Deeply Awake CHANNEL –The Weave 12-29-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL –The Weave 12-29-13 By Kathy Vik

And so your year ends. A year of change which, we are aware, many will look back upon in wonder, and delight, as they see that what is to come was present during a year of flux, shift, change and growth, much of it under the hood, under the covers, under the surface, shall we say, brought forth now, as time, for you, progresses.

We wish today to speak of things which have not as yet been spoken by many, but are felt by many, intuited, quietly observed but unlanguagable, we say.

We ask that you consider the weave of a fabric, and look upon this tapestry now, looking at the front, and the back, please, feel free to turn it in your hands, or in your mind. See the pattern that is made and see that it is a pleasing pattern, a portrait, perhaps, an idyllic scene with a farm, with fertile earth, the beasts and beings upon it at peace with her, whatever the image, let it be one of peace and of beauty now.

You will see that what one side says, the other only implies. The portrait you envision is brought into form because, on the other side of this fabric is what can easily appear to be chaos, threads only intimating a cohesive pattern of beauty, you see.

This is much like how this physical reality is for many. We urge you to consider that, as a novice with a needle, threads can appear completely tangled, there is, perhaps, no discernible pattern at all, looking at the back of the tapestry.

And with time, with practice, with dedication and passion, the artist with her needle then begins to use the materials of her craft in a more precise manner, and, can you notice, that although the picture part of this fabric may appear unchanged, as the needleworker progresses in her love, the back of the picture, the threads creating the art, begin to more closely resemble the picture itself. There is cohesion, a mirroring, we say to you now.

This is to of course imply many things. Not only does your skill create symmetry, but there is a meld, and this is what we must now discuss with you, our beloveds, our beloveds, all.

You have, each of you, survived, have you not? This year behind you, now passing away, you have survived it, and are able now to look upon it, yes? And when you do, we can tell you now, that the weave, the origin, the back of the portrait, has become more cohesive. This is due not only to your own willingness to embody a more multidimensional reality in your timeline, but it is too, on our part, a meld, we with you, so that what once appeared to be chaos now is cohesive.

We tell you that perception is a most powerful tool, and in this regard, there may be many who choose, now, to focus, much like many of you did previously, on the seeming chaos that is multidimensional, your home, quantum reality, the godhead. And this may be seen, demonstrated by many, as seemingly incomprehensible behavior, antithetical to goodwill and kindness, integrity and harmony.

When looking upon another’s imbalance, or what you surmise is unbalance, we ask that you have patience, and remember the months, and for some, years, of needlework you have so diligently done, in order to get to the time and place where the back looks more like the front, the front looks more and more magnificent and skillful and pleasing, and we ask that you allow the chaos to be. Just let it be.

Can you allow others their process, now that many of you have found a new energetic level from which you are beginning, ending and inhabiting all through your day? Has it not occurred to you that the chaos is just as purposeful as the order, the origin just as perfect as the end product?

We are gratified when, in the midst of another’s chaos or fear, or your own, dear ones, as these waves roll in, we are gratified when you can close your eyes, smile, and lean back into our arms.

Many of you do this consciously, and many of these do it now without prompts, without pain leading to prayer, without suffering. Leaning back into your beloved’s arms, through each day, now, and into each night, we are holding you now, and you are actively seeking out this meld.

And you know, dear ones, beloveds, now, you do know now, that what you are leaning into, relaxing into, is you, your origins, the reality from which your experience springs.

It is no longer the time to give tools, tips, lists, techniques, for those who now to lean back and relax, they are finding the tools already in their hands, the courage already in their hearts, the tender mercies which make all glow already on their lips, in their mouths, in their hearts.

But it is good and wise to have a clear sense of things, in linear reality, to have some sense of not perhaps what comes next, but the overall gestalt in which you operate. Many are finding details unnecessary, techniques facile, lists a chore rather than a help.

And so we tell you of some of the bigger things to come, in that you are creating, those who seek out and read, and those who do not but can resonate with that which is written, a new energetic signature, so to speak, with which to work. And within this vibration, there are helpful hints we can pass along, as need be.

First, we remind you all that there has been a change in the collective, those whose intent is only for this, who know this is their only true purpose, this light, this great love, this peace. For those, have you not noticed how your perception has changed?

Many are noticing that their dreams are not only more vibrant, but seem to be specific to what is at hand in the physical. Many have already begun to use their dream time to achieve union and solve problems. Many are going to bed with a prayer of thanksgiving and purpose on their lips, intent on using their dream time for healing and clarity.

