easy.

So, the numbers, thank god, are the numbers, and the only thing, really, that could possibly be in dispute, then, is their meaning.

Above is the meaning I have assigned to this time of high ceremony, inside my body, my heart, my head, my soul. I feel a meld that is at times so comforting, at times glittery and exhilarating, and at times it gives me a headache, right at the base of my skull, and my eyes sort of hurt.

I normally do not write at night, but I was moved to tell you of this odd thing I found when running the numbers. An absence of duality. This is how I wish to close.

I believe that for those who are switched on now, mindful observation of this time in our history will yield for us a synthesis, a final dropping away, of the contrasts which have driven us to distraction in the past.

A blend, a merge, a unification of opposites, in ways that will come to delight us. Rising above duality, but, truly, I think what it is is an absence of it. I wonder if that’s even possible inhuman form, so hesitate to say it, but that is what comes through again and again. An absence of duality.

I have heard so many discussions about duality, of light and dark, good and evil, and this duality in which we are ensnared has always, frankly, been a little exhausting to me. I knew I should like the yin-yang symbol, for instance, but I don’t. It makes me feel tired and lonely, thinking on it. There is something better.

And it starts with the energy of the three. Creating from two that which is new, and, as Kryon puts it, it represents that which is unchanged, though it changes that which it interacts with. What better explanation is there for God?

And our portal stars and ends with this number, absent of a 2.

Make of it what you will, but I wanted to share with you how I am celebrating things this year. I know everyone does the Christmas thing, and I will participate, but it’s so much more than that for me. By the 24th and the 25th, I’ll feel complete, this I know, and so, it seems the best thing to do now is to allow these days, these shining hours, play out.

I have one more thing to say.

Outside the building, before going into work on Friday, I was idly passing time, too early to go in yet. I had the radio on. And on KBCO, the song that was introduced as I cued up for a quick game of Solitaire was David Bowie and Stevie Wonder singing “Someday at Christmas,” a heartfelt plea for world peace, that someday at Christmas, it won’t be long, all will be unity and brotherhood, love and peace.

I sat there and just shook my head, shivers, laughter. That is THIS Christmas! We did it! All those songs about our better natures, peace on earth, tolerance, THIS is the Christmas it really starts. Last Christmas we were still washing off the amniotic fluid. This Christmas I think there are many of us who understand better now our roles, to hold light, and what that really means, and might entail.

This is no small thing we are taking on, and it is good to have an awareness of that as well. Things are changing, and for the better, but we are in for some big changes, big shifts, and maybe still some topsy-turvy times. But we were born for this. It is our responsibility, our joy, and it is why we came.

We were built for these times, for this time, and it is this Christmas that we can sing those songs, little ditties, maybe, to our friends and neighbors, and with a confident grin, we can sing them knowing what has been accomplished, what is to come, perhaps, a bit, and we can hold joy for having made it.

There is hope now, like never before. There is help now, like never before. We can embody more of what we always wanted to become, masters, loving people, gentle and soulful people who are strong in mind, happy in countenance, funny, many of us no longer hung up in drama and depressive thinking, and we can relax. We can finally relax. One day at Christmas, it won’t be long.

Christmas has never been so merry, and I have never felt so loved. I hope this is your experience, and if it is not, and it’s something you think is attractive, know that your attraction is your ticket. Just holding the longing is like holding a memory.

There are many around, now, who remember, and who are unafraid, and happy, and connected. It will become more and more obvious now, and this is going to be quite a ride, now. Hang on.

Duality is already absent. The numbers are our reassurance and the wink of Creator, saying, I got this. Relax. Enjoy. Celebrate. Things have changed, and duality is absent, absorbed, no longer something to hold in awareness, no longer an issue, a necessary part of the numerical sequence, and life on earth, but not a consideration.

Duality still has a seat at the table, in the larger scheme of things, but is less obvious, just one number, and absent when it needed to be. During this walk through a celebration and homecoming.

Thanks for hanging with it. Hope it helped.

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