Deeply Awake Proposal — Patrick Hears Voices 10-23-13 By Kathy Vik

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The only way I will be able to get this written is to imagine that I am talking to a very, very good friend, someone who is supportive and kind, indulgent and wise. You, dear reader, now sit across from me, at my dining room table, and we are enjoying warm beverages and sweet danishes this morning.

Because we are friends, both of us know that saying “yes” is intrinsic to happiness, and saying “no” is also, at times, more than appropriate, and because we are friends, because we trust and value each other, neither of us fears saying these two little words, carefully placed, lovingly uttered. They are gatekeepers to realities, those two little words, and because we are friends, we both know this, about those two little words.

In seven days time, I start another year of NaNoWriMo.

This is an international event, NaNoWriMo, one that most have never heard of.

All over the world, on November 1st, the clock is set to zero, and then for thirty days, writers just like me, all over the world, set before them a nearly impossible, a truly impressive, task.

From November 1st through November 30th, we, as individual writers, we come together to support each other, laugh with one another, inspire and encourage each other, as each of us wrestle, individually, with the novel we want to create in thirty short days.

We log on to during that month and log our progress, with our word counts. Some post their work, many, but most do not. We tick off our days with knowing the numerical goal, understanding that to reach this lofty goal we must write daily, and for one month out of the year, the natural isolation a writer feels sort of dissolves. We get together in coffee shops and libraries and private homes, to do exercises, to laugh, to let our freak flags fly, to share our usually sequestered minds.

I have been doing NaNoWriMo for some time. My sister introduced it to me, because she is nearly always aware of cool, hip and awesome things first. My sister is cool.

Anyhow, this year I am excited about the event, rather than nervous, because this year, I have a novel in my head that is ready, whole, and it’s finally one that I want to read!

Why tell you about this now, rather than just putting nose to paper and cranking it out?

Well, here’s the thing.

If you are like me, novels, even movies, anymore, are beginning to not feel right. There is not so much light in a lot of it, and we have to work hard to see through the layers of old ways of thinking, and being, and feeling, to get a bang out of things.

Things we read, view, they are still a little dark, sometimes. And though darkness adds contrast, what I have discovered is that within a well lit home, there is even more beauty, even more wonder, than in a darkened home. It’s easier to breathe, and celebrate, and reflect, in a home with the lights on. The contrast of darkness, oh, it’ll always be there, but, using it as contrast, it has not been able to be done quite as easily before now.

I want to read, and write, a book which is standing in the light, talking about our world, as it is, now. The world each of us plugs into, some of us from dawn to dusk. Channelers, videos, stories and posts, about and from home.

Not a projection, and not a reflection, but a travelogue of extraordinary folks, just like you and me, is the novel, Patrick Hears Voices.

Patrick is a boy who is in seventh grade. He has friends, and he has loving parents, but Patrick is a little odd, and very misunderstood. He is “an indigo,” a starchild, a wayshower, a baby lightworker, in the midst of those who are not.

And one day, he is taken away in light and sound, there by his locker, while readying for math class. After making a relatively quick recovery, and because his folks wouldn’t really know what’s going on, Patrick makes his way to the school’s counselor. Just for a little advice.

Turns out the counselor is a lightworker, and knows all about being taken away in rapturous thought.

She lives in an apartment block downtown, one tenant of currently five, each members of a loose, informal and wildly supportive place they’ve nicknamed “The Light House.”

Each of the folks who live at the lighthouse came to it in weird ways, but each belong there, for this moment, and what they creating is a beautiful thing.

Five folks, each unique, each a little odd, actually, and all just funny as hell.

Two of the folks who live at the lighthouse have kids, just about Patrick’s age.

Patrick takes to this slowly, comes and goes, has conversations with people he comes to understand are sages, his teachers, his friends. His family begins to show support, and fascination, for the changes they see in their boy, and his family comes to love those who live in the lighthouse.

There Patrick learns about the mechanics, the esoterics, the applied physics, of spirituality. He learns to pendulum, to change, slowly, his eating and drinking habits, learns about the Earth’s history from brand new perspectives, and grows into himself as a happy person, in this new context, gradually, and with great humor and light.

It is with his friends at the lighthouse he discovers a burgeoning sense of self-worth, and of internal power, and it is, eventually, from there, that he changes his reality.

When I got this idea, initially, I understood this is could be the first in a series of books. But honestly, it just feels like something I would enjoy watching play out on the TV, an HBO or even NBC series.

But, you have to start somewhere, and Patrick has gotten sort of bored, waiting for the stars to line up, for his story to be told.

You can see, can you not, the possibilities in this, right?

A novel to go to to learn how several highly enlightened folks each interpret running light, praying, paying bills, dealing with the man, doing their jobs, always while holding the light.


** Author’s note 1-24-18: I went on to write Patrick Hears Voices, Ahmed you can read it in its entirety at I completed nano in 2013, 5 days ahead of schedule. I’m hoping life will conspire with me to make 2018 another nano completion year, because it’s super fun to do. I encourage writers to check it out.

In this essay I went on to request readers reach out and assist me financially, to get the thing written. I’m not including that here. I’m not proud of when I asked readers to contribute to the cause, and so, in re-read,  I decided that even for historical purposes, a page and a half of highly persuasive begging is unnecessary.

It never worked very well, and those who’ve helped me are therefore Very Big Deals to me, giants, saviors, beloveds.

I’ll not equivocate, the poverty that’s accompanied this work grows tiresome.

But, I prevail, and I am assisted now by a benefactor who has made each day sweeter than I could have imagined possible in these circumstances, and i think you can tell I’ve got a great imagination.

So, I’ve edited out my begging, and end this piece instead with overflowing thanks to you, gentle reader.

If you read Patrick, please do so with soft eyes. It’s a first draft, but it’s worth a gander. The story is more complex than this proposal, but the heart of it is true to the intention: it’s a book for lightworkers like you.


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