I’m a sexual consent educator. Here’s what’s missing in the Aziz Ansari conversation. – Vox

There’s a line in this article that really shocked me: “We need to teach girls that sex is pleasurable.”

Girls know that.

In fact, the female biology contains an organ designed only for pleasure, no other purpose. Males lack this biological imperative for pleasure. Their sexual imperative lies elsewhere, or has.

Females learn early that their pleasure isn’t always a priority or a necessity to males.

Females know damn well their bodies feel good.

And they learn damn early that sex with a male can have far more to do with power than orgasms.

Further, it’s been made abundantly clear that males consider their pleasure necessary, while female pleasure is often abandoned or foregone, not needed for sex to be deemed complete.

Movies, TV and poorly educated friends further this prime fallacy of the dying patriarchy.

But overall, this is a good read.


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