Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Bread 12-10-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Bread 12-10-13 By Kathy Vik

The subject today is one which all are familiar, that of daily bread. Sustenance, survival, there are many ways to label it but it is indeed a human constant, built into the design, this need to eat, to eliminate. It is, dear ones, part of the matrix.

And so, it is an important one, a constant, fixed and true, until, of course, it is not.

Without food and drink, the vessel dies. This means that one must acquire and accept this food and drink. For many, it requires, then gaining access not to the bread, but to something with which you trade for the bread. This is money, paper whose meaning goes far beyond its print.

You see, dear ones, bread is a metaphor, but it is also that which one must hold in one’s hand, place in one’s mouth, digest and release. And this is a monumental understanding for those who can access it. Through the night we have worked with the scribe on this concept of bread. Interrupted her sleep we did, several times, and first thoughts were not of anything but a glistening, brown, hot loaf of bread. It is gratifying she chose to channel over the other activities, as this had been the intent, you see.

We use her as an example for someone who tries very hard but often needs help getting to the final understanding. She was unequipped to understand our meaning, although we giver her much respect for her having tried so hard, in between all the worrying she is doing, and then the scolding she gives herself for worrying.

A hamster’s wheel of worry-attempts to soothe, disappointment in having been worrying, you see.

And so we are here to break her of this pattern, and point it out not to embarrass her, although this seems impossible, at the point, but instead to point out a hidden habit many have, many who wish they did not, and this, loved ones, sets up shame. Subtle, it is. Pervasive and evasive, we would call it. And we discuss it to help all with their thinking. This next bit will then add meat to this stew.

Consider one’s psyche, one’s fused personality structure, we call it, as a loaf of bread. As a child, one’s bread is merely dough. It is through experience, through interactions and thinking upon these interactions, that the dough is prepared for baking.

Literally millions of individual moods, emotions, thoughts, have occurred within the human brain in the first few years of life. It is a structure that is so boggling in its complexity, it has, then, been described without wonder, without true awe. It is a complicated system, the neurological system, the senses, movement, sensation, and then, cognition. We urge you to think on this from time to time. You are a wondrous being, biologically.

And dear ones, this is meant for you, the ones who are indeed able to understand just how miraculous the human body is, in regulation and in compensation, your forever ally, your obedient mother, your loving friend.

As individuals with perhaps it is best to be called a deeper spiritual range than the average person, and there are many you, so many, we urge to you understand this.

Your consciousness, your angelic nature, it is inhabiting a physical form, and this physical form , as it matures, can mature with its spiritual nature. As it does, the bread bakes. As it does, dear ones, your bread bakes.

All of you have been through the eye of the needle, many of you, several times. Uncomfortable times when you feel as if everything has broken apart, and nothing can be truly relied upon in the physical. Each of you knows how it feels to wonder how something, or many “things,” which seemed to be perfect, just fell apart, and some of you have been through times which have been called “the bottom falling out,” when everything is topsy-turvy.

Please know, reader, that if you are not one of these persons, you are reminded not to judge those who understand, and can relate to and actually feel this information. And be counted as one who has had a perhaps not so challenging path and therefore, give honor and recognition to the ones who have fallen, whose lives have fallen apart or whose goals remain unmet. Do not pity them, but neither judge them, and instead, honor them. They are your fellow pioneers, some your grandparents. Sit and listen. Do not judge.

When all appears lost, in whatever department you might have, be it financial or romantic, or experiencing a loss of a loved one, or any other number of scenarios where, one day it was LIKE THIS and the next day it will forever be LIKE THIS, we wish to come and tell you of bread.

All people have this dough, you see. It is a metaphor for a meld with spirit, you see. Everyone can have this bread, this daily bread, because each come fully prepared to be master bakers. However, simply because someone has a lump of dough, there is no true obligation to season it, sweeten it, leaven it, oil it, bake it. Not everyone does this, you see.

And for them, the need to go without, without the human body, without the human vessel, and procure, get, forage and need, this is the way. For many, for most, this is the way. Their bread may be baking, and it may be in a box by the door, discarded long ago, something they always thought about, but did little about, perhaps. And this is fine, it is acceptable, it is beautiful, in fact, because, for now, there do not have to be many loaves of bread. Not many. One loaf feeds a multitude, you see.

And so, here is a shiny, hot, plump loaf of bread, dripping sweet butter, soft and bursting with flavor, wanting to share it with you, wanting only to be eaten.

This bread is something which will feed you, of course, daily, and will keep you satisfied forever. The bread, once baked, never is exhausted, and feeds all who are hungry, gladly, sufficiently, and wordlessly.

This bread comes from having gone into the fire, dear ones. An oven is uncomfortable, to be sure, just as having the bottom fall out of one’s reality is uncomfortable. And yet, do you not understand, is it not clear, bread, this bread, it was built to withstand heat. It was made to react positively to heat, loved ones. It could not be what it is in its final form without having been able to great such tremendous heat and find within a celebration of becoming, melded with that heat, taking it into its very molecular structure, where it does, in fact, alter.

But the heat, is precise in its purpose, and never stays overlong. That is not how this oven works. The heat is not sadism, dear ones, the heat is the holy fire of knowledge, the great central sun coming alive within your very DNA, and activating within you an awareness of what you had always been, what you had always known you would become, and had long ago, most likely, vowed to become, this lifetime. We are aware of your paths, loved ones, and the pain that you have endured to walk this road. We wish to close on this note, bringing into discussion that which we brought up at the beginning. A fit way to end, yes.

