Deeply Awake CHANNEL — No Longer Relevant 1-16-14 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — No Longer Relevant 1-16-14 By Kathy Vik

We wish to speak to you today about separation, and this is a misunderstood and often maligned state, we say to you now. It is not a state of hate which we discuss, but of standing firmly within one’s one awareness.

In this state, there can be no true separation, because it is in this state it becomes quite obvious, to those who access it, that all is one, one heart is beating, one mind is glowing, but, dear one, you do not live in this state in your daily world, no one does, and this bears discussion.

It is wise to understand that you are your own entity, and have a right, a need, to see yourself as viable and valid whether anyone agrees with you, loves you, supports you or not. You will find a paradox here.

It is when you have untethered from the responses of others that you find you can truly connect with them, do you see. Standing firmly in your core, feeling us and leaning back into us, then it truly matters not how others are behaving. If not in one’s core, the reactions and behavior of others can seem very, very important indeed.

By this we mean that if you can remember to practice self love, self love, self love, then does it matter if your beloveds are unkind? If you know that you yourself are loved beyond measure, beyond your mind’s ability to process, in fact, then can you truly be distressed when someone is hurtful toward you?

There is a faulty belief at play we wish to bring to your attention, and that is, if people are acting in ways that are uncharitable, if they are rude, or closed, or if they accuse you of dark things, dear one, we can feel your heart close when this happens, and we wish to remedy this, dear ones all.

There is a thought that if others are unkind, that it is due to your vibration, that you have called it to you, and are therefore, as the thinking goes, somehow responsible. Further, that if you were “spiritual,” or “advanced enough,” that you would never encounter another’s imbalance!

We ask you to consider your dear brother Jesus, who, in his day, met with constant resistance from the masses. Constantly, he was, indeed, other people’s pebble in their shoe. He wept, how could he not, at times, for the weight he carried was terrible, and it is a false construct to assume that because he was “holy” that he did not have human emotions, but with each treble, with each move in power and significance that he experienced, his ability to comprehend the complexity of his times was given.

You live in complex times. You live in far more complex times than he, dear ones. Your burden is as great, greater, we say, but the support is also greater, numerically speaking.

Seek out those who can give support to you without encumbrance, whose signature is pure, when those around you are flailing, and more, more than this, remember us. Call us, and let us walk with you. You see, we are always within your fields, and some of this next is to get to you all to a place where you rely so intrinsically upon your own judgment that what a man utters, in love or in hate, can be measured, and it can be seen as love, even when it is corrupt and ugly to witness.

You must know by now that there are to be times when conflict comes, and knocks you over, unaware you may be that something is coming, but this to shall change, shall improve. It matters not whether you are taken by surprise by the unkindness of another. This is less important than how you respond to it when it does occur.

It is when in full remembrance of your true nature, that of light and of divine love, that when the unkindnesses come, you will no longer see this as relevant, and will not recognize it as salient to your understanding of yourself or the situation at hand. It can simply be tossed aside, the barbs fall to the ground, and the core of the other, the one in pain, doing things you could not possibly do, you will come to see it as so foreign, so beside the point, shall we say, that it cannot be brought within your fields for further evaluation.

You will come to see all as golden beings who may be acting in ways which are in exact opposition to what they indeed so very much want. There is not a soul alive on this planet who does not want to feel intact, loved, honored, respected, trusted. There is not a soul alive who does not want to feel valued.

What is coming is a time when you will see the angry, the bitter, the argumentative, the rejecting, as those who are simply lost, momentarily, to their own brilliance, their own divinity. Divine beings do not harm others, cannot harm others, are interested only in communion, brotherhood and goodwill.

To ask you to greet anger with laughter is simplifying things, but a laughing Buddha is a wise Buddha, and a well-placed twist of humor can do more to defuse tension between brothers than any lecture on how you simply don’t deserve such treatment.

Once you know you no longer resonate with the darker aspects of personality constructs, you will note a lift in consciousness, a lightening of mood, and a disinterest in even discussing the negativity. Yours will be to simply transmute this negativity with the truth of it: that all are family.

