The Horoscope of Jesus of Nazareth by Gavin Carruthers

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From: by Gavin Carruthers

“The aspects to Pluto provide him with a tremendous depth of insight into human pain and suffering, and the desire to help and to heal, something obviously echoed by the Piscean cluster’s compassion and deep empathy. How much more compassion is possible, than that of a man who was willing to sacrifice his life to help the whole human race take important steps in its evolution? The presence of the Pisces planets in the 3rd house, including the chart’s ruling planet, Jupiter, suggest an orator, a teacher, a man of words, with a message that rings with both compassion and forgiveness. With Uranus also present in the cluster, and Aquarius ruling the 3rd house, we get a glimpse of how revolutionary and innovatory Jesus’ message really was, especially in context of the world that he lived in”



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