We wish to say that it is important now, for many of you, to understand that you have been delivered from the oven. It is, we point out, quite difficult to fully appreciate when the the heat has been turned off. You see, the oven is your daily lives, and although you may soon notice anomalies which will strike you as odd, for “things” may not entirely synch up to the last matrix.”

We have birthed the channel through a series of these upgrades, and she has yet to see these anomalies, although we have pointed them out to her, from time to time. Things that have “reappeared,” that she had lost months ago, people who have been supportive but who have not been in full view, so to speak, even the color of objects, they can change slightly, after a huge energetic upgrade.

Call it a reboot, although it is not exactly that. Rather than imagining that the objects, relationships or structures have changed, instead, understand when you see anomalies, it is YOU who has changed. You are noticing more, are you not? Have some of you noticed a greater auditory acuity? Are you hearing us, at times? Are you noticing colors you have heretofore never seen? The sounds, the colors, the structures, they are unchanged. YOU have changed. This is a great truth, dear ones, one that is worth pondering.

And so, the final thought is this. It is all well and good to have these discussions, and to get a glimpse, perhaps we are able to give you just a glimpse of the enormity of this endeavor. And this, dear ones, is the point of this discussion. Long winded it may be, but vital to your growth, we say to you now.

The channel, as do many of you who read this, has a problem with seeing the point to all of this. And we say this, again, not to embarrass but to elucidate a pattern we sense playing put among the awakening.

We give you the image of bread to ground you, and to make physical that which is not. It is so important for you to see the significance of your daily lives. We wish so much for each of you to understand that through your work, through your eyes, and through your very presence, you are feeding people this daily bread.

This is manna, and some will say, if that is so, why am I struggling financially? Or, why am I so hurt by this person’s behavior? Or what have you. There are still bruises, you know this, some of you are still walking, at times, in conundrums.

We say, first, if you have discharged your karma, remember that there are certain situations which can be no other way than as they are, as you have set them up to be this way. You do realize this, don’t you? You have set this problem up, the ones which remain, and, dear ones, you will have conundrums. Being melded does not mean your issues halt. But, they carry a different charge, and it is best to love them, see them as friends, and discover what gifts they hold.

Remember, walking through your fear, oh, this is the greatest act of power on this earth, and as long as you are here, there will be these skirmishes. So, please, think kindly on yourselves if you are faced with puzzles. Remember to seeking out the love within the puzzle, for that is what puzzles, conflicts, emotional pain, that is what they are. Love puzzles.

See to it that you live. Get physical! Engage!

You were in the oven, many of you, for a long time, and during such an event, time is somewhat suspended, you see? As you plug back in, as you re-engage, as you emerge from what many of you will understand in retrospect was your birth, at times all there was was the heat. The change. The state of change. Many of you wear it very well.

But it is time to take off this attire, and realize that the time of intense change is in fact over.

Allow yourselves time to adjust, but we encourage you to engage as you adjust, you see? It is now a good thing, a strong and perfect and appropriate thing to participate more fully.

Some of you will know what we are speaking of. Many have been in their caves, and although we are now making the mistake of mixing metaphors, it bears repeating, what was said through Lee Carroll, we say again, the time of hibernation is through. It is time to come out from the caves so many of you have long sheltered in, understandably and naturally so. These caves healed you, and they are beautiful, and they are home, but we remind each of you, you may go home, now, at will.

We allowed the channel this, to close, we tell you of this great moment.

She had that vision of warm, brown, slick bread. And the Sequoia we showed her, which she becomes, when channeling, this was then present. And through the sap she traveled, up to the stars, up to the stars, and then, she got it. She was home. And she knew it. Bliss overcame, and she understood consciously, that home is indeed now just a thought, just a breath away, always. This great longing she had to go home, it is now fulfilled, and will remain fulfilled for all time.

She is urged, as you are, to take your beautiful, well prepared, sumptuous bread out now, to all you meet. You are prepared, now, to give away that which has been so happily given to you. And do you not see, this supply, being endless, will manifest in all ways. In ways you may not expect, beyond your expectation,s we would like to say.

The channel is tired, and feels fatigue, especially, when thinking upon times when she couldn’t manifest. We tell all of you who have had such experiences that there is now no need to manifest with a sense of doubt. We urge you to consider the truth of it. This is your reality. It is your body. It is you who are the gift, and it is you who will receive your gift many fold. What you give out, now, is a meal. Do you understand this? A meal. And as such, you know the law of return. You know this to be a law. What one gives out is that which one receives, yes?

We leave you to ponder the magnificence and the magnitude of what you are about to receive, and to pay not attention to the squawking old fear thoughts make.

Embolden yourselves! Celebrate yourselves!

And, remember dear ones, it is you who takes the first bite of this loaf of bread. We sit and share this bread with you, and it is only up to you, and the matrix you have provided yourself for expression and creativity, which determines when we sit down for that first meal.

Know your bread is ready, that we wait at the table, adoring you from our seat, as you do what you must to prepare for the best meal you have ever had. The table is ready. The best table, one with plates, cups, cutlery of unimaginable worth, and the seat is ready for you.

We wish only to sit with you and watch and celebrate as you take that first bite. Many have already, and know of this ceremony, cloaked, as it may be, in other metaphors.

However, it is our honor to sit with you and break bread with you, as you wish. You are not alone now, and you are with resources beyond your imagining. Fear not. You are loved beyond measure. We thank you for your great act of love.

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