Deeply Awake — Watch An Old Soul Riding The “Waves” 1-22-18 By Kathy Vik

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**Please note, the movie I am citing is currently available on Netflix, and is entitled Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story. I advise anyone interested in “alien” contact, or our galactic kin, as well as those who identify as starseeds, a lot of people can be helped and stretched by this movie. Whether weird and “extraordinary” things happen to you or not, this is a fun one to watch. Sometimes watching a movie such as this can trigger memories, dreams, and your own work with “them.” If you are a starseed, especially, you’ll enjoy it.



A fun and relaxed talk about energetics. Basically, I am describing how I “ride the energetic waves” that are our collective and my individual realities. Everyone has these, and yet the experience is rarely languaged, and often disbelieved when voiced. That is what has changed, thankfully, and that’s one of the reasons why I give this to you today.

It’s really not as esoteric as all that… lots of great ideas, beautiful metaphors, and personal observations, this is a fun one if you just simply enjoy relaxing and listening to an old soul speak their observations about what they understand.

Just so you know, Although I never tell someone what they “should” do, I do use “you” a little in this piece, something I avoid because it makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes. In this piece, I think it’s a perfect fit, and helps the message take shape and become a shared one. I hope that is your experience with it.

The little things I recommend are done so because I have found them fail-proof, in my life. I figure, why not share what I have found, and what is bringing me peace and happiness, amidst the big waves each of us experience day to day.

It is nothing but a privilege to be alive at this time, as weird as that might sound. I hope this can stand as a celebration of ascension in day to day life, which is nothing but DNA activation, or spiritual evolution, or learning that we are riding waves, and then standing up and doing it.

It’s just one of the tribe singing out, to give hope and help to anyone who enjoys what I do.

I hope this finds you well and happy, and that it brings a smile or two to your face!




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