Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Ascension As Shift 10-22-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Ascension As Shift 10-22-13 By Kathy Vik

We are fortunate among men, the Ascended Masters who crowd close to you now, breathe you now.

As a collective, we wish to clarify that what is occurring for some, not for all, is an evolutionary state, a shift, which all will participate in, but over generations, incrementally, gently.

We understand that the imbalance many see playing out is political problems, threat of war, internal and external strife, these will pass, but must be dealt with, at all times, from a place of integrity, not of blind assurance.

We tell you what every awakened soul who ever walked this earth knew: the central issue in front of each soul is their own soul. That is the point. The breaking through duality, distortion, fear. These are devices you yourselves set up.

Choices, all, how this is playing out, and let it be known, your choices have created momentum which those who are most fatigued must now know is now beyond dispute. Ascension is assured.

The quality, the vibrational frequency, shall we say, this is a variable set by the collective consciousness. How far you go, in other words, is up to you, and you alone.

This is the central thought we wished to convey this day. Ascension is a religious word for vibrational shift. It is a word which drips duality, does it not? It pushes and pulls at consciousness, this word.

Ascension is indeed a sacred thing, as are all love felt, love borne realities. Each have known the temple they have within, perhaps while in a pristine forest, perhaps in the arms of a lover, perhaps holding their child’s’ hand. And if this has not yet occurred to the depths available to each human being, their birthright, this, we say is what is now shifting.

We wish to speak of ascension now in terms of vibrational shift, and will be referring to it in this way more frequently.

What lies beyond good and evil, we ask you now, you, who are reading these words, we pray you meditate on this question.

What, if anything lies, beyond good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust, happy and sad?

What lies beyond this? And, if something does, is it benevolent, neutral or hostile toward you?

Is this not the question which haunts those who pause to consider their existence. We love those who have asked, and those who have not. The question is the point. Whether it is asked, this is the great challenge before human beings. Will they ask? And if they ask, like tumblers in a lock, like a grid which always adds up, like a crop circle which stills the soul with its humor and intelligence, we tell you now, the answer is a beautiful one.

How is it that we can now come and assert how it is that the system is set up? How is it that all are encouraged to ask this question, and there are those who now are explaining what lies beyond?

And how is it that, in every sacred text and holy book, and on channeler’s lips all over the world, now, one message is coming through, many facets, one truth, a truth that cannot be broken, is whole, congruent, and leads to deep inner peace, for those who develop an interest?

WE tell you now that it is you yourselves who have allowed this new age of information to occur. There is indeed much which lies beyond the seemingly ensnaring and all-encompassing reality you know. But the reality you have known is one of lesson, of purpose, and of evolution.

Among those reading are those who awakened a longtime ago, and who have kept their ancient knowledge hidden even from themselves. This dissonance and separation has ended, and the ones who know they have awakened many many times before, they are feeling just how luscious this particular awakening is.

Many are fully realized, now. Self- realized, now.

You know, now, that yours is to transmute, to change simply by your presence, that which is around you. You have seen proof, have you not, of your powers of manifestation, when using light consciously, have you not? Many have actively healed themselves recently. Some have found they have brand new “sets” of information, interests, joys.

We caution you to stay within your own energy, and then give of that energy. The time for distortions has ended, and the time to claim just what it is you have become, has arrived.

We now must discuss this concept of ego so many carry. It is not a helpful distortion, the cultural explanation, and the proper use of ego is how we must end this transmission.

We understand that it is the prevailing opinion that “ego”, sometimes labeled “negative ego” is a lurking source of malevolence within your psyche, determined to sabotage, requiring domination, and preferably, destruction.

Although these explanations can be instructive and healing, dependent solely on how damaging the beliefs that entity holds toward self, we wish to assert that ego is a construct, and one which is best to simply discard. It is quite simplistic, and it screams dark versus light, does it not? Does it not holler at you that you are divided against yourself, believing such thoughts? Let these burdens down, leave them on the ground, where they can be so easily transmuted and healed.

Most psyches have been, often, in tangles due to distortions, beliefs which are not sturdy, which do not serve. It is with discarding distortions in thinking, borne of clarification of belief, which leads to peace, to finally surrendering to the core of you.

Many have completed the process of somewhat of a belief inventory, and many have discarded the only blocks there ever were to mental health, abundance, inner peace, harmony with others, light and profound synchronicity, experiencing “no-time” reality, and spiritual ecstasy, from time to time.