Many have understood, by this time, that the dream state is your time of integration, and of gifts, of deep communication with yourselves and with us. It is you who are coming back with profound truths, only for you, perhaps addressing minutia, and perhaps pertaining to the grand collective that is greater humanity. In any case, many are realizing a newfound sense of home in their beds, in their sleep, and are sleeping better.

We celebrate this, your laying your heads down happy, anticipating your reunion with your selves and with us. We are happy for this, we smile and celebrate, this new found communion you have discovered.

Although it appears to be a little thing, we tell you, your time spent in sleep is a great gift you are just now fully knowing that and how you can use, and many are going to bed looking forward, and trusting, now, that this is not just an annual thing, or a sporadic thing, profound and prophetic dreams, but a constant. Constant, to be counted on, dear ones.

Also, many have noticed changes in their sensual perception, and by that we mean that your eyesight, your hearing and your intuition, all your senses, they are integrating in new ways, and you are, many of you, hearing us, that which is us, and you, a meld, again we say, all through the day, every day. Many notice when their energy is different, each day perhaps different than the last, but all are improving, and the clarity, we tell you, this clarity will not abate, but will strengthen.

Many learned the joy in delighting of self, of finding within any moment, conflicted or still, some delight in which to partake, some way to make even the most contentious events manageable and loving. This is an art, a science, and it is advanced, dear ones. Not everyone can do this. Feel pride, feel gratitude, for this ability. It is no small thing.

Many have wondered when their lives would “get off the dime,” we enjoy slang. This sense of being in perpetual stasis, it is beginning to break apart for most, and for some, this has already begun.

We tell you, since the shift many felt physically, over Christmas time, a marker was passed, a collective push, a collective gift, a collective octave change, and as a result, many are already seeing that their lives are in motion now, their linear lives, their storylines beginning to morph. It is already beginning.

We ask you for your patience and forbearance, and for you to bring back into yourselves the truth of it, that your linear storylines are just that. To be treated with the dignity, respect, honor, and awe they deserve, for it is only in linear time that these great wonders can indeed manifest as anything other than potential.

And so this is where we wish to end this short message. In reminding you that the weave is much more cohesive, and that which appeared to be chaos is coming into focus.

Many see the weave and only see chaos, still, and we ask you have patience and tolerance for those lost in the threads of their thoughts and their storylines.

Give room for those who are in disturbance, and allow them to see your peace, to feel it and know it, as you pass by them, or stop to encourage them.

Give them this great love you have found, and know so well. Remember that you, and they, are not the weave, are not the needle or even the thread, but the one who found it the ultimate act of love, creativity, profound and collective JOY to engage in this needlecraft.

You have set up and are working on a picture, a work of high art. Let identifying with both craft and its product pass. You are the one who thought up the design, and this is the truth of it.

What has occurred to many is a meld of creator with weaver, sewer with design. Allow each their portraits, allow each their pictures, and give love to those who are cursing their project, give love to those who are wanting to rip threads and start over, and give love, so much love, feel our love, to your selves, the ones who are happily stitching, skilled and calm, artists, great artists, each.

This meld can but continue, and we ask for your patience as the picture progresses. Do not worry so much that your past designs were perhaps childlike. With this knowledge, now that you have this perspective, can you not see that what you once created was crude, but you hung with it, did you not, and now, allow the canvas to roll, and allow yourselves to weave, create, a new design, an amplification of the old, perhaps seemingly childish ones.

Allow your mastery to shine, and allow your art to speak for your awareness. There is no need to explain how it is you came to be holding this needle and thread, or why you hold it thusly. No need to instruct. Your art will speak volumes to those who are paying attention. They will learn technique from you simply by your being present, happily and humbly displaying your tapestry, your life, your choices.

Do you see that what is done is now done, and your needle is now moving from the art you have been working on? Roll that canvas out and have fun, stitch as you see fit! With this great love, and with your innate, and earned, skill, any design which resonates with that which you touch and commune in dream time, this is now your joy, and All That Is, All Who Are, are celebrating your new found freedom of expression.

You are loved. You are magnificent, and you are honored, in this world and in worlds you cannot even imagine. We know you have grander perspectives now than in older days, but we end by saying, you do not know that which you do not know, and it is in doing, it is in weaving, sewing, actively creating, that has All holding its breath in joy, in pride, in celebration, in deep recognition, and in love.


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