There are many who are, at the moment, concentrating on injustice in their world, and this is, dear ones, because the lights have come up yet again, and it is more obvious now than ever before. It is distressing to soft souls, to those with kind and gentle countenances, and enough cruelty will, at times, make the kindest person feel alone, and this, indeed, is part of the test.

Cruelty has nothing to do with you.

Insensitivity and gross misconduct, obvious breaches in integrity and honesty, these will lose their fascination and also their foothold in your consciousness. This is a process, dear ones, and there can be no doubt that this process is one of shedding all expectation, and all need that someone else act in a certain way.

Can you see this? It is clear to many just how restrictive their culture is, and how very little freedom remains, and many are reacting in an outraged fashion. Many are looking upon others’ imbalance and this, we ask, stop.

It is clear that imbalance is present. It is clear that compassion does not rule the hearts and minds of those you have put in charge. And it is clear that this must change, and yet, many are feeling overwhelmed, not knowing how this can possibly happen, and we bring you back, now, always, to your core.

What does this imbalance and injustice have to do with you? It is, for many now, clearly not a reflection of their known true state of being, so why do you gaze upon it and give it your power?

Individually, now, the stage is set for revolution, a revolution of standing within your core and speaking from the place that is well populated with those who ride with you, those who give you good counsel, those who understand your magnificence, your journey and your purpose.

We gave the channel a thought last week that we wish to end on. It seemed an idle thought, but it made her laugh, and was incongruent to the business at hand, and we tell you, this is shorthand for what some have called channeling. We said, it took you all this time to figure these things out. All this effort to come to this peace, and you have cut through years of disbelief and doubt. You have puzzled and puzzled these things. How is it that you expect others, who have not, perhaps, shown such diligence, and who do not have your specific interests or akash, to understand you?

What we meant by that is to say, each are universes unto themselves, and each have their own level of understanding, their own significances. Expecting someone else to understand what you understand is an act of vanity, and is not respectful to others. If you can feel us holding your hands, if you can hear us and, in those moments when we feel far away, if you can remember just one moment of the love we have shared privately, can that not be enough?

No one need know, and surely many are unable to grasp what you have been taught. Let them have their time on stage, pacing and muttering and worrying and being outraged, driven half mad with thoughts they do not understand as of yet. Let them act in foolish and unbalanced ways. It is not about you. It is about them.

And yet, we cannot end without bringing you to the truth of it, that these beings are your grandchildren, they are your children, they are your brothers and your sisters. The ones who lie, and rape, and kill, they too are your family, and though their deeds and words and thoughts be dark, they are your family.

They are looking to you, their grandparent, their spiritual leaders, to rise above their chaos, to demonstrate clarity and compassion in the face of their great imbalance, and they long for you to not take any of it to heart.

They yearn for you to smile, to breathe deeply, and to help the sometimes bizarre situations their imbalance produces to be made right, smooth, and to find within them, and the situations they have produced, the respect you feel toward your fellow travelers. They need for you to be neutral, to not buy into the drama, to not bolt when one of them cries that the sky is falling.

They look to you to assist them, and this cannot be done well if there is any modicum of belief within you that it is relevant to you, their pain, their abuse, their anger, their fear.

So, this is a separation, of sorts, but one that is called for at times such as these. A rising above the nonsense, we say, rising above the fear-based tactics. And one cannot rise above such things if one is believing they have validity, or if they actually define you, or have anything at all to do with your creator.

This is walking in your divinity, and we ask for you to practice today the art of leaning back into our arms, removing your heart from the messes you see others make, and if this means cleaning up your facebook feeds, if it means standing up for your knowing, for the highest love light and sound in any situation, we ask you do this.

Many have been in their caves, and upon venturing out feel hurt that the world is not yet a soft and inviting place.

That you encounter hardness is NOT a reflection of your being, and we need to reiterate this to you.

Stop self-referencing another’s pain, and tend to it as an elder would someone who is lashing out in distress. Tend to the wounds, use your judgment, and remember who you are.

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