Many have then done great final battle, gently and repeatedly, as has the beloved scribe, but there have been many who are finding that their troubles are resolving, one way or the other, and this occurs, many times, when what was once hidden is revealed, when one’s truth is finally languaged for another, when there are shifts, in career, oh, so many are looking at their fallow fields and scratching their heads!

We suggest that those who feel called to, please conduct ceremony on the winter solstice. This is a moment which has deep meaning, Gaia, for that long, unending moment, in complete balance. Balance. The still center point, a place each, we ask, celebrate their becoming, their untangling, and, in deep joy and gratitude, celebrate, celebrate with the moon and sun and stars, with your flesh and words and iconography, celebrate your selves, and the end of the troubles.

Many have walked a razor’s edge this year, and some are finding it hard to believe that their 2012 experience keeps expanding.

Many are confused because nothing happened, and we tell you, that is the way of it, there is divine timing and each soul has custom made their experience, we tell you.

There is lesson in awakening early, and there is lesson in awakening late. You understand, of course, that time is a metaphor, and metaphor can just look like chaos to an undiscerning mind.

The paradox, we tell you, is where to find your mirth and surprise, your teachings and your happinesses. Paradox, it is a portal, and the ones who have awakened can see any situation from all positions, at once, clearly, depending on the parameters of the physical vehicle. Paradox stands above the unsolvable problem, shaking its head, smiling at the cleverness and genius and beauty of it all.

Shifting frequency, vibration, rate, spin, this is the way of it.

Refrain from criticizing your own consciousness, and you will find it second nature to do the same with another.

What lies beyond these polarities, these definitions, is it benevolent? Consider when you had something happen which proved to you that someone was looking out for you. Have you had one? Think of it now.

Remember what this felt like. To have in your reality, either in mind or heart or body, or perhaps it was an object, an outcome, a situation, coincidences which are just a bit too outlandish to be just a coincidence. Remember, remember, remember.

Understand, great souls, all, each one, stubbornly asleep or stubbornly awake, oh our dear ones, that which was there, looking at you, telling you that you are safe and loved and everything is ok, don’t you see, who else could have set it up for that sort of emotional payoff?

Who else could have known the details so intimately, who else would know that an image would set off distant bells of remembered love and mercy?

Who but you, you who is above it all, smiling, loving it all, understanding it all, and having only, only, only love for you.

This personal god that many religions, sects, now discuss, they are so very close to the truth of it.

Ti is you, and if that is true, it means you are bigger than you. Do you not see?

You are a collective, and the ones who have awakened know their past roles, and their places within this structure. We ask those who have knowledge of their greater identities to endure. Your paths are soon to cross. You are communing, many of you, one with the other, nearly consciously so, now.

We share these things so that you will know that there is nothing impersonal or imposed occurring to you now. You have designed this awakening, and many, you have had what has been referred to by Magnetic Master Kryon as an akashic agenda to awaken.

We ask that you consider whether celebrating on the solstice speaks to you, as we see this as a moment which will assist many in shift.

We close telling you that those you love, those who annoy you, and those who deny you, all of them are your children, they are your grandchildren. They are kin. Treat each you meet as a long lost grandchild. Be loving. Be steady. Be generous. Be circumspect. Be gentle.

Dear ones, you, of any, you can afford this, with your fellow travelers, from here on out. Let your only thought be compassion, your only words loving, your only actions harmonious.

We caution you to remember that there are those who now will come to you in lesson, and who will need to be told the truth of it, that you are not part of the karmic drama anymore, and we ask you to be loving as you release all to pursue their lessons. Give everyone your love, your light, your kindness. You can afford it.

When you encounter those who push against you, or are rude, or aggressive, open your palms and greet your brother as friend. The scribe does this at her work, has made this her practice. It is a fine practice. It spreads, devours all that is within the realm of good and bad, right and wrong, black and white.

You are light, and you are those your teachers told you would one day come.

One by one, the shift will occur, but it will occur over these three generations, not overnight, dear ones, not always overnight.

Those who have healed others in their mind or in their body, as unacknowledged and as unknown as this might be, your work has been felt, and the grid is brighter now. Forever more, where an act of divine love, compassionate action, occurs, now, the reverberations are felt throughout the multiverses, dear ones.

You are heard, powerful, and we know that for those who find this a simple review, we have more for you soon. For those who feel stretched, blessings be! Celebrate! And to those who would never look at such a teaching, who would damn or fear it, we say, peace, it’s wonderful! It’s free will! Take what you love, leave the rest, yes